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Project For Plenty (, 1953)
A report on the building of the Hirakud ... Dam, showing the willingness of the peoples ... themselves to take part in a project which ... will bring them food and prosperity in ... future years. ... Read more

Quake and Quiver (Arjun Jairamdas, 1963)
A film on the science of seismology. We see what benefits have resulted from a study of the record of movements that occur under the surface of the earth. ... Read more

Radha and Krishna (J. S. Bhownagary, 1959)
Among India's legends one of the most poetic is the story of Radha and Krishna. Krishna the cow-herd god - the divine Lover; Radha, the beautiful milk maid symbolising the Heart of Man yearning for t… Read more

Rain and Shine (C. V. Gopal, 1967)
An impressionistic presentation of Mahabaleshwar, a quiet little hill station, during and after the monsoon rains. ... Read more

Rains (R. K. Ramachandran, 1967)
The film conveys the blessings and curses of rain to mankind. ... Read more

Rajgir (G. P. Asthana, 1963)
This film depicts the ancient glory of the historic city of Rajgriha, once the capital of the Magadh Empire. It is closely associated with the life and teachings of Buddha, and famous as a seat of le… Read more

RAT TRAP (Adoor Gopalakrishnan, 1983)
In his third feature writer/director Adoor Gopalakrishan has established a stylised study of paranoia. ... An indolent, selfish landowner expects his family to wait on him hand and foot. When he has … Read more

... ... Babulal Bhurya was shot dead by the Central Industrial Security Force in February 1981 at Mailagora, where the people make a living from collecting coal dust. The film is an investigation of … Read more

SALAAM BOMBAY! (Mira Nair, 1988)
With Salaam Bombay!, Mira Nair, here directing her first feature, has made a unique film that is at once both faithful to it's very specific roots and yet accessible to western audiences.Asa result, … Read more

SAMSARA (Pan Nalin, 2001)
Tashi, a brilliant young Buddhist monk has just completed three years of solitary meditation amidst the splendor of the Himalayas. Brought out of a deep trance, he is taken back to his ancient monast… Read more

Sarvepalli Radhakrishna (N. S. Thapa, 1966)
A projection of the personality of the President of India as a man of learning and a promoter of world peace. ... Read more

SATYAJIT RAY (Shyam Benegal, 1985)
This documentary is Shyam Benegal's tribute to his peer Satyajit Ray. Benegal allows Ray to tell his own story, that of his life and work, without interference. ... Ray outlines the story of his life… Read more

SHADOW KILL (Adoor Gopalakrishnan, 2002)
Kaliyappan is an executioner in southern India, whose job provides adequate financial reward but is destroying his conscience. Presiding over the hanging of someone whom he is certain is innocent, Ka… Read more

SHELTER (Sivan, 1991)
Vinu is a day dreamer, with an artistic temper­ament and few friends at his school. He spends his days dreaming of his grandfather's ances­tral home and the slow pace of village life there. F… Read more

SO FAR FROM INDIA (Mira Nair, 1982)
So Far From India is a documentary about two worlds: the world of a recently-arrived Indian immigrant in America, and the traditional world of his new wife who waits for him in his ancestral home in … Read more

Song of the Snows (N. S Thapa, 1963)
The vast splendour, serenity, and majesty of the snow-clad Himalayas is breathtakingly captured by an Indian mountaineering film-crew. ... Read more

Sons of the Soil (Elisabeth Leuvrey, 1998)
A profile of a remarkable man, who at age 98 reflects on a life spent training orphaned boys in the art of 'Kushti', traditional Indian wrestling. His sometimes enigmatic reflections on religion, Ind… Read more

SPLIT WIDE OPEN (Dev Benegal, 1999)
A pacy, ultra-hip mosaic unlike anything previously seen from India. Dev Benegal has crafted a dynamic expose of India's great metropolis, Mumbai (Bombay). Some of the most expensive real estate in t… Read more

Spring Comes to Kashmir (Ravi Prakash, 1956)
Shot in colour, the film captures the arrival of spring in the beautiful valley of Kashmir with its lovely white almond and pink cherry blossoms. We see the people coming out to work in the fields af… Read more

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART (Sanjay Leela Bhansalis, 1999)
Spectacular impossibly vibrant and charged with electric song and dance, this Bollywood epic embodies the modern India in comedy, tragedy and music, music, music! ... In a palatial house in Gujart li… Read more

Sudesha (Deepa Dhanraj, )
The forests of the Himalayas, the basis for subsistence of the people in these regions, are destroyed by powerful lumber dealers. Sudesha is a member of the CHIPKO movement which fights against this ... Read more

Taj Mahal (Mushir Ahmad, 1959)
This film conveys the beauty and grandeur of one of the world's most visited monuments. It tells the story of the fulfilment of the Mogul Emperor Shah Jehan's dream of building a great mausoleum to e… Read more

Tau Seru (Rodd Rathjen, 2013)
Accelerator alumnus Rodd Rathjen (The Stranger, MIFF 2011) returns to MIFF with this poetic tale of a young Himalayan shepherd whose curiosity is bigger than the vastness of his surroundings. ... D/P… Read more

Goopy is a singer who cannot sing and he meets Bagha, a drummer, after they have both been driven from their respective villages. They sing and play to disperse their fears during ... a night in the … Read more

In the mega-city of Kolkata, India, where police corruption is rife and 70% of murders go unsolved, a new breed of crime fighter has emerged. ... When justice is required, the only authority wronged … Read more

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