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BELOVED WHITE MOUSE (Gottfried Kolditz, 1964)
In East Germany traffic police are nicknamed "white mice" because of the colour of their uniforms. The "white mouse" of this film is Fritz Bachman who, while on point duty, is attracted to a pretty g… Read more

BERLIN BABYLON (Hubertus Siegert, 2000)
"The Angel of History...sees a single catastrophe. Rubble piles up relentlessty, layers of it are hurled at his feet. He longs to linger, to wake the dead and reconstruct the rubble. But a storm has … Read more

Berlin Blue (Hartmut Jahn, Peter Wensierski, 1987)
A film combining disparate art forms (including the art of film itself) to paint a psychological portrait of the Berlin Wall's effect on the Germany psyche. ... Read more

INTRODUCED by Mr. Colin Dean, Director, Film Division, Department of the Interior, Australia. ... Berlin is a cross-section of a Berlin working day in late spring. Its opening sequences picture the c… Read more

Beta Test (George Drivas, 2006)
Reported through a series of surveillance stills reminiscent of Marker's La Jetée, two subjects interact in an emptied Berlin cityscape. A post-apocalyptic elegy to 60s architectural drawings.---D/S… Read more

Between Glass and Concrete (, 1961)
A survey of modern theatres in Western Germany. ... Read more

Following the quest of photographer Anita Khemka, Between the Lines eloquently captures the life and many hardships of India's discarded citizens, the Hijras or eunuchs. ... Living as outcasts on the… Read more

BI, DON'T BE AFRAID (Phan ng Di, 2010)
"A heat-soaked panorama of human desires." - Screen International ... It is a stifling Hanoi summer and the unexpected return of six year-old Bi's dying grandfather has an unsettling influence on an … Read more

BIBLIOTHÈQUE PASCAL (Szabolcs Hajdu, 2010)
“Spins a dark fairytale, riffing on various storytelling traditions from circus puppet shows to great literature.” - Screen International ... An original and outlandish trip into a surreal and ki… Read more

Billy, how did you do it' (Volker Schloendorff, Gisela Grishow, 2005)
A cinephile's fantasy: a rare meeting between legendary filmmaker Billy Wilder and one of his biggest fans, German director and cinephile Volker Schloendorff ([The Tin Drum], see also [The Ninth Day]… Read more

BLACK AND WHITE LIKE DAY AND NIGHT (Wolfgang Petersen, 1978)
For twenty years he left the game alone but finally he was tempted to look into the possibility of playing chess by computer. A mathematician, he creates a program that can beat any average player. .… Read more

BLACK CAT, WHITE CAT (Emir Kusturica, 1998)
The gypsies who populate Emir Kusturica's latest project, like those of his Cannes 1989 hit Time ot the Gypsies, live on the banks of the Danube River. These cheerful outcasts inhabit roughly constru… Read more

Black Rider (Pepe Danquart, 1992)
Berlin today; a cross-section of the community. A train carriage. In a series of beautifully observed scenes Danquart sets you up for a comedy, then delivers a double-whammy drama about racism and Ge… Read more

Black, White and Red (Helmut Herbst, 1964)
No synopsis available ... Read more

BLIND SHAFT (Li Yang, 2003)
Song and Tang are coal miners, working under torturous and unsafe conditions. When Tang's brother, Chaolu, arrives for a visit, they convince him to join them in the mine. Deep underground, they kill… Read more

BLIND SPOT (Claudia von Alemann, 1980)
In Blind Spot, a woman historian ... fascinated by the diary kept by the ... nineteenth-century utopian socialist ... feminist, Flora Tristan, during the last ... few months of her life, refuses the … Read more

BLUE NOTE: A STORY OF MODERN JAZZ (Julian Benedikt, 1997)
Blue Note Records has influenced more than jazz in its time. Its cultural significance has reached out to filmmakers, designers, artists and actors across the globe. Blue Note: A Story of Modern Jazz… Read more

Along with Peter Tosh, Bob Marley is virtually the only reggae superstar to find fame on the international stage. Born in Jamaica in 1945, Marley was singing and play­ing homemade instruments by … Read more

Bow Tie Duty for Square Heads (Stephan-Flint Muller, 2005)
An anarchic mix of juvenile delinquency, comic genius and erratic humour. Winner of the Audience Award and Special Jury Distinction at Annecy Film Festival 2005.---D/P/S Stephan-Flint Muller L German… Read more

Bravo Papa 2040 (Susanne Franzel, 1989)
Pixillated film from the point of view of a fighter pilot flying toward its target...a peasant woman digging potatoes. ... Read more

BREAD AND ROSES (Ken Loach, 2000)
"The locale may have changed but the commitment to challenging social drama remains unwavering in Ken Loach's (My Name is Joe, MIFF 1999) first North American venture. Set in Los Angeles - and inspir… Read more

Brutality in Stone (Peter Schamoni, 1960)
An essay on the official architecture of the National Socialist State with its stark style reflecting the inhumanity of the party's philosophy. The past is emphasized by ghostly snatches of the voice… Read more

Brutality in Stone - the Eternity of Yesterday (Alexander Kluge, Peter Schamoni, 1960)
No synopsis available ... Read more

Bsss (Felix Gonnert, 1999)
Bsss is the tale of a fly's discovery of a children's book, in which an elephant stands on its trunk. The fly is intrigued... ... Read more

Ry Cooder and Win Wenders have known each other for 20 years. Cooder wrote the haunting music for Wenders projects Paris, Texas (1984) and The End of Violence (1997). In 1996 he brought a band to Hav… Read more

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