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PARTNER (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1968)
“An energetic thumb-nosing fossil of 60s fragmentation, cinematic upset, and sub-Marxist yowlings.” - Village Voice ... This rarely seen, unorthodox retelling of Dostoevsky's The Double is Bernar… Read more

PASSION OF LOVE (Ettore Scola, 1981)
The year is 1862, one of those periods, rare in Italian history, without any wars. The young Kingdom of Italy does not pay its officers to fight, but merely to train others to do so, and at the first… Read more

PASSIONATE WOMEN (Tonino De Bernardi, 1999)
Evoking the melodramatic musicals of Jacques Demy, Passionate Women, the wonderfully inventive new film from veteran director Tonino De Bernardi. With virtually all the dialogue sung by the protagoni… Read more

Picasso (Luciano Emmer, 1954)
Emmer's film on Picasso is on a larger scale than his previous work, and the considerable running time enables him to analyse and discuss the work of this controversial artist in some detail. The com… Read more

Pickles (Bruno Bozzetto, 1971)
Bruno Bozetto, famed Italian cartoon film maker, uses different techniques to make his satirical comments on such topical problems of the world as drugs, pollution and war. ... Read more

PISO PISELLO (Peter Del Monte, 1981)
Oliviero, a Milanese 13 year-old, is the son of two mixed-up parents, who live out a child-like regression. Oliviero, however, has a clear idea of his future and wants to become a nuclear scientist. … Read more

PRIMO LEVI'S JOURNEY (Davide Ferrario, )
“[A] gently moving vision of people and lands struggling to reconcile the past with an uncertain present.” - Variety Primo Levi's horrific account of surviving Auschwitz, If This is a Man, is co… Read more

Elektreia, Miklos Jancso's reconstruction of the Greek drama, was shown at last year's Melbourne festival in a retrospective season of his films. His latest film has been shot in Yugoslavia, not, as … Read more

Publicita (ADS) (Federico Fellini, Franco Zeffirelli, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Pulcinella (Gianini-Luzzati, 1973)
The famous Neopolitan character, Pulcinella (known in English as 'Punch') is caught between his shrewish wife and the carabinieri, who want to put him in jail. He escapes into his dreams, in which hi… Read more

PYJAMA GIRL CASE, The (Flavio Mogherini, 1977)
"A giallo without the typical giallo staples, The Pyjama Girl Case is an innovative and successful rework of the genre." – Digital Retribution ... In 1970s Sydney, Inspector Thompson comes… Read more

A psychedelic, psychological horror brimming over with swinging 60s style – and just a little nymphomania, necrophilia and fetishism. ... After suffering a mental breakdown, painter Leonar… Read more

RED LIKE THE SKY (Cristiano Bortone, 2006)
“You'll grow up, and by that time you'll have outgrown everything about this place.” ... Inspired by the true story of Mirco Mencacci, one of Italy's most gifted sound editors, Red Like the Sky f… Read more

ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS (Luchino Visconti, 1960)
... ... Visconti sketched out the Idea for Rocc e i suoi fratelli(Rocco and his Brothers) in spring 1958 producer Franco Cristaldi. He worked on a treatment with Vasco Pratolini the novelist and Suso… Read more

ROMANCE (Massimo Mazzucco, 1986)
Romance more than confirms the great promise of Massimo Mazzucco's first film, Summertime, and firmly establishes Mazzucco as the most significant new hope of Italian cinema after the generation of M… Read more

Roberto Rossellini is a filmmaker who is anything but homogeneous, and in Rossellini Seen By Rossellini the great Italian neo-realist director is reflected in his own cinematic mirror. From Rome Open… Read more

ROUTE IRISH (Ken Loach, 2010)
"Insightful and explosive, so torn from today's headlines it leaves newsprint on your hands." - Empire ... Former soldiers and lifelong friends, Fergus and Frankie, have been growing rich doing priva… Read more

S.O.S (Guido Manuli, 1979)
A comical, but scathing indictment of man's age-old exploitation of woman. A giddy, rather bawdy romp through the historical theories of a mad professor who is convinced that women are temporary visi… Read more

SAMSARA (Pan Nalin, 2001)
Tashi, a brilliant young Buddhist monk has just completed three years of solitary meditation amidst the splendor of the Himalayas. Brought out of a deep trance, he is taken back to his ancient monast… Read more

SANDRA (Luchino Visconti, 1965)
After many years abroad, Sandra returns to her native town with her American husband, Andrew. They have come to attend the ceremony at which the family gardens are to be handed over to the city as a … Read more

Sandwich (Bruno Bozzetto, 1984)
A live-action film by Bozetto, "Sandwich" is a very funny look at a man on a bicycle outing, who constructs a monumental sandwich for his lunch, only to have it lurch out of his hands and lead him on… Read more

SECRET BALLOT (Babak Payami, 2001)
Supported through Rotterdam Film Festivals Hubert Bals Fund for innovative talent in developing countries, Secret Ballot is a sharply evocative political allegory. It's also something of a rarity for… Read more

SECRETS, SECRETS (Giuseppe Bertolucci, 1985)
Generally acclaimed as the best — and most important — Italian film of the year. SECRETS, SECRETS confirms the talent of ... Giuseppe Bertolucci (younger brother of Bernardo and co-writer… Read more

Senza Titolo (Alfredo Pirri, 1985)
Within the held of rotating green, a circle is filled with ever-changing signs and letters. ... Read more

SEVEN BEAUTIES (Lina Wertmuller, 1975)
As in The Seduction of Mimi, Lina Wertmuller is concerned with the sexual swagger and pretension of the Italian male, but this time in a wider setting that transforms her earlier theme. Giancarlo Gia… Read more

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