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Films From Hong Kong

On the surface, [Love Will Tear Us Apart] is a chamber piece about four Chinese mainlanders now living in Hong Kong. But the film resists simple depictions of its characters and their circumstances. It is a convention-defying, highly stylised and singular portrayal of the collision of Hong Kong and ... Read more
The winner at over a dozen festival awards worldwide, including numerous Best Film and Best Director citations, Made in Hong Kong is the first post-handover independent film from the former colony. Incorporating a striking, black yet humanistic view of youth, director Fruit Chan's astounding debut ... Read more
[McDull, Prince de la Bun] is the (almost surreal) sequel to Annecy Film Festival winner [My Life as McDull] (MIFF 03). Some of the film's verbal play is lost in translation, but this remains a beguiling life story of kindergarten piglet McDull (Lam Yat-fung) and his long-lost father Prince de la ... Read more
Working life and the mores of contemporary Hong Kong get a healthy serving of absurdity in the third instalment of the animated McDull series. The first two McDull films - My Life as McDull (MIFF 2003) and McDull, Prince de la Bun (MIFF 2005) - purported to tell the story of an under-achieving ... Read more
Men Suddenly in Black (Daai Cheung Foo) Hong KongAdultery is a serious business. Paul, Cheung, Chao and Tin have 14 hours to get drunk, eat and cheat on their overbearing and suspicious wives. They have planned their infidelity like a military operation: no credit card transactions to trace ... Read more
Teenage love just got trickier. ... It's never easy being the new girl at school. For quiet and awkward Miao Miao - raised in Japan, but transferring to Taipei for the year - things get a lot easier when she finds an unlikely friend in sassy classmate Ai. ... The two girls quickly become ... Read more
“This is a place of sin, prostitution, drug trafficking - you name it.” ... Gritty and blackly comic, The Moss is the second feature from director Derek Kwok, whose award-winning debut The Pye-Dog cemented his reputation as a new force in Hong Kong cinema. ... Kwok's Hong Kong overflows with ... Read more
Hong Kong superstar, Jackie Chan, whose films combine breathtaking action, amazing stunts and self effacing humour, tries a change of pace with Mr Canton and Lady Rose. Based on a Damon Runyon story about rival gansters, dumb cops and a poor flower seller whose pretty daughter wants to break into ... Read more
Winner of the Grand Prize at last year's Locarno Film Festival, Mr Zhao relates the romantic entangle­ments of the gentleman of the title. A low-key charmer, Zhao is magnetically attracted to women of all kinds, without any thought for consequences. The film opens with Zhao, a Shanghai doctor ... Read more
Winner of the Grand Prix at this years Annecy Animation Festival, and the FIPRESCI award at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, My Life as McDull is the inventive, satirical story of a little pig from Hong Kong who has aspirations of moving beyond the borders of his hometown. McDull lives ... Read more
A lonely young girl walks the city streets. A young man with a camera walks the streets at night. They meet and inspire each other to move on in life. ... Read more
Mongkok, one of Hong Kong's most densely populated areas, is a seething centre of illicit business and criminal connections. Into these claustrophobic streets steps Lai Fu (Daniel Wu), a farm boy from mainland China, hired as a killer in the gang war that's rocking Mongkok. He meets prostitute Dan ... Read more
One-Armed Swordsman (Du Bi Dao) Hong Kong'Opens in dramatic fashion, with an assault on a martial arts school, and after that it never lets the viewer go.' Fang (Jimmy Wang Yu in the role that made his career) is a gifted pupil at Qi's martial arts school. Fang loses his right ... Read more
From the Berlin Film Festival, Johnnie To's P.T.U. went back home to open the Hong Kong Film Festival. This remarkable, taut action/drama takes place over a single night in the lives of a Police Tactical Unit investigating a gangland hit (that will literally 'stick' with you forever) and trying to ... Read more
Two women's experiences of China's shifting economic forces are explored in this unconventional blend of documentary and fiction. ... Quietly masterful, Emily Tang's Perfect Life discards traditional storytelling conventions to detail the contrasted experiences of two Chinese women in a country ... Read more
A musical film production in Shanghai reunites old lovers and sets the scene for a tragic love triangle in this glorious musical from director Peter Ho-sun Chan, starring Japanese pin-up Takeshi Kaneshiro (House of Flying Daggers). Tempestuous director Nie and rising star actress Sun are partners ... Read more
Spanning the decade between 1979 and 1989, Jia Zhang Ke's second feature is a chronicle of social change, from Maoist fanaticism to capitalist indolence, as traced through a group of young performers who live in a small town in Shanxi province. Initially, they are all members of a cultural commune ... Read more
This is a most uncommon film about who we are, what we dream and what we all do at least a couple of times a day. Fruit Chan's seventh film is a wandering, contrary, metaphorical journey that focuses on four public toilets in four countries to explore the four basic human emotions: excitement ... Read more
King Hu is already known to Festival audiences for his brilliant film The Valiant Ones (MFF, 1975), and since that film he has now completed two productions, Legend of the Mountain and Raining in the Mountain, shot back to back over 15 months in Korea. ... Since their completion, King Hu's name is ... Read more
It's 1934, downtown Hong Kong and Fleur, (Anita Mui) an aspiring opera singer turned prostitute is entertaining her special friend" Chan (Leslie Cheung), the languid, pampered, opium-puffing son of a good family. This affair blossoms until the couple's desire to wed meets with stern opposition from ... Read more
Running on Karma (Dai Chek Lo) Hong Kong/ChinaWinner of three Hong Kong Film Awards, including Best Picture, and Best Actor for superstar Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs, MIFF 2003), Running on Karma is the second film from prolific director Johnnie To (P.T.U., MIFF 2003) in this year's Festival; the ... Read more
Hong Kong's grand master of the martial arts film/definer of the wuxia genre, Tsui Hark, returns to prestige filmmaking with Seven Swords. Gritty and epic in every conceivable way, this film pays obvious nods to Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai with its group of 17th century swordslingers banding ... Read more
Painfully funny, gloriously over the top, saturated wrth FX, wire work and outrageous fu, Shaolin Soccer is a comic triumph. A disgraced, partially crippled and washed up soccer coach has been reduced to spit-shining his sleazy boss's shoes. Mumbling, half-drunk and extremely bitter, he encounters ... Read more
Song of the Exile is a film that Ann Hui has wanted to make for years, a panoramic account of a troubled mother-daughter relationship that spans some twenty-five years. It is inspired by Hui's own life story, and deeply rooted in the events that have shaped East Asian history since the end of the ... Read more
"An introduction to an amazing contemporary artist and to the tradition of avant-garde music from Henry Cowell, through John Cage to Charles Crumb. The film shows Margaret Leng Tan in various pursuits to push the range and boundary of the piano's sound in a sincere and exuberant manner. The film ... Read more
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