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Om Said got married at the age of 16. Now she has eight children. She has never left her village. She cannot read or write. Nevertheless, all important decisions for the family are taken by her. ... Read more
A little factory in Egypt. The people and their horses share everything—they suffer the heat, they work together, and at the end of the day, they bathe together in the Nile. ... Read more
"A melancholic love-hate poem to Cairo and the role of filmmakers in any city in pain … [a film] of profound weight and intricate sadness, grappling with loss in myriad forms through separation, death, politics and ineluctable decay." – Variety ... Documentary-maker Khalid is at the end of his tether. Years deep into a project on the soul of Cairo, he can't work out exactly what it is he's tryin... Read more
In the village where the ancient sculptors came from, Mukhtar the sculptor was born. The film shows most of his work and traces how village life influenced him. ... Read more
A documentary about a group of street entertainers in Cairo, fire eaters, dancers, acrobats, who eke out a miserable living from bringing joy to the passers-by. ... Read more
A strict Muslim recalls his past moonwalking mojo back in this imaginative drama about boyhood dreams, first love and Michael Jackson. ... It’s 2009, and Sheikh Khaled Hani is a conservative young imam… until news of Michael Jackson’s death catapults him into a spiritual crisis. Khaled is forced to confront memories of the gentle boy he was back in 1991, who survived a brutish father, missed a dea... Read more
Inspired by the discovery of the catacombs of Deir el Bahari in 1881, this film describes the final stages of the struggle between officials of the Cairo Department of Antiquities and a proud mountain tribe of Thebes. ... Cairo officials become suspicious when artifacts of the Twenty-first Dynasty are discovered being sold on the black market, when no tombs from this era had been uncovered in the ... Read more
Regarded as one of the finest Arabic films ever made, this tale of two worlds colliding in the Egyptian desert is a visual and aural tour de force. ... In late 19th-century Egypt, an isolated mountain tribe secretly traffics in looted antiquities. When their chieftain dies, his son must decide whether to continue this trade, upon which his community’s livelihood depends, or allow archaeologists to... Read more
Puppets have been used from ancient times to tell history, stories and fables. This film gives an insight into the various working elements which comprise this branch of the arts. ... Read more
Real-life leprosy survivor Rady Gamal leads this heartwarming road-trip comedy – the first full-length independent Egyptian film to vie for the Palme d’Or. ... Handling its subject with sensitivity and empathy, Yomeddine marks the second time that writer/director Abu Bakr Shawky has examined the lives of those living with leprosy, following his 2009 short documentary The Colony – which led him to ... Read more
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