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1 - 1 (Natalia Koryncka, 1986)
A gritty portrayal of a young Polish couple's lifestyle. An alarm clock heralds their shift work and their inability to spend time with one another ... Read more

A Block (Hieronim Neumann, 1982)
Likes bees in a hive, people live in apartment houses. The ingenious shooting plan of the film removes walls at will and allows us to observe the lives of the inhabitants. ... Read more

A Fly Went By (Rod Edge, 1995)
Can a fly generate nuclear war? This psycho­analytic, political parable suggests it can. Around the domestic dinner table, during the soup course, sinister subterranean tensions - signalled by cl… Read more

A House to the Name of the Lord (David Williamson, 1962)
When a little boy is in love with a little girl, what better present could he make than a bird out of newspaper? But a cat interrupts the festivities and the bird takes flight.... ... Read more

A Man That Sink His Head (Adam Smoczynski, 2002)
With the playful combination of 3,500 images taken on separate pinhole cameras and a dissonantly commanding soundtrack, A Man That Sink His Head manages to dive onto the screen with an irrepressibly … Read more

A Man Thing (Slawomir Fabicki, 2001)
Set in contemporary Poland, this is the story of a thirteen-year-old boy who attempts to hide the fact that his father beats him. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Film. ... Read more

A New Book (Zbigniew Rybczynski, 1976)
The adventures of the owners of a new book, shown on nine screens simultaneously ... Read more

A Ship is Born (Jan Lomnicki, 1961)
The viewpoint of the workmen is taken in this ... short, lyrical study of the sights and sounds associated with the building and launching of a great ship. Grand Prix at Leipzig, 1961. ... Read more

A Short Story (Marcin Pieczonka, 2003)
Fourteen-year-old Maurice likes filming his family with an old super 8mm camera: his sick father his stressed mother and his younger brother Casper. But while he's documenting the everyday, he's quie… Read more

A SLIP-UP (Jan Łomnicki, 1970)
A Slip-Up bears a number of resemblances to Le Depart (1967), and the reason for this is probably the involvement of Jerzy Skolimowski in the two films. He was director on the latter film, and he has… Read more

A View From Above (Marek Kozma, 1977)
A visual joke about the relativity of seeing and feeling. ... Read more

A Visit to the Old City of Warsaw (Andrzej Munk, 1959)
An untrained child is very sensitive to all sorts of sounds of the world. Here we see an attempt to transmute the sound impressions of the child to music, and this is the main motif which permits us … Read more

Allegro Vivace (Anatol Radzinowicz, 1966)
A surrealistic joke about two people quarrelling, in which stilis of actors appear against an animated background. ... Read more

Alpinists of Tatra (S. Sprudin, 1959)
A rescue team manages to reach the spot where a wounded mountain climber is lying, and after a hard struggle with various obstacles, the rescuers take the wounded man down to the valley. The film was… Read more

ANTICHRIST (Lars Von Trier, 2009)
The most controversial film of Cannes 2009. The latest feature from Lars von Trier (Dancer in the Dark, Breaking the Waves) is a harrowing depiction of marital breakdown starring a grieving couple, W… Read more

Antichrist (Adam Guzinski, 2002)
In this startling piece, a boy - a self-proclaimed demon - terrorises and thrills his friends, always taking things a step too far. Eventually the children are whipped into an uncontrollable frenzy b… Read more

Archaeology (Andrzej Brzozowski, 1968)
There is another form of archaeology: digging up the recent past. This film is a concise account of some Polish excavations on the site of the gas chamber at Auschwitz. ... Read more

Ark (Grzegorz Jonkajtys, 2007)
An unknown virus has destroyed almost the entire human population. Oblivious to the true nature of the disease; the only remaining survivors escape to the sea. In great ships; they set off in search … Read more

Attention (S. Janik, 1959)
We see the outlines of figures from the Stone Age, carved on rocks. These are battle scenes. The figures begin to move and the movement turns into a fierce battle... ... This is an experimental film … Read more

AVALON (Oshii Mamoru, 2001)
Avalon is an illegal and potentially lethal computer game - a battlefield simulation where players win money to support themselves in a cold, dystopic future. Ash has reached the exalted warrior clas… Read more

Banquet (Zofia Oraczewska, 1976)
A banquet comes to an unexpected climax. ... Read more

BARRIER (Jerzy Skolimowski , 1966)
”The moment I accepted the scholarship, I sold myself to the Government - lock, stock and barrel . . . ! And so now I may just as well sell myself to anyone I choose . . . !" These are the first wo… Read more

BARRIER (Jerzy Skolimowski, 1966)
"The moment I accepted the scholar­ship, I sold myself to the Government — lock, stock and barrel . . .! And so now I may just as well sell myself to anyone I choose . . .!" These are the f… Read more

BIRTH CERTIFICATE (Stanislaw Rozewicz, 1961)
The film is a trilogy of stories concerning ihe Second World War in Poland. Unlike many war films, this one deals in no heroics, but shows the war from the viewpoint of the children of Poland who fou… Read more

BLIND CHANCE (Krzsystof Kieslowski, 1982)
'When Krzysztof Kieslowski finished the film in 1982, the curtain of martial law had already descended on Poland - so Blind Chance was immediately resigned to the shelves for the duration. ... The st… Read more

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