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FOR WHOM THE LARK SINGS (Laszlo Ranódy, 1959)
Set In a remote grange on the Great Hungarian Plain. this lyrical film-poem sketches the hardship and poverty of peasant life through a simple triangle story of a girl farmworkerr a young man and the… Read more

FORBIDDEN RELATIONS (Zsolt Kézdi Kovács, 1983)
Juli, whose husband has committed suicide, falls in love with Fodor, a newcomer to the village. When she learns that he is her half-brother (from her mother's first marriage), she tries to keep away … Read more

Shot over a period of seven months, this film is a. record of animal life in a Hungarian natural sanctuary. Fine photography, and great patience produced many striking and savage impressions. ... Read more

Funeral (József Gémes, 1972)
Obsequies, a moving speech, tears. Suddenly, the orator starts to say curious things and the solemnity of the occasion is brutality destroyed. ... Read more

Galaxie (Piotr Kamler, 1964)
The life and power of a distant, red galaxy, which is invaded by an external force, bringing in its wake shadows and destruction. ... Read more

Gravity (Ferenc Rofusz, 1983)
Desperately, a vigorous apple tries to disengage itself from the branch. The apples around it have shrivelled and dried up long ago. but perhaps they are also wiser. ... Ferenc Rofusz has been workin… Read more

GRIMACES (Ferenc Kardos, János Rózsa, 1966)
This film present the adventures of a six-year-old schoolboy, as recollected through the perspective of adulthood. It is a mixture of fact and fantasy, and it looks at childhood with understanding an… Read more

Hand in Hand (Anna Herskó, 1964)
A quite enchanting record of .in exciting woilil seen through lhe eyes of a child. ... Read more

Hello Budapest (Elek Lisziák, 1974)
The atmosphere of Budapest reconstructed from contemporary picture postcards. ... Read more

Hematlied (Gabor Ferenczi, Can Togay, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Hiver (Piotr Kamler, 1964)
A graphic transposition of a movement from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. ... Read more

Honeymation (Ferenc Varsányi, 1976)
A folk-tale-type story acted out by honey-cake figurines. ... Read more

HUKKLE (György Pálfi, 2002)
Twin Peaks meets Microcosmos in this multi-award winning gem that has captivated Festival audiences world-wide. ... An old peasant sits by the side of a road hiccupping in a slow, rhythmic fashion. T… Read more

Hungarian Castles (Tamás Czigány, 1973)
A study showing the changes in the design of Hungarian fortresses in the wake of the development of arms throughout the centuries. ... Read more

HUNGARIANS (Zoltán Fábri, 1977)
The film is constructed in five movements, following the seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and another Winter. The story is set in 1942-43. ... A group of villagers are offered a one year contr… Read more

HUNGARY AFLAME (I. Erdely, 1957)
The film is a compilation of newsreel material, first covering briefly the past history of Hungary. then giving in detail the uprising of October. 1956, ending with the Russian troops crushing the re… Read more

I Think Life's Great Fun (Katalin Macskássy, )
This film, drawn and animated by young Gipsy school children, tells about their lives, their plans for the future, of still-surviving Gipsy superstitions, and the children's joy in making the film. ... Read more

Immortality (Miklós Jancsó, 1959)
This film was made in memory of the noted Hungarian sculptor, Gyorgy Goldmann. Award: Best Art-film, San Francisco Festival. ... Read more

Insomnia (Gyorgy Romvari, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Ironage (Peter Forgacs, 1985)
Four women and a blind man take a trip. By playing the home movie in slow motion and by adding an imaginary sound to it we enter an alien age. ... Read more

ISKA'S JOURNEY (Csaba Bollók, 2007)
A tragic tale of a little girl lost. ... Iska has suffered more in her 12 years than most people do their whole lives. Living at the mouth of one of the world's worst coalmines, where the air is as d… Read more

Jeu (Piotr Kamler, 1966)
A free suite based on elements borrowed from some of Kamler's abstract works. ... Read more

JUST THE WIND (Bence Fliegauf, 2012)
“Inspired by real events, Magyar auteur Bence Fliegauf's spare, naturalistic drama puts a human face on the victims of racially motivated violence.” - Variety ... Despite the siege-like atmospher… Read more

KATALIN VARGA (Peter Strickland, 2009)
“At once a road movie, a revenge narrative and a compassionate study of the drawn-out effects of trauma… a remarkable achievement.” - Edinburgh Film Festival ... In the Romanian Carpathian… Read more

Kidnapping of the Sun and the Moon (Sándor Reisenbüchler, 1969)
War and other human evils destroy the sun and the moon. Darkness and want grip mankind. but the will to live recaptures the light. The film is based on a poem by the ... Hungarian poet. Ferenc Juhás… Read more

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