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TAKE TWO (Baruch Dienar, 1972)
Baruch Dienar's Take Two, flavoured by its gentle pop score, is essentially a comedy, the source of which is to be found in the whims of its characters, as well as in the fun at the expense of the gl… Read more

THE BIG DIG (Ephraim Kishon, 1969)
A lunatic escapes in a milk van which drops him in the midst of a road building team from which he steals a pneumatic drill and starts to dig in the main square of Tel Aviv. Police stop the traffic i… Read more

THE BOY ACROSS THE STREET (Josef Shalhin, 1966)
David, a boy of twelve, was born under an unlucky star. His mother deserted him, and his father, a new immigrant from Morocco, cannot adapt himself to the new surroundings. ... David gets into troubl… Read more

The Descent (Shai Miedzinski, 2010)
On a journey to find materials for their son's tombstone, a family's repressed feeling of loss come to the surface. ... --- ... D/S Shai Miedzinski P Shai Miedzinski, Amir Armel L Hebrew w/English su… Read more

The Foot and the Ball (Uri Zohar, 1966)
A humorous view of Saturday football league games in Israel. ... Read more

THE GLASS CAGE (Philippe Arthuys, 1964)
The Eichmann trial in lsrael is the background for a taut story of the effects of this historic trial on a group of people. The glass cage is, of course, the one Eichmann sat in, but it may also be a… Read more

The Great Sadness of Zohara (Nina Menkes, 1983)
The surrealistic evocation of a young Jewish woman's alienation and spiritual search. She leaves her home in Jerusalem's religious quarters and embarks on a lonely Journey. Her personal odyssey, as m… Read more

The Israel National Water Carrier (, )
This is a well photographed and zestfully edited account of the channelling of Israel's water resources from the north to the parched lands in the south. ... Read more

The Last of Grandpa's Magic (Shemi Zarchin, 1986)
Ten year old Micky's grandfather has died. While his family mourns, he defies traditional lewish mourning customs by going to see a movie. Later, he faces the consequences of his actions. ... Read more

THE LAW IN THESE PARTS (Ra?anan Alexandrowicz, 2011)
Can a modern democracy retain its democratic values while imposing a military occupation on another state? ... This is the question posed by director Ra'anan Alexandrowicz (James' Journey To Jerusale… Read more

THE MATCHMAKER (Avi Nesher, 2010)
A lively coming-of-age story set in 1968, when the West's 'summer of love' finally spilled into conservative Israel. ... An avid reader of crime fiction, 16-year-old Arik can't believe his luck when … Read more

The Night Mother Ran Away (Baruch Atir, 1972)
This is the story of a woman who is trying to cope with life in various ways-some of them rather odd. Her final attempt is not necessarily the most meaningful one, but is the strongest weapon availab… Read more

The One Kid (Agur Schiff, 1983)
Based on a traditional Jewish song , the film describes a chain of events, each element presented being over powered by it's successor's: the kid is eaten by the cat, the cat is attacked by the dog e… Read more

The Other Cheek (Yuval Zafrir, 1999)
A young boy, Daniel, rushes to school to meet up with his girlfriend, Maly. Unfortunately, he is confronted by Maly's older brother, Ronen, who has his own grievances with Daniel. Daniel solves his d… Read more

The Other Side (Uri Zohar, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

THE POLICEMAN (Ephraim Kishon, 1971)
Azulai is a warm-hearted elderly Israeli cop, proud of his uniform, but too naive to discover an obvious culprit and too weak-hearted to arrest him. ... With qualities like these, it is no wonder he … Read more

The Story of the Timna Copper Mines (N. Gross, 1960)
Copper is being mined today by modern methods on the same site where King Solomon's famous mines were operated by slaves in Biblical times. ... Read more

the substitute (Talya Lavie, 2005)
Zohara, a girl soldier in the Israeli army is desperate to get out. Her hopes evaporate as her replacement appears suicidal. Beautifully understated social commentary against a backdrop of terrifying… Read more

The Wilderness of Zin (F. Steinhardt, 1958)
The dramatic story of the archeological exploration of the Negev desert, tracing a road of discoveries from biblical days to the time of Byzantium. ... Read more

THE WINCHELL AFFAIR (Avram Heffner, 1979)
A journalist, whose marriage is in some disarray, listens to her father reminiscing about a clique that centred around Lord Winchell who was the victim of a political assassination. She sets out to i… Read more

THEY WERE TEN (Baruch Dienar, 1960)
Ten Jews—nine men and Manyah, wife of Josef— flee the pogroms in Russia in the 1880's and find a farm on a hilltop in Galilee. We follow the first eventful year of these young Russian stu… Read more

To See If I'm Smiling (Tamar Yarom, 2007)
“Who wants to deal with the evil within himself?” - former Israeli army medic Meytal Sandler ... With work that included scrubbing the corpses of detainees to hide evidence of abuse, Israeli army… Read more

Toy Soldier (Jeremy Bliss, 2011)
Tensions and resentments come to the surface as two old friends who served in the army together catch up after a long absence. ... D/S Jeremy Bliss P Jeremy Bliss, Robin Robles, Gal Greenspan, Roi Ku… Read more

Underdog (Eran Merav, 2002)
Natti, a rejected boy in a boarding school, is unaware of his peers' perception of him. He meets a girl he likes, but soon learns some painful home truths. Received a Special Mention at Berlin 2003. ... Read more

USHPIZIN (Gidi Dar, 2004)
[Ushpizin] is the first feature film ever made in Israel's ultra-Orthodox Haredi community. Filmed where cameras have never been before, with actors and settings unaltered in appearance, it's a tende… Read more

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