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POACHERS (Hans Otto Nicolayssen, 1981)
Martin, a young man doing his military service, has to face his first confrontation with a crucial dilemma: a military shooting range has been installed on the common grazing grounds of the village. … Read more

Rendez-Vous (Erik Gustavson, 1985)
An elderly lady living alone passes ihe time reliving in memory the love affair of her youth She receives an unexpected visitor. ... The story is largely told by the camera in low-key poetic black an… Read more

REPRISE (Joachim Trier, 2006)
“I wanted to show a group of boys, naked, with all their dreams, their doubts and illusions, world champions and children at one and the same time.” - filmmaker Joachim Trier Two 20-something be… Read more

Roswell Enterprises (Janic F Heen, 2006)
Christian and William are top graduates from elite educations in finance. The are both attending the final interview for a renowned company. They met in the mens toilets. Their life's worst job inter… Read more

RUSSIAN LESSONS (Andrei Nekrasov, Olga Konskaya, 2010)
“Dignifies the struggles of powerless people and holds a sobering mirror up to a superpower.” - Sundance Film Festival ... A startling work of investigative journalism, Russian Lessons sees its t… Read more

Screentime (Leidulv Risan, 1978)
A young woman breaks into a television studio during a news transmission, and takes the newscaster hostage, demanding transmission time so that she can relay a message to the viewers. ... Read more

Ski Cocktail (A. W. Owesen, 1959)
Everybody, but everybody enjoys skiing in Norway. ... Read more

Sniffer (Bobbie Peers, 2005)
Winner of Norway's first Palme d'Or at Cannes this year. In a society where everyone has the ability to fly, the citizens anchor themselves to the ground via ""gravitation boots"". Devoid of sunlight… Read more

TEARS OF GAZA (Vibeke Løkkeberg, 2010)
"Few antiwar films register with the disturbing immediacy and visceral terror of Tears of Gaza." - Variety ... Documenting the human impact of the 2008 - 2009 bombing of Gaza by the Israeli military,… Read more

The Anchovy (Ketil Kern, 1985)
Film school graduation film on the grotesque rituals of family life The ... well-mannered children rebel ... against the adult regime. ... Read more

THE ANGEL (Margreth Olin, 2009)
A compassionate account of drug dependence, adapted from the true story of a young mother's descent into heroin addiction. ... A young mother-to-be finds her world crumbling around her. Witnessing he… Read more

The Boatbuilder (Sigurd Agnell, 1959)
The traditional method of Scandinavian boat-building is shown with commendable clarity and simplicity. The same building process was used for the viking ships. ... Read more

The Cosmonaut (Stefan Kaldbakken, 2001)
When the iron curtain suddenly lifts, a Russian cosmonaut is left in orbit, forgotten by a world that no longer needs him. The Cosmonaut is a poetic story about the fragility of good fortune and the … Read more

THE JOURNEY (Peter Watkins, 1986)
I don't think we can ever say that we are informed rather that we are formed. ... Interviewee in The Journey ... Peter Watkins new film The Journey, the highlight of the International Forum at this y… Read more

THE LAPLANDERS (Per Höst, 1957)
In the far north of Norway, several hundred miles beyond the Arctic Circle, a vast area of mountains and roadless tundra is the home of the Laplander. Europe's last nomadic people. Theirs is a land w… Read more

THE LIVERPOOL GOALIE (Arild Andresen, 2010)
A Scandinavian coming-of-age comedy about the hardest lesson of high school - learning to take a risk. ... Twelve-year-old Jo is terrified of all the usual stuff: bullies, soccer practice, girls, cro… Read more

The Magic Fiddle (Jan Forlong, 1954)
The ballet danced in the film by the Norwegian Ballet Company is based upon an old folk tale about a poor peasant boy whose only possession is three shillings, which he gives away. As reward he gets … Read more

The Rebellious Alphabet (Oivind S Jorfald, 1994)
Warning: This film may enchant you. It is about an evil little general who can neither read nor write; it s also about an old man who discovers a new form of table-top publishing and about the conver… Read more

THE REVELATION (Vibeke Loekkeberg, 1978)
A woman takes stock and decides to change her life. With her son grown up and away from home, she feels lonely and useless, and begins to took for part-time work. Lacking confidence, she inevitably f… Read more

THE SEA (Baltasar Kormákur, 2002)
"The Sea, like director Baltasar Kormakur's predecessor (101 Reykjavik, MIFF 2001), tells the story of a fire-and-ice showdown by spinning what we know of the family drama into a whirl of erotic rede… Read more

The Triumph of Love (Lars Rassmussen, Knut Jorfald, 1985)
A poetic documentary to music (no commentary) on Norwegian tapestry artist Torvald Moseid's embroidered frieze "Orpheus", which was exhibited at the Spoleto Music Festival in Italy. ... Read more

TROLL HUNTER (André Øvredal, 2011)
"Embellishes the candid, caught-on-video format to thrilling effect." - Variety ... Forget Sasquatch or Area 51, for years the Norweigan government has been involved in the biggest cover-up the world… Read more

TROUBLED WATER (Eric Poppe, 2008)
“A brilliantly conceived, magisterially orchestrated drama.” - Variety ... This third feature film from Erik Poppe (Hawaii, Oslo, MIFF 05) packs an emotional wallop. The drama hinges around a twi… Read more

Uno (Aksel Hennie, )
Enter the violent world of petty crims in urban Oslo. Aksel Hennie and Jon Andreas Andersen's remarkable [Uno] is an absorbing tale of courage and conviction, right and wrong, friendship and responsi… Read more

What a Hog! (Kine Aune, 1992)
Humans may not think that Wally the wart-hog is the most attractive animal they've ever seen but his girlfriend back in Africa certainly does. But, captured and displayed in a circus in Europe, Wally… Read more

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