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Deftly capturing the mounting tension of a stand-off between soldiers and hardline settlers, 5 Days is a definitive snapshot of a historical moment which also manages to convey the wider-ranging complexities of politics and society within Israel. ... In August 2005, the 8000 Jewish settlers living on the Gaza Strip in Israel were ordered to leave as part of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's peace plan... Read more
An intriguing glimpse of a shadow world of illegal Palestinian workers living in the margins of the Israeli occupied territories. A chance sighting of a line of men dashing across the highway spurred Israeli filmmaker Ido Haar to pick up a camera and tease out a larger story. From that moment of curiosity, he's uncovered the lives of illegal Palestinian workers who, by day, risk arrest as they wor... Read more
A glimpse inside the Nazi propaganda machine provides a revealing meditation on the construction of history. ... This is a story about the longest film made by the Nazi propaganda unit on the Warsaw ghetto. In a thorough piece of historical film research, director Yael Hersonski has assembled a story within the official Nazi tale of the ghetto's Jewish community living a life of luxury and indolen... Read more
“A conflict begins and ends in the hearts and minds of people, not in the hilltops.” - Amos Oz ... Israeli writer and journalist Amos Oz is one of the most well known proponents of peace between Israelis and Palestinians, a man whose writings are political allegory and whose speeches are a source of hope and inspiration. In The Nature of Dreams Oz reads moving passages from his memoir and speaks w... Read more
Abstract imagery symbolises the beginning of life upon earth and Hebrew letters of the Old Testament are used to introduce the exposition. ... Read more
Unexpectedly alone one morning, Anna finds herself lost over how to fill her day. She puts on a tight dress and heads out to find a man. First Prize winner at the 2016 Cannes Cinéfondation. ... Read more
Winner of Best Screenplay at the Jerusalem Film Festival, Aviva My Love is an upbeat domestic drama set against the economic hardship of Israel's suburbs. Hotel cook Aviva is the rock at the heart of a dysfunctional family. Rebellious children; a depressed, long-term unemployed husband; and a cheerfully suicidal mother all vie for her attention. Her fiery sister Anita, lacking excitement in her ow... Read more
Mika finds a dead bird in her swimming pool and asks her middle-aged neighbour to help remove it. The resulting afternoon of playful flirting leads to something far more confronting. ... Screens with Girl Model (USA, 80 mins). ... D/S Adi Kutner P Rona Feldman, Adi Kutner L Hewbrew w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2011 ... Read more
“Beaufort could be seen as a new version of All Quiet on the Western Front.” - Screen International The oppressive reality of war comes to the fore in this gripping tale of Israel's evacuation of Beaufort Castle, a fortress on a mountain in Southern Lebanon. Rather than deliver a political commentary on the Middle East, Beaufort concentrates its incisive eye on the cumulative drudgery, fear and im... Read more
Animated fable confined within picture frame tells story of little white duck's encounter with big black monster Witty inventive use of space. ... Read more
To the Ultra-Orthodox Haredim, segregation is for your own safety. ... Over the last decade the number of prohibitions for the women followers of Ultra-Orthodox Judaism (known as Haredi) have increased dramatically. Some accept this as religious law and others see it as a violation of their human rights. For those who speak out against it, excommunication from their family and society awaits. ... ... Read more
In the harsh landscape of the Judean desert, two Israeli truck drivers accidently hit and kill a Bedouin child. The confrontation between the family of the child and the drivers is a stark and fascinating study of a changing culture's valuation of life. ... Read more
Winner of over 15 major international film awards, including the audience award at Berlin this year and nine Israel Film Academy Awards, Broken Wings is a powerful and uplifting examination of the strength of family. ... The first day of school should be an occasion of excitement and promise. However, for five-year-old Bar, his three siblings and mother it is bittersweet, as they have been left to... Read more
“It will probably be a film that people will argue about.” - filmmaker Eytan Fox Lulu shares a house with her gay friends, Noam and Yali, in Shenkin Street, Tel Aviv's funkiest urban strip and the metaphorical bubble of the film's title. They waste their days working, smoking and ignoring the outside conflicts of the Middle East. When Noam falls in love with Palestinian Ashraf, the trio decides to... Read more
A semi-abstract experimental film personifying discarded objects to express the gamut of emotions Third prize winner at the Bruxelles Experimental Film Festival in 1958. ... Read more
On a hot summers day, an Israeli chicken-breeder encoun­ters a Palestinian roadblock on the way to market. When he discovers that the man in charge is a former employee, it's not only the chickens that start teeling the heat. ... Read more
Daughter of a prostitute demonstrates strate­gies for reducing the irritations and pleasures of her domestic routine. In a welcome twist on conventional morality, this little student film represents the prostitute as good mother — and does it without resorting to sermonising or sentimentality. ... Read more
A tense and tragic, minute-by-minute account of mistaken identity and mob justice produced by the teams behind The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty. ... On 18 October 2015, an armed terrorist entered the Beersheba bus terminal in Southern Israel. Within minutes, a soldier named Omri Levy was dead, and a second tragedy was about to unfold, as an angry mob turned their attention to the figure they b... Read more
Thirty-three years of lies and deception threaten to unravel as three ex-Mossad agents find themselves unwittingly recalled to duty. ... In 1964 three Mossad agents led by Rachel (powerhouse Israeli actress Gila Almagor) capture the ‘Surgeon of Birkenau', an infamous Nazi war criminal responsible for carrying out unspeakable acts during the Holocaust. While they are returning to Israel the Surgeon... Read more
A sparse glimpse surrounding the deportation of a man set on the Arab/Israeli border. - (JS) ... Read more
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