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Promised Land (Amos Gitai, 2004)
The trade in human flesh is a brutal business driven by an international network. In his [Promised Land], Amos Gitai delivers a tough portrayal of one woman's journey into the nightmare of Israel's w… Read more

PURITY (Anat Zuria, 2004)
Purity (Tehora) Israel'some people call her film daring, others dangerous. Anat Zuria admits that her documentary about Jewish family purity is meant to provoke. But she sees greater peril in keeping… Read more

Raw Dates (Shira Behar, 2000)
This immediate and painful drama focuses on two teenage Israeli girls grappling with self-esteem, desire and their unsteady alliance. Emotionally intricate acting and subtle direction combine to crea… Read more

Road (Nadav Lapid, )
In the Judean desert, a young couple makes love beside a roadside memorial. In that exact spot only a year before, Palestinian workers kidnapped their Israeli employer and put him to trial, charged w… Read more

Road Marks (Shimon Shai, 2004)
Gil sees his father as a vampire, feeding off the energy and vitality of his family. Reluctantly agreeing to a desert family trip, he unleashes a terrifying sequence of events. This smartly executed … Read more

Rubin - The Palette of a Poet (Yona Zarecki, 1966)
Through a lyrical tracing of the evolution of Rubin's work, this film shows the land of Israel, its moods and its people. ... Read more

SAINT CLARA (Ori Sivan, Ari Folman, 1995)
... ... Blurring the line between documentary and fiction, Mohsen Makhmalbaf's Salaam Cinema is the Iran director/activist's typically offbeat tribute to a century of cinema. Such is the popularity o… Read more

Self-Service (Ben Hayeem, 1972)
A play-boy in a sports car picnics ... in the woods. Everything for the occasion is stored in the boot of the car. including the girl-bound and gagged. ... Read more

sentenced to marriage (Anat Zuria, )
In the modern, democratic nation of Israel a woman cannot have her marriage annulled without her husband's consent. While husbands are able to live with other women, and even withhold child support, … Read more

Sex (David Avidan, 1971)
,p>A man (David Avidan) signs with a woman, representing the totality of the girls who people the film, a kind of anti-marriage contract. For his part, he is to father a child; she waives all claims … Read more

Showdown at Lot’s Wife (Halil Efrat, 1994)
An unhappy family go on a day trip to the desert. The car is stolen and they must confront not only the thieves but their own perceptions and disillusionment with themselves and each other. ... Read more

SIEGE (Gilberto Tofano, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

Skin Deep (Ran Tal, Etgar Keret, 1996)
Skin Deep is a beautifully told black comedy from Israel. After Shabatov gets a tattoo of a love heart with his girlfriend's name Malka across it, he pays her a surprise visit, and to his surprise - … Read more

SLAVES OF THE LORD (Hadar Friedlich, 2002)
Slaves of the Lord, straight from Directors' Fortnight in Cannes this year, is the highly anticipated new work from the director of the short film Grief (Winner Grand Prix, MIFF 2001). Bresson-like i… Read more

Slow Down (Avram Heffner, 1969)
During a family quarrel between a sixty-odd year old woman and her husband, the wife comes to terms with the realities of old age. The film shows 36 hours of the quarrel, from its beginning to the re… Read more

Solo for Tuba (Arik Kaplun, 1985)
In a civil war in an unspecified country a tuba player tries to remain aloof from the conflict that surrounds him. The film is an allegory spoken in an invented language. It was nominated for an Acad… Read more

SOMEONE TO RUN WITH (Oded Davidoff, 2006)
The first Israeli film selected to open the Jerusalem Film Festival, nominated for 12 gongs at last year's Israeli Academy Awards. Based on the best-selling novel by David Grossman, Someone to Run W… Read more

SPEEDWAY JUNKY (Nickolas Perry, 1998)
Equal parts Midnight Cowboy (1969) and Johns (MIFF 1997), Nickolas Perry's debut is a sordid but ultimately uplifting tale of teen Las Vegas street hustlers. The pro­tagonists of Speedway Junky d… Read more

“I realised that the first Holocaust pictures I saw, as one who grew up here [in Israel], were of naked women.” - filmmaker Ari LibskerPocketbooks called ‘Stalags' - lurid novelettes of leather… Read more

STRANGERS (Erez Tadmor, Guy Nattiv, 2007)
“Romeo and Juliet had Verona to contend with; Eyal and Rana have the entire globe.” - VarietyIsraeli Eyal and Palestinian Rana are two strangers who, in normal circumstances, would never meet. Bu… Read more

Summer Vacation (Sharon Maymon,Tal Granit, 2012)
While on holiday with his family, a man is reunited with somebody from his past. A complex drama about sexuality and fidelity. ... D/S Tal Granit, Sharon Maymon P Gal Greenspan, Roi Kurland WS GREENp… Read more

Susya (Dani Rosenberg, Yoav Gross, 2011)
A Palestinian man and his son visit their village for the first time since they were forced to leave twenty-five years ago for an archaeological dig. ... D/P Dani Rosenberg, Yoav Gross L Arabic, Hebr… Read more

Swanettes (Rony Sasson, 2005)
Walking home from the grocery store, a mother and daughter begin their journey from silence to understanding. Rony Sasson's artisticallydistinctive drama won the DAAD prize at the 2006 Berlinale.---D… Read more

Swanettes (Rony Sasson, 2005)
Walking home from the grocery store, a mother and daughter begin their journey from silence to understanding. Rony Sasson's artistically distinctive drama won the DAAD prize at the 2006 Berlinale.---… Read more

take a wife, to (Ronit Elkabetz and Shlomi Elkabetz, 2004)
It's Haifa, circa 1979. After another series of confrontations, Viviane's seven brothers try, once again, to mediate between her and her husband, Eliyahu. She must think of the children, they remind … Read more

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