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Land of a Thousand Faces (Baruch Dienar, 1965)
Through a variety of characters a young actress, Rina Ganor, personifies the thousand faces of Israel, with its dynamic rhythm and ever changing mood. ... First Prize, Monaco Tourist Film Festival. ... Read more

LEBANON (Samuel Maoz, 2009)
Winner of the Golden Lion for best film at the 2009 Venice Film Festival. ... There are no heroes in this war drama. Based on writer/director Samuel Maoz's experience as a soldier during the 1982 Leb… Read more

LEMON TREE (G) (Eran Riklis, 2008)
“A multifaceted drama straddling the Palestinian-Israeli chasm that's marbled with irony, generosity, anger and pure crowd-pleasing optimism.” - VarietyEran Riklis takes a fresh look at the Israe… Read more

Look Out (Dina Zvi Riklis, 1990)
From a rooftop m the village of the occupied Gaza strip, a lone Israeli soldier observes the house across the street The prattle of the radio switching cheerily from the joys of bazouki music to news… Read more

Lost Paradise- TELL ME A STORY (Mihal Brezis, Oded Binnun, 2008)
A modern-day Adam and Eve are lost together in their own paradise; a moment later the idyll is gone. ... --- D/S Mihal Brezis, Oded Binnun P Pablo Mehler, Guillaume Benski WS Divine Productions TD 35… Read more

MAPPING (Asaf Saban, 2007)
Two surveyors are working during Memorial Day on the construction of the separation wall, oblivious to Israel's absurd realities that surrounding them. Australian Premiere. --- D/S Asaf Saban P L Heb… Read more

MISS FAT AND BEAUTIFUL (Tali Shemesh, 1998)
'Fat' and 'beautiful' are definitely two contradictory words in our society, where 'waif/heroin chic' ideals of beauty rule our perceptions. Miss Fat and Beautiful is a story about beauty; about bein… Read more

MY FATHER, MY LORD (David Volach, 2006)
Director David Volach will be a guest of the festival and will be introducing the first screening of My Father, My Lord ... “With the primordial clarity of fable, David Volach's astonishing debut f… Read more

NANA (Alison King, Suher Ismael, Fabienne Bouville, Ruti Gadish, 1999)
Nana tocuses on the loving but sometimes quite difficult relationships between four women filmmakers and the compassionate, authoritarian, unpredictable, loquacious grandmothers. From 1994 to 1998, N… Read more

Neighbours (Dannah Nayblat, 1991)
The filmmaker moves into a studio flat in Jerusalem, and finds herself embroiled in an ongoing battle between the neighbours on either side of her. One is a hostile, bitter per­vert, glorifying i… Read more

New Roots (Lazar Dunner, 1956)
A large number of Jewish immigrants are introduced each year into Israel from Middle East Countries and their assimilation creates a serious problem. Beautifully photographed in sensitive Eastmancolo… Read more

Night Movie (Gur Heller, 1986)
First film by young student of Film Department at Tel Aviv University tolls of dramatic encounter between an Israeli soldier on reserve duty and an Arab boy one dark and troubled night in the back st… Read more

NINA's TRAGEDIES (Savi Gabizon, 2004)
Nina's Tragedies (Ha'asonot Shei Nina) Israel' [Winner of 11 Israeli Academy Awards] Nina's Tragedies is that rare film which achieves a lusciously paradoxical 'happy-sad' state, making us laugh and … Read more

NO EXIT (Dror Sabo, 2006)
This season, 10 women will be vying for the affection of one man… and none of them will know that he's blind. In a desperate attempt to inject new life into his flailing reality TV show - Ch… Read more

NO NAMES ON THE DOORS (Nadav Levitan, 1996)
Nadav Levitan's No Names on the Doors is set a modern kibbutz, where social transformation can no longer be kept at bay. Spectres of Arab invasion lurk in the background; financial pressures and the … Read more

NOODLE (Ayelet Menahemi, 2007)
“Kolya locates a spiritual cousin in feel-good crowd-pleaser Noodle.” - Variety ... A twice war-widowed flight attendant in her late 30s, Miri enjoys the life of a jetsetter but ultimately return… Read more

One Shot (Nurit Kedar, 2004)
"Striking, powerful and disturbing... an unprecedented look at the work of the snipers who belong to the Israel Defense Forces, an elite group of marksmen whose job is to kill from a distance. The re… Read more

Operation YY (Oded Lotan, 2000)
Ron barely knows the daylight hours, while his nights are divided between his job as an editor of wedding videos, Internet chatrooms and futuristic fantasies. A striking and sensitive portrait of mod… Read more

PAPER DOLLS (Tomer Heymann, 2005)
“Transsexual caregivers for Tel Aviv's elderly might sound like an odd topic for a documentary but Paper Dolls is as straight as it is orthodox.” - Variety Distilled from a six-episode Israeli te… Read more

Paradise Now (Hany Abu-Assad, 2004)
People the world over are baffled by the act of suicide bombing. Whatever one's political view, it is virtually incomprehensible. Dutch-based Palestinian filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad delivers a powerful … Read more

Peggy Day (Rachel Ne'eman, 1972)
A day in the life of a 30-year-old, socially alienated woman, who meets a young American hippy. ... Read more

POLICEMAN (Nadav Lapid, 2011)
"A boldly conceived and bracingly told political drama, Policeman possesses a special contemporary pertinence… to the vast class and economic disparities in Israel." - Hollywood Reporter ... P… Read more

Potters of Hebron (Robert Haber, 1975)
A portrait of a Mediterranean pottery workshop, nestled in the Hebron Hills southeast of Jerusalem, focusing on the craft processes within the workshop. ... Read more

PRISONERS OF FREEDOM (Yona Zarecki, 1968)
The penal system of Israel provides a form of remission for good behaviour which permits prisoners twenty-four hours with their families at intervals to reduce the tension of their long incarceration… Read more

Profiles of Galilee (Yona Zarecki, 1961)
The atmosphere and spirit of Galilee is expressed not only through shots actually taken on the spot, but also through some of the paintings of Israeli artists: Guttman brings us to a recounting of di… Read more

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