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Centered around Charlie Gaul's victory in the 1956 Tour de France this lyrical film explores mythologies, both personal and collective, that have grown up around this event and the nature of the myth itself.- (PH) ... Read more
Mecanomagie takes a stylish, performative path through the landscape of the Ardennes in northern Luxembourg. 'Live action' pixilated animation evokes a grounded paisant consc­iousness of 'natural forces' and folkloric myths of the humanoid Jitzerten that pass unnoticed across the country. Along the way, imaginative constructions reveal such marvel as the anthropomorphic nature of rocks, children b... Read more
“There's an almost telepathic or invisible support, like a cord that connects these two guys, because they've been together their whole life. And that kind of connection is something unique and is their strength.” - Leopard Trek manager Brian Nygaard ... Andy and Fränk Schleck, two of the world's best professional cyclists and national heroes in Luxembourg, were the favourites to win the 2011 Tour... Read more
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