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ADELA (Adolfo Alix, Jr, 2008)
“A warm homage to cinema itself… Watch it and understand why Filipino cinema is now hot.” - Rotterdam Film Festival ... In the neo-realistic tradition of De Sica's The Bicycle Thief, Adela… Read more

Aliwan Paradise (part of SOUTHERN WINDS) (Mike De Leon, 1992)
To satisfy a public hungry for diversion and longing for new heroes, the government has created a Ministry of Entertainment. Auditions are underway. This sardonic allegory imagines the protagonist's … Read more

BADJAO (L. Avellana, 1957)
Intermarriage in the face of conflicting customs and tribal prejudices is viewed through this unusual story of the Badjao and Moro tribes. The Badjao is a pagan tribe of sea gypsies of the Philippine… Read more

BAYAN KO (Lino Brocka, 1984)
"Bayan Ko" was a popular protest song of the 1930's used against US domination of the Philippines, but now converted to an anthem of the anti-Marcos movement. Although Brocka's international reputati… Read more

BET COLLECTOR, THE (Jeffrey Jeturian, 2006)
Producer Josabeth Alonso will be attending the festival and will be introducing the first screening of The Bet Collector ... For those without a choice, the name of the game is survival… It's … Read more

Bianca (Grace Amilbangsa, 1992)
In this, her first film, noted Philippine actress, Grace Amilbangsa, displays a sensitive approach to a potentially sensational subject and an impressive command of expressive film language. In a sed… Read more

“Solito's directorial debut as a dramatic filmmaker seems itself like a flower amid the grit of most contemporary cinema.” - Sundance Film Festival ... The purity of first love is pitted against … Read more

Cavite (Neil Delallama & Ian Gamazon, 2005)
Smart, tense, raw and uncompromising, [Cavite] is everything we crave of a truly independent thriller. In the town of Cavite, in the Philippines, people will do just about anything to survive. Adam, … Read more

DEATHROW (Joel Lamangan, 2001)
Sonny Corpus, 16, orphaned and loose on the streets of Manila, makes a near fatal mistake when he offers to be a lookout for a group of pals planning a home invasion. An elderly woman is killed and a… Read more

FOR Y'R HEIGHT ONLY (Eddie Nicart, 1981)
This 1981 Filipino heightsploitation classic is a satire of the James Bond series that - while featuring a hero short in stature - doesn't fail to measure up in the cheesy action department. ... --- … Read more

HARANA (Benito Bautista, 2012)
"Infectiously winning ... honest and open-hearted, the kind [of film] that leaves behind the glow of romance." - Variety ... Once upon a time if a young Filipino man wanted to woo a girl there was on… Read more

Ianfu (Antonio Vidal Aguilar, 1992)
'Ianfu', which literally means 'comfort women', is a Japanese euphemism for prosti­tutes servicing military personnel. In this case it refers to Filipinos, who were forcibly con­scripted to s… Read more

INDEPENDENCIA (Raya Martin, 2009)
“Raya Martin's weather-beaten melodrama is one hallucinatory emotional hothouse.” - Time Out New York ... With fake backdrops, overacting, deliberately rough effects and a black and white 1:33 as… Read more

LOLA (Brillante Mendoza, 2009)
“Though arthritic and weary, these two gray panthers offer a sharp, unsentimental portrait of cunning and determination.” - Village Voice ... In the permanently flooded district of Malabon in Man… Read more

Manila Child (Nonoy Dadivas, 1994)
By using a series of photographs of urban landscapes of Manila, two animated figures of a desperate mother and young child wander through desolate streets, as she attempts to abandon her child. The f… Read more

"The most impressive of [Brocka's] films... an unforgettable portrait which invites interpretation as an allegory for the whole of the underdeveloped world." – The Guardian ... Lino Brocka… Read more

ONCE A MOTH (Lupita A. Concio, 1976)
Corazon de la Cruz is a Filipino nurse. The film's title metaphorically describes her as a 'moth', who is preparing to travel to the alluring 'flame' of the United States. Many of her friends, and he… Read more

PRIVATE WARS (Nick Deocampo, 1996)
In this intensely personal documentary, film­maker Nick Deocampo traces the tumultuous public history of the Philippines through its dev­astating effect on the private history of his own life… Read more

SLINGSHOT (Brillante Ma. Mendoza, 2007)
“A take-no-prisoners verite plunge into a Manila slum.” - Variety ... A fast-paced swoop into the streets of Manila, Slingshot follows the lives of a group of tiradors - or ‘slingshots' - local… Read more

Soul of a Fortress (Ferde Grofe Junior, 1964)
Designed as a mood study, the film is a poetic presentation of Corregldor as a battle monument. utilizing music and sound, without narration. ... First Prize, Manilla Festival; Second Prize, Bilabo F… Read more

The Other Side of the Volcano (Ellen Ramos, 1995)
This paint-on-glass animation from the Philippines tells the story of a village destroyed by volcano and the people's struggle to hold on to happiness. With a lush overlay of colour and natural form,… Read more

TORO (José Javier Reyes, 1999)
This controversial film concerns a cry for help from people struggling to maintain their existence by surrendering dignity and imagining hope. Roily, the son of a dying prostitute, earns his living p… Read more

Trip (Juan Pula, 1993)
A young boy rubs shoulders with a cross-section of urban life in a crowded jeepney: priest, prostitute, pregnant woman, poultry. An unusual, funny film about growing up fast on the road to Manila. ... Read more

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