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A PORNOGRAPHIC AFFAIR (Frédéric Fonteyne, 1999)
This controversial film depicts a torrid relationship between two lovers who meet through an advertisement in a porn magazine, intent on sharing a fantasy. Featuring interviews with 'her' and 'him', … Read more

A Propos De Nice (Jean Vigo, 1930)
Vigo's first film, an impression of the French Riviera resort, is a savage and powerful work. Made under the influence of Bunuel it is as Vigo describes it a study of "a particular world on trial" . … Read more

A RESPECTABLE FAMILY (Massoud Bakhshi, 2012)
“Massoud Bakhshi's striking feature debut A Respectable Family … deftly blends suspense and social commentary to deliver an acerbic commentary on today's Tehran.” - Screen Daily ... Colleg… Read more

A Sort of Fresh Grass Scent (Marie Vermillard, 1995)
An award winning short that captures with poetic precision a sense of place and character in a barber shop over a fifteen year period on a quiet Paris street. Reminiscent of Paul Auster, and possibly… Read more

A Sort of Fresh Grass Scent (Fabienne Godet, 1994)
The scent of betrayal and revenge laces the emotional air between two cellmates and the woman they both love A spiders web of deceit is finely rendered. (JS) ... Read more

A STORY OF WOMEN (Claude Chabrol, 1988)
Claude Chabrol, one of the original members of the French New wave, here turns his attention to a story situated in the middle of the Second World war. Set in Vichy France, that part of the country w… Read more

A STRANGE AFFAIR (Pierre Granier Deferre, 1982)
Louis Coline is an employee in a large company. He does virtually no work. A new manager, Bertrand Malair, is appointed and an air of mystery develops about him and his two assistants. ... Louis is f… Read more

A STRANGE PLACE TO MEET (François Depeyron, 1988)
After a string of award-winning shorts and documentaries, Francois Dupeyron has pulled off quite a coup by convincing the two biggest stars of the French cinema, Deneuve and Depardieu, to team up onc… Read more

A Summer Dress (François Ozon, 1996)
Synopsis not available Read more

A TALE OF THE WIND (Joris Ivens, Marceline Loridan, 1988)
... ... From opening shots of a plane soaring through blue skies, to the last shots of a plane appearing to roll down railroad tracks while Chinese commuters wait for it to pass, A History Of Wind is… Read more

A THOUSAND MONTHS (Faouzi Bensaidi, 2003)
Set in 1981, A Thousand Months tells the tale of a seven-year-old boy, Mehdi, who lives in a small village, situated in Morocco's picturesque Atlas Mountains. He lives with his mother Amina, and impo… Read more

A Woman for the Winter (Manuel Fleche, 1988)
A young woman returns to her family in the country, on the death of her mother. Tension remains between herself, her elder sister and their father ... A brilliantly observed short drama. ... - Winner… Read more

Ab Irato (Herve Lievre, 1991)
Here is a classroom full of quiet, attentive and brilliant children every teacher's dream. But Madame finds herself m the midst of a night­mare when she tries to outwit them m a series of Eco-esq… Read more

Ab Irato (Herve Lievre, 1991)
A classroom full of attentive children, every teacher's dream. But Madame finds herself in the midst of a nightmare when she tries to out­wit them is a series of Eco-esque verbal puz­zles. Th… Read more

ABOUNA (Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, 2002)
Screened in Directors' Fortnight at Cannes last year, Abouna is a bracing look at the dissolution of a rural Chadian family seen through the eyes of two young boys, from director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun… Read more

Abyss (Gilbert Dassonville, 1972)
True story of an alpinist who fell six hundred metres from a cliff face and subsequently rescued himself. ... Read more

Acte Sans Paroles (Guido Bettiol, Bruno Bettiol, 1965)
An animated enactment of Samuel Beckett's play about regimented modern man. ... Read more

Action, Vérité (François Ozon, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Ad Vitam Aeternam (Gilles M. Baur, 1975)
An animated film, treating reincarnation in a humorous manner. ... Read more

ADHEN (Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche, 2008)
A gentle comedy at the crossroads of manual labour and religious belief. ... On the outskirts of Paris, Algerian and French cultures clash in a bleak industrial zone, where stacks of pallets are prep… Read more

Adolescence (Vladimir Forgency, 1965)
Sonia takes ballet lessons with the Princess Troubetzkoy. One day, she auditions for a ballet company, but another girl gets the job. So, Sonia goes back to the Princess to continue her studies. ... Read more

Africa Medici (Michel Propper, 1986)
Rome, July 1986 at the Villa Medici. Jacques Kerchache is dismantling the exhibition he organised in memory of Andre Malraux of 50 African masterpieces which belong to the 'Music Imaginaire'. ... Read more

AIN T MISBEHAVIN (Marcel Ophüls, 2013)
"A lively and somewhat self-effacing portrait of an artist whose work is anything but forgettable." – Hollywood Reporter ... Award-winning filmmaker Marcel Ophüls returns after 18 yea… Read more

ALEXANDRA (Alexander Sokourov, 2006)
“Alexandra presents war for what it is: brutal, crushing, and ugly.” - Variety Filmmaker Alexander Sokurov (The Sun at MIFF 06, Russian Ark) casts an austere gaze over war-torn Chechnya with this… Read more

This portrait of a small grocery store in a tenement neighbourhood contends that utopias can be found in the most unlikely of places. ... Amid the charmless, crumbling tenement buildings in a suburb … Read more

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