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LAST MOMENT (Pupi Avati, 1987)
A long-time soccer club manager (played by the late, great Ugo Tognazzi) is retrenched, then recatled to rescue a poorly performing team. With his demeanour of a man in a hurry, fast-talking, headstr… Read more

LE FEU FOLLET (Louis Malle, 1963)
Le Feu Follet is about suicide. lt is an adaptation by Malle himself of a short novel, originally pub­lished in 1931, recounting the last twenty-four hours in the life of Alain, an ex -playboy, a… Read more

LEON MORIN, PRIEST (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1961)
Grenoble, 1940: a French provincial town during the Occupalton. A young widow with a child, anti-religious and Marxist, is discontented with her life. One day partly through boredom, partly through d… Read more

Life in a Box (Bruno Bozzetto, 1967)
Maternity ward box, home box, school box. university box, nuptial box, work box . . . box. But for one brief moment during his life, the box dweller really sees what surrounds him. ... Read more

LIFE IS STRANGE (Giuseppe Bertolucci, 1988)
Dario, a psychologist working in the public health system, lives an uneventful day-to-day routine comprising his work, his fiancee, his future inlaws. ... One day he meets Mario, his one-time high-sc… Read more

LIGABUE (Salvatore Nocita, 1978)
Ligabue is the re-created biography of Italy's most famous primitive painter. The film is based on a book about the artist by the famous neo-realist scriptwriter, Zavattini. ... The film starts with … Read more

LIGHTS OF VARIETY (Alberto Lattuada, Federico Fellini, 1950)
Lights of Variety was Fellini's first major work; he shared directorial credit with Alberto Lattuada. The story concerns the rise to stardom of a stage-struck young girl, Liliana. She sees a performa… Read more

Like Fabulous Fireworks (Lino del Fra, 1968)
A report on the world of the hippie, the New Left and all those young people in Italy who are determined to change a world they don't understand and in which they do not believe. ... Read more

LOLA (Jacques Demy, 1960)
Lola is a fable about the different kinds of love, and one of its chief joys is in watching it work itself out, slowly, iineluctably, and above all, elegantly. Lola herself is a cabaret girl; she tak… Read more

Londra No Sex (Antonio Tibaleli, 1989)
A challenging doco scanning the arena of lesbian S&M, offering glimpses into the professional and personal worlds of a club entertainer in London's Soho. Pungent and provocative. ... Read more

LOOKING FOR ERIC (Ken Loach, 2009)
Due to circumstances beyond MIFF's control, LOOKING FOR ERIC will no longer screen at the festival. See here for details. ... “Ken Loach in feelgood mode.” - Independent ... Former soccer star Er… Read more

LORNA'S SILENCE (Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne, 2008)
In this cold-blooded scam, only Lorna's silence can implicate her.Lorna's Silence is the latest feature from the Dardenne brothers (The Son, MIFF 02; The Child, MIFF 05) who have a proven track recor… Read more

LOST DOMAIN, THE (Raoul Ruiz, 2005)
With almost 100 film projects to his credit, Raoul Ruiz has a firm place among the great directors of our time. The Lost Domain masterfully blends political and personal themes in a story about frien… Read more

LOVE IN PROGRESS (Giuseppe Bertolucci, 1989)
In Love In Progress, Giuseppe Bertolucci has drawn a delightfully amusing portrait of the young. As in his previous films, Bertolucci's facility in creating credible and fascinating women characters … Read more

LUNATICS AND LOVERS (Flavio Mogherini, 1976)
The amorous adventures of a Venetian nobleman. ... No further information available. ... Read more

Made in Italy (Various, 1986)
An anthology of the best independent Italian video clip productions from the Bolognese electronic rock of the Stupid Set, to the refined dance music of N.O.I.As; from the ambient atmospheres of the C… Read more

Mafai, my Father (Giuditta Mafai, 1969)
Through the memories of the daughter of the great painter, and from his most significant works, comes a reconstruction of the image of Mafai, the unknown; both his most intimate aspect, and an object… Read more

MAMMA ROMA (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1962)
One of the year's most personal films, unmistakably the work of its creator - writer turned directo, Pier Paolo Pasolini - Mamma Roma is about an ageing prostitute who breaks from her pimp in an atte… Read more

Man and His World (Bruno Bozzetto, 1967)
A prize-winning entry in Expo 67's 50-second Man and His World competition from Italy's leading animator (Life in a Box, the Mr. Rossi cartoons). ... Read more

MARY (Abel Ferrara, 2005)
“Its own double bill - a response to The Passion of the Christ… a fantastic amalgam of Mel Gibson and Ferrara himself.” - Village Voice Tackling issues of faith and redemption in these cyn… Read more

Masaccio - La Cappella Brancacci (Giambattista Girardi, 1969)
An absorbing analysis of the structure and meaning of each of the frescoes in the Chiesa del Carmine in Florence. ... Read more

Masterpeace (Four Frames, 1986)
A scratch video on the theme of peace. ... Read more

MEN AND NON-MEN (Valentino Orsini, 1980)
Valentino Orsini is one of the virtually unknown filmmakers of Italy whose work has rarely travelled outside his country. In fact Italian production is full of films that deserve screenings beyond th… Read more

METELLO (Mauro Bolognini, 1970)
Born to an anarchist father, Metello follows in his footsteps as a champion of liberty and social justice. When he is imprisoned after a strike action, he repeats the hollow promise his father made b… Read more

MICHEL PETRUCCIANI (Michael Radford, 2011)
"A soulful portrait of an artist who allowed nothing to stand in the way of his embrace of life and his huge talent." - Hollywood Reporter ... Short in stature but big in talent, Michel Petrucciani w… Read more

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