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Heads (Flemming Christensen, Linda Madsen, 1992)
Big, small, fat, thin, everybody's got one! ... Read more

HERMAN (Erik Gustavson, 1990)
Herman is the warm-hearted story of an 11 year-old boy who encounters a stumbling block on the path to puberty premature (and rapid) hair loss. The setting is Oslo 1961, a time when people didn't hav… Read more

In a Corner of the World (Pjotr Sapegin, 1999)
A film from the North Cape on Midsummer's Night, when human beings are not the only ones in search of love. Even the frogs are liable to profess their feelings for each other, a la Shakespeare.. ... Read more

Jiwan's Uncle (S. Endresen, A. Dundhale, K. Sanders, 1985)
An uncle in Norway is the emotional focus of three children living in an Indian village, liwan's planned journey home becomes a subtle study in the spiritual passage through memory and culture. ... Read more

JONNY VANG (Jens Lien, 2003)
Selected for Berlin and Seattle Film Festivals and awarded at two more, Jonny Vang is a skewed black comedy about a small town loser with ambitions to make it in the high flying world of ... worm far… Read more

KISSED BY WINTER (Sara Johnsen, 2005)
[Kissed by Winter] is the piercing debut feature of Sara Johnsen, its story turning on loss, repression and redemption. ... A doctor in Stockholm, Victoria's life is thrown into disarray by the death… Read more

KITCHEN STORIES (Bent Hamer, 2004)
Kitchen Stories (Salmer fra Kjøkkenet) NorwayNorway's Official Oscar entry Kitchen Stories is a funny, moving and beautifully observed little gem that has won hearts at Film Festivals around the w… Read more

Let Them Not Alone (Knut W. Jorfald, 1982)
Two organisers of the Turkish trade union Disk tell of the maltreatment and torture of hundreds of their members since the military coup of September, 1980. ... Read more

MERCY (Matthias Glasner, 2012)
Guilt and redemption under the northern lights. ... A German couple, Niels and Maria, and their teenage son Markus move to the Norwegian coastal town of Hammerfest, hoping for a new beginning in the … Read more

METROPIA (Tarik Saleh, 2009)
You can't stop your thoughts. ... It's 2024 and an oil-starved Europe has connected its train systems via a massive underground subway network. Whenever Roger, a call-centre worker from Stockholm, st… Read more

Mexico Mexico Manuel (Kjersti Alver, 1985)
The film documents the life of Manuel Rodriguez a 12-ycar-old garbageman working in Mexico City. ... Read more

MOTHER'S HOUSE (Per Blom, 1974)
Petter, who is in his early twenties, has left university in Oslo and broken off his engagement. He is returning home to the small town where he grew up to spend Christmas with his mother, who is a w… Read more

Sara has just published the most successful novel of her career but the sweetness of the limelight is soured by her personal life. Her marriage collapsed and she is still grieving the death of her yo… Read more

My Son is a Viking (A. Berg, 1961)
A real refugee family re-enact their experiences during their re-settlement in Norway after long years of camp-life in Germany. ... Read more

Nameless (Alexander Rosler, 1985)
An intense and claustrophobic fiction about a man locked up in prison The lilm tea psychological study of a man in total isolation, deprived of all his human rights It is dedicated in prisoners of co… Read more

NINE LIVES (A. Skouen, 1957)
Each account of heroism and hardship which came out of World War II seemed to set a new level for man's indestructible spirit: but none seemed so utterly incredible as this tale of the Norwegian unde… Read more

NORTH (Rune Denstad Langlo, 2009)
“Magnificently visual, with deadpan acting reminiscent of the road movies of Jim Jarmusch and Bouli Lanners and a quirky economy of style.” - Variety ... Rune Denstad Langlo makes his directorial… Read more

O'HORTEN (Bent Hamer, 2008)
“Bent Hamer's unique blend of absurdist humour and aching melancholy has never worked better than in O'Horten.” - Screen DailyRailway driver Odd Horten, played by veteran actor Bard Owe, is settl… Read more

Oh, My God!- SCANDINAVIAN SHORTS (Anne Sewitsky, 2008)
Sex, being cool and the ever-elusive orgasm - it's all so simple when you're 10 years old. ... --- D Anne Sewitsky P Synnøve Hørsdal S Kathinka Nicolaysen WS Norwegian Film Institute L … Read more

One Day A Man Bought A House (Pjotr Sapegin, 1998)
One day a man bought a house in the city of Kampen. But someone was already living there... ... Read more

OSLO, 31. AUGUST (Joachim Trier, 2011)
“An intimate portrait of the end of the world.” - Variety ... Anders has almost completed his drug rehabilitation in rural Norway. To aid his recovery, he is permitted to visit Oslo for a day to … Read more

Parallax (Inger Lise Hansen, 2009)
Filmmaker Inger Lise Hansen turns architecture and space on its head, showing how much our perspective is ruled by habit. ... --- ... D Inger Lise Hansen P OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz WS Six… Read more

Parents (Harald Zwart, 1992)
A parent and a problem child play a deadly serious game of hide-and-seek in a dark and monstrous nursery. A twisted fantasy for all children who ever wished that parents came with a six-month warrant… Read more

Peace March 1982 (Laila Rakvaag, Erika Nissens, 1982)
From the 13th to 29th of July 1982, representatives from peace- organisations in Nordic countries and the Soviet Union Participated in a March against nuclear. Weapons. With thousands of other along … Read more

Perception (Randall Myers, 1997)
A small, romantic storm in a tea cup. A man's memory of, or wish for a relationship. Highly polished, symbolically contrived, visually beautiful with a dynamic camera that rushes into the sky and sug… Read more

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