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Different War, (Nadav Gal, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

Draft (Naomi Levari, )
Pacifist Yoav Genar is doing all he can to prevent his son from enlisting in the Israeli army. In the 24 hours prior to the draft, an ideological and emotional confrontation evolves between father an… Read more

ERVINKA (Ephraim Kishon, 1966)
Ervinka is a smart young man with a healthy inclination towaids laziness — a sort of Tel Aviv Till Eulenspiegel. He and his friend, Joseph the peddlar, engage in a senes of adventures propelled… Read more

Field Trip (Adva Magal, Eyal Benbensity, 1993)
Yael and Natalie run away from their annual school excursion in search of adventure. Their runaway adventure eventuates as more than they had intended. How will they deal with guilt? What will they d… Read more

Generation: The Sam Spiegel Film School 1993-2002 IsraelThe Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem has been producing award-winning short films since the start of the 1990s, and this year the Festival … Read more

FLIPPING OUT (Yoav Shamir, 2007)
“Looking into the mirror can be a very frightening and frustrating experience, it is a constant love-hate relationship.” - filmmaker Yoav Shamir ... Drawing on his own experiences after completin… Read more

FOOTNOTE (Joseph Cedar, 2011)
"A smart, well written and deftly executed confrontation between a father and son who may be more alike than they would choose to believe." - Screen International ... Comedy meets bitter family drama… Read more

Galia (Noa Harnik, 1992)
Galia Holzmann was a student at Israel's Haifa University and commuted at weekends to stay with her boyfriend in Jerusalem. An ordinary, gentle student life until she developed an unexplainable rash.… Read more

Galia's Wedding (Rami Kimchi, 1986)
Nati, a sensitive 24 year old, decides to attend the wedding of his girlfriend Galia. His journey to her kibbutz is plagued with the psychological trauma of lost love and separation. ... Read more

Generation: The Sam Spiegel Film School 2003+ IsraelThe Sam Spiegel Film School in Jerusalem has been producing award-winning short films since the start of the 1990s, and this year the Festival pres… Read more

Grief (Hadar Eridlich, 2000)
Yonah wishes to bury his son who has committed suicide, however for religious reasons he cannot. We follow Yonah throughout the day, as he dejectedly picks up passengers in his taxi. The night, howev… Read more

HAMSIN (Daniel Wachsmann, 1982)
Hamsin is the hot desert wind that periodically blows through the countries of the Middle East, causing extreme temperatures and affecting the moods and tempers of the people. ... In an old farming v… Read more

Happy Birthday Yemima (Yishai Orian, 2005)
Yemima's family believe that she is the reincarnation of her late grandmother. ... Read more

HEBREW LESSON, A (David Ofek, Ron Rotem, 2006)
“Israeli society through the foreigner's eyes.” - co-director David Ofek A melting pot of nationalities simmer away in a Hebrew language ulpan, a classroom traditionally used to help newcomers a… Read more

HILL 24 DOESN'T ANSWER (Thorold Dickinson, 1955)
To one of the foothills dominating the approach to Jerusalem are to come four Israeli volunteers. Their leader has ordered them to defend this Hill 24 against the Arabs until morning when the cease-f… Read more

Home (David Ofek, 1994)
Three generations of a family are confined into an exiled space. Sealed in their living room they watch the bombing of Baghdad and their old home on the television. ... A subtle insight into differin… Read more

HOT HOUSE (Shimon Dotan, 2006)
A rare insight into the mind and motivations of Hamas. In the run-up to last year's Palestinian election, Romanian-born filmmaker Shimon Dotan gained access to four Israeli high security prisons, wh… Read more

In Search of History (E. Hirshbain, R. M. Kneller, 1962)
A small party of archaeologists find Roman utensils, fragments of manuscripts in a cave used by Jewish insurgents fighting against the Roman army. ... Read more

INTIMATE GRAMMAR (Nir Bergman, 2010)
Israel, 1965. As his country grows up without him, an uncertain boy teeters on the edge of manhood and tragedy. ... At 13 years old, Aharon (Roee Elsberg) doesn't want to grow up. Small for his age, … Read more

IT KINDA SCARES ME (Tomer Heymann, 2001)
Welcome Back Kotter meets La Haine in this fascinating fly-on-the-wall account of youth worker Tomer Heymann (also the filmmaker) and the gang (Hasrutim, in Hebrew), a teenage youth group from a hous… Read more

JAMES' JOURNEY TO JERUSALEM (Ra'anan Alexandrowicz, 2004)
James' Journey to Jerusalem (Massa'ot James Be'eretz Hakodesh) Israel'a charmer' which turns an ironic mirror on a certain portion of contemporary Israeli society through the eyes of an ingenuous mig… Read more

JELLYFISH (Etgar Keret & Shira Gefen, 2006)
Winner of the Camera d'Or and the Young Critics' prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival. In this comic and often magical ensemble piece, four characters in Tel Aviv, touched by loneliness, are lo… Read more

Jerusalem - Rhythm of a Distant City (Dan Geva, 1993)
So, this is what Jerusalem looks like from a bread delivery push-cart? Some great steadi-cam work and editing propel us through this ancient city's back streets and market places; from the strange tr… Read more

Kashkeshet (Alina Gross, Yoram Gross, 1959)
An experimental film in which hand-painted illustrations have been set to music, ... Read more

keep not silent (Ilil Alexander, 2004)
Can one live a normal life as a lesbian if deeply rooted in the Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox Jewish community' The answer is no. The Holy Scripture forbids homosexuality. Lesbianism is unacceptable, no… Read more

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