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MAHANAGAR (Satyajit Ray, 1963)
Turning his back on the nostalgic past, on the lyricism of his earlier films. Satyajit Ray has produced a completely realistic contemporary masterpiece. Its theme is the conflict between the old and … Read more

Malwa (S. N. S. Sastry, 1963)
Ruins from the Malwa plateau in Central India reveal a rich historical and cultural heritage and bring back memories of kings and pods, craftsmen and architects. ... Read more

Man Versus Man (Shashi Anand, 1982)
Man-pulled rickshaws in Calcutta face extinction due to legislation introduced by the State Government in 1981. The film analyses the situation and investigates the consequences of such a step. ... Read more

MANTHAN (Vijay Tendulkar, 1976)
A group of young people, headed by a ... veterinary surgeon, arrive at an impoverished Indian village to help start a milk co-operative. They come up against two kinds of vested interest a private co… Read more

MAYA (Digvijay Singh, 2001)
Maya is a happy little 12-year-old girl living with a foster family she considers to be her own. She and her foster brother Sonjay are perfectly matched in size, athletic ability, adventurousness and… Read more

Mayurakshi Dam (N. K. Issar, 1959)
With its source in the Santhal Paraganas, the Mayurakshi river flows through Birbhurn and Murshidabad in West Bengal This film tells the story of the harnessing of the river and of the part played by… Read more

MIDDLEMAN (Satyajit Ray, 1975)
Somnath is a bright student, but he only gets an ordinary pass in his BA exams. His indifferent results make it difficult for him to get a job. Frustrated by inconclusive interviews, he comes across … Read more

MISS LOVELY (Ashim Ahluwalia, 2012)
“Bollywood meets Boogie Nights.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Ashim Ahluwalia (John and Jane) turns a planned documentary project into fiction with this unique specimen of Hindi-language filmmaking, … Read more

Monihara (Satyajit Ray, 1961)
Monihara, a ghost story based on a tale by Rabmdranath Tagore, is told by a dishevelled teacher to a silent, dark-clad figure on a river bank. Phanibhushan, a rich jute merchant, brings his beautiful… Read more

MONSOON SHOOTOUT (Amit Kumar, 2013)
Dirty Harry meets Run Lola Run in writer/director Amit Kumar's kinetic, bracingly ambitious debut feature. ... On the mean streets of Mumbai, idealistic rookie cop Adi finds himself trapped between t… Read more

My Wise Daddy (Saraiya, 1965)
A brief, popular propaganda film on family planning. ... Read more

Nalanda (Arun Chaudhuri, 1962)
An attempt to capture the spirit that animated the ancient University of Nalanda. By giving a brief account of its scholastic activities, the film highlights the intellectual catholicity that prevail… Read more

NAYAK (Satyajit Ray, 1966)
The Hero is one of Satyajit Ray's modern stories, concerned with the life and thoughts of an Indian film star as he travels by train to collect a prize in Delhi. Through dreams and flashbacks, he tel… Read more

Nectar (L. Shankar, 1972)
Faith and religion determine most ... of the actions of an average Indian. ... A great gathering of the faithful, ... Kumbha Mela, is being held every ... six years at the confluence of the ... river… Read more

NEW DELHI TIMES (Ramesh Sharma, 1985)
A political mystery thriller that centres on a chain of events in the troubled Pujab, Ramesh Sharma in his tightly crafted first feature is looking into the repercussions of political corruption and … Read more

NIRJAN SAIKATE (Tapan Sinha, 1963)
A young girl, who has just been jilted, is taken to the city of Pun by her four widowed relatives. On the train the party befriends a young writer bound for the same place. During his stay there and … Read more

One Day (Michel Wyn, 1964)
Elements of modernism and timeless traditions are depicted in quick successive images to give this impressionistic view of an average Indian town. ... Read more

Out of the Clay (Ranabir Ray, 1979)
The film depicts potteries and potters, including some contemporary potters from various parts of India. ... Read more

PATHER PANCHALI (Satyajit Ray, 1955)
The 1956 Cannes Festival was remarkably rich in entries from famous directors. ^ Yet-in warmth, humanity and poetic sensitivity none could measure up to the first work of an outstanding film-maker - … Read more

PATHER PANCHALI (Satyajit Ray, 1952)
The Apu Trilogy, India's most important contribution to world cinema so far, is based on the Bengali novel by Bibhuti Bhusan Bannerji. The book contains a great deal of autobiographical material and … Read more

PEEPLI LIVE (M) (Anusha Rizvi, over the phone (03 9662 3722) or in person at the MIFF Box Office at the Forum Theatre (154 Flinders Street).</p> )
Producer Aamir Khan, director Anusha Rizvi, and the film's stars will be in attendance for a special gala screening of Peepli Live, a biting social-satire on poverty, the media and Indian society. ..… Read more

Satyaiit Ray, renowned film maker and author of children's books, has assisted his son, Sandip Ray, in his first venture into ... film directing a crisp and delightful thriller for children. ... Babl… Read more

PINK SARIS (Kim Longinotto, 2010)
"I am the messiah of women! I am more powerful than the police!" - Sampat Pal ... Meet the Gulabi Gang, a group of women dressed in defiantly pink saris, railing against India's patriarchal caste sys… Read more

POWERLESS (Deepti Kakkar,Fahad Mustafa, 2013)
There are about 1.5 billion people living without electricity worldwide. Of these, 400 million people live in India. – World Energy Outlook ... Kanpur, an industrial town of three million-… Read more

Printed Rainbow (Gitanjali Rao, 2006)
High in an apartment building, a solitary woman and her cat see two worlds. One outside the window, the other upon the bright covers of her matchbox collection. A stunning, gently told tale of intern… Read more

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