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VILLA AMALIA (Benoît Jacquot, 2009)
“Enigmatic, fascinating, alternately bitter and defiant, [Isabelle Huppert] commands the screen at every moment.” - New York Times ... After finding her boyfriend in the arms of another woman, re… Read more

Vincent, Francois and Paul are good friends; they spend their weekends together, and their wives get on well. But slowly the lives of these middle-aged characters disintegrate. Vincent (Yves Montand)… Read more

VIOLETTE NOZIÈRE (Claude Chabrol, 1977)
Through the varied genres of filmmaking that Claude Chabrol has attempted in his prolific career — thriller, melodrama, fantasy — one concern has remained constant, his exploration of fam… Read more

Violin on the Brain (Claude Edelmann, 1992)
A young French violinist receives advanced instruction from a master virtuoso. How much can be learnt by constant practice and how much comes from the creative talent of the per­former? Modern re… Read more

Visages de Femmes (Peter Foldes, 1970)
This cartoon film presents portraits of three women in the characteristic Foldes style: ... Sibylle, the psychedelic woman ... Flora, the flower woman ... Bilitis, the happy woman. ... Read more

Vitamin Tango (Robinson Savary, 1995)
Synopsis not available Read more

VIVA RIVA! (Djo Munga, 2010)
Violent, kinetic and sexy, crime thriller Viva Riva! stares down the barrel of Kinshasa's savage criminal underworld, shattering staid preconceptions of African filmmaking. ... Cocky small-time gangs… Read more

VOLCANO (Haroun Tazieff, 1959)
Known for years as the world's one volcanologist, Haroun Tazieff, a Belgian scientific explorer, has brought back in this unique film the findings of his investigations of 28 volcanoes in Japan, Java… Read more

WAITING FOR HAPPINESS (Abderrahmane Sissako, 2002)
"Set in a Mauritanian coastal town that functions as a transit point, director Abderrahmane Sissako's Waiting for Happiness (winner of the FIPRESCI award at Cannes 2002 for best film in the Un Certai… Read more

WALL (Simone Bitton, 2004)
Wall (Mur) France/IsraelWall arrives direct from its place in Director's Fortnight at Cannes this year.'an eye-opener about the true dimensions'both physical and mental'of the barrier being built to … Read more

Walled Away from the Future (Henri Jouf, 1974)
Under the cover of night, a man overcomes numerous obstacles in order to escape from a prison. ... Read more

WALTZ WITH BASHIR (MA15+) (Ari Folman, 2008)
We may forget the past, but the past won't forget us.Director Art Folman's animated documentary was surprisingly passed over for a prize in this year's Cannes competition; for many viewers the audaci… Read more

“History will judge me.” - Ryszard KukliÅ„ski ... After years of persuasion, filmmaker Dariusz JabloÅ„ski had finally convinced Colonel Ryszard KukliÅ„ski to allow h… Read more

Based on a play by legendary German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Water Drops on Burning Rocks is a playful yet perverse study in sexual game playing. Structured around four tightly constructed… Read more

WAY I SPENT THE END OF THE WORLD, THE (Catalin Mitulescu, 2006)
he Way I Spent the End of the World won the Prix d'Interpretation (acting award) in Un Certain Regard (Dorotheea Petre). Bucharest 1989; the last year of Stalinist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu's reign … Read more

WE TALK, YOU LISTEN (Michel Davaud, 1974)
Shot at their convention at Standing Rock, this documentary shows the struggle of American Indians for their rights. ... Read more

WEAPONS OF THE SPIRIT (Pierre Sauvage, 1986)
It's been said that there were three ' sparks ' of goodness among the evil of the Holocaust that of an individual, of a community and of a country. The individual was Raoul Wallenberg, the country wa… Read more

WEDDING SONG, THE (Karin Albou, 2008)
“A bold, very carnal take on adolescent female bonding.” - Variety ... In 1942 in Tunisia, two teenage girls struggle to hold their friendship together in the face of cultural differences and eme… Read more

WELCOME TO THE STICKS (M) (Dany Boon, 2008)
The heartwarming comedy that became the biggest box office smash in French history.In an attempt to cheer up his depressed wife, postal worker Philippe tries to scam a transfer from his comfortable l… Read more

Welcome to White Chapel District- DRAW ME A STORY (Marie Vieillevie, 2008)
What if the city began to tell us all about the cloak and dagger stories that she'd witnessed? ... --- D/S Marie Vieillevie P Rudolph Falaise WS L'agence du court-métrage - Régie TV Câble TD 35mm/… Read more

WEST BEYROUTH (Ziad Doueiri, 1998)
Ziad Doueiri's assured debut is a lively coming of age tale, a technically polished, frequently funny and emo­tionally affecling work which was also a Toronto Film Festival award winner. April 13… Read more

WESTERN (Manuel Poirier, 1996)
When travelling shoe salesman Paco picks up a hitch-hiker, Nino, he's not expecting to have his vehicle, samples and belongings stolen and be left stranded by the roadside. Paco gets his revenge a sh… Read more

WHAT IS LIFE? (François Dupeyron, 1999)
Nicholas, the son of peasant farmers, lives with his parents and grandparents on a farm. Their lives are in turmoil. Nicholas' father, Mare, has had to destroy his entire herd of cattle due to an out… Read more

WHAT TIME IS IT THERE? (Tsai Ming-Liang, 2001)
The latest from Tsai Ming-liang - a dynamo on the Taiwanese film scene - is a poignant, frequently amusing and whimsical, journey through the human conditions of memory and yearning, filtered through… Read more

WHITE PLANET, THE (Thierry Ragobert, Thierry Piantanida, 2005)
“Those who contend the jury is out on global warming aren't sitting in the same courtroom as the makers of The White Planet.” - Variety Recounting the effects of the changing seasons on the envir… Read more

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