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KJFG No. 5 (Alexei Alexeev, 2008)
Three professional musicians - a bear, a rabbit and a wolf - are practicing in the forest, when suddenly a hunter comes. Screened Annecy and Oberhaussen.---D/S Alexei Alexeev P Andras Erkel WS Studio… Read more

Koncertissimo (József Gémesi, 1968)
The audience takes its seats in the auditorium, the orchestra tunes its instruments, the conductor enters to a round of applause, raises his baton, and . . . ... Read more

L'intérieur (Piotr Kamler, 1961)
The immobile interior of an orange-coloured form, and the evolutions of two blue shapes, at times slow, at times jerky. ... Read more

Le labyrinthe (Piotr Kamler, 1970)
Unending perspectives, walls throbbing with coloured forms, menacing black birds swooping . . . lost in these abstract surroundings, a man tries desperately to escape from the maze of his solitude. ... Read more

Le trou (Piotr Kamler, 1968)
'The heartrending adventures of a non-being in search of himself. One will see it fairly clearly that in order to be alone, it is at times necessary to be two . . .' A short, metaphysical fable told … Read more

Let's Keep a Dog . . . (Béla Ternovszky, )
A propaganda film extolling the pleasures of keeping a dog. ... Read more

LIGHT PHYSICAL INJURIES (György Szomjas, 1984)
When Csaba, a rowdy quick-tempered labourer, is released from gaol for having stabbed a man in a drunken brawl, he ... finds his wife, Eva, living with another man, Miklos. A quick divorce follows, b… Read more

Lignes et points (Piotr Kamler, 1966)
Infinite star space, where luminous forms evolve; dots swarm in webs of insubstantial lines. ... Read more

LOST AND FOUND (Kornél Mundruczó, Stefan Arsenijevic, Nadejda Koseva, Mait Laas, Cristian Mungiu, Jasmila Zbanic, 2005)
Six of Central and Eastern Europe's brightest young directors come together in this omnibus feature, each giving their idiosyncratic take on the theme of ‘generation'. In The Ritual (Nadejda Koseva… Read more

LOVE (Károly Makk, 1971)
What she does not know is that her son is in prison, a victim of Hungary's Stalinist regime. His wife keeps the secret well—she visits the old woman regularly, tells her that her writer son is … Read more

LOVE FILM (István Szabó, 1970)
A romantic, nostalgic film of a young man traversing time and distance to recapture a past love. ... On a train between Budapest and Paris, Jancsi relives through a series of flashbacks the period he… Read more

LOVE, MOTHER (János Rózsa, 1987)
János Rózsa's new film a modern tragi-comedy about strained family relations, ... whose meaning is universal. The first part, ... and probably the best, is an ingenious kaleidoscope tracing the fre… Read more

LOVEFILM (István Szabó, 1970)
"Szabo's concern for history could not be considered a political in the sense of providing a political perspective on Hungary. What he does show is how historical events and social convulsions affect… Read more

Lullaby (György Csonka, 1974)
An animated film based on the famous lullaby by Attila Jozsef. ... Read more

MAN FROM LONDON (Bela Tarr, 2007)
Maloin's story is ours - all of those who doubt or question our humdrum existence. Legendary Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr's moody and claustrophobic drama is a homage to film noir based on a George… Read more

Master M.S.'s Passion (Gábor Takács, )
The analysis of six paintings of Master M.S., a Hungarian painter of the Middle Ages, whose name remains unknown. His paintings belong to the most beautiful creations of Hungarian medieval art. ... Read more

Menuet (Piotr Kamler, 1968)
An abstract illustration of the famous minuet by Mozart. ... Read more

Methods (Judit Vas, 1970)
This is a repetition of the social and psychological experiments of Kurt Levin with small children. The object of the experiments was the demonstration of differences between the various communal cli… Read more

Meurtre (Piotr Kamler, 1964)
A free transposition of a Kafka novel: the peace of an imaginary insect is disturbed by three little balls. ... Read more

Mirror (István Szabó, 1977)
A charming short portrait of everyday life in Budapest filmed by the director with his friends. ... Read more

MY WAY HOME (Miklós Jancsó, 1964)
This film was made by Miklds Jancso in 1964. before his early masterpiece, The Round-up; and he has said that My Way Home is autobiographical in feeling, if not in fact. It is set in the spring of 19… Read more

Nine Minutes (Károly Wiedermann, 1960)
This prize-winner from the Oberhausen Film Festival shows, in a fascinating way, a three-round boxing match as seen through the eyes of one of the contestants. ... Read more

Panic (Sándor Reisenbüchler, 1979)
A science fiction story based on Karel Capek's novel "War of the Salamanders". Wrapped up in the thrilling story is the question: are we humans mature enough to appropriately control the vast array o… Read more

PASSION (György Fehér, 1998)
A chilling Hungarian adaptation of The Postman Always Rings Twice. Deeply grained monochrome images combine with a seething undercurrent of sex and murderous plotting to create a dark and sinister at… Read more

Péteri Tó ‘74 (József Magyar, )
Children of an isolated hamlet, their school and their first contact with the arts. ... Read more

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