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EXISTENCE, THE (Marcin Koszalka, 2007)
“The slow camera work, thoughtful shots and editing, all wrapped in the empathic approach, result in an unforgettable experience.” - International Film Festival Rotterdam ... Young filmmaker Marc… Read more

FAMILY LIFE (Krzysztof Zanussi, 1970)
A young man returns to his family home to discover that the life he left behind is still very much a pan of him, and not so easy to escape from. ... Wit, an engineer, the son of a once rich industria… Read more

FIVE BOYS FROM BARSKA STREET (Aleksander Ford, 1953)
The first major Polish colour film to he shown in Australia. Five Boys from Barska Street won prizes at both the 1954 Cannes and Edinburgh Film Festivals. ... The film shares with Shoeshine an extrao… Read more

Flying By Night (Marian Cholerek, 1977)
A novel idea for escaping the wrath of cuckolded husbands. ... Read more

For A Miracle (Jarek Sztandera, )
This gentle film follows the journey of 500 disabled people as they travel by train from Poland to Lourdes. Everything is taken care of by a Catholic bishop and 12 priests, including the loudspeaker … Read more

FOUL PLAY (Marek Piwowski, 1976)
Bogey, a Warsaw delinquent, is graduating from petty crime into the big-time, with plans for an elaborate raid on a jewellery store in order to test his accomplices before the raid, Bogey stages a fa… Read more

Franz Kafka (Piotr Dumala, 1991)
Black and-white images show Kafka's world through the eyes of his childhood and sexual­ly-aware adolescence, up to his creative period (occasionally taking his viewpoint from that of an insect) T… Read more

Frédéric Chopin - Valse Minute (Marian Marzynski, Andrzej Kaminski, 1966)
A film of 50 seconds showing a pianist playing Chopin's Valse Minute in the middle of a sports stadium. ... Read more

Glory to Byk (Andrzej Papuzinski, 1971)
The film presents the graphics and drawings of Franciszek Starowieyski &ndash: alias Jan Byk, and gives account of his varied interests and hobbies. ... Read more

He (Piotr Andrejew, 1981)
An experimental short film about escaping from gaol and man's need for freedom. ... Read more

Hear My Cry (Maciej Drygas, 1991)
On Polish national day, 1968, Ryszard Siwiec self immolated in front of thousands of people in a Warsaw stadium. He was protesting the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact forces. The world rema… Read more

HI, TERESKA (Robert Glinski, 2001)
In Poland they're called the 'Blocker Generation', Eastern Europe's version of the A Clockwork Orange's Nadsat youth. With no life goals, no values and no sense of 'good' and 'evil', they drift throu… Read more

Home (Borowczyk, Jan Lenica, 1958)
A young woman daydreams about her past; her emotions are expressed by a series of surrealistic images. ... This experimental film, the work of two Polish artists, was awarded the Grand Prix at the 19… Read more

HOTEL PACIFIC (Janusz Majewski, 1976)
Based on a 1936 Polish best-seller, Hotel Pacific is set in a large European hotel in the 1930s. Roman Boryczko. a teenage boy, has a job as a dish-washer. He works his way up to errand boy, waiter's… Read more

HOW TO BE LOVED (Wojciech Has, 1962)
Bitter, unrequited love is the theme of this film. Fclicja is loved by thousands of listeners, she plays in a radio serial about an average Warsaw family. She has her fans abroad too, and is invited … Read more

I Could’ve Been Human (Barbara Medajska, 2000)
An extraordinary portrait of the daily lives of homeless peoples, / Could've Been Human allows each individual to tell their story, their dreams and hopes. A sense of survival and great loss is revea… Read more

I REMEMBER (Andrzej Wajda, Marcel Lozinski, 2001)
Screening to emotional houses at this years Berlin Film Festival I Remember is a simply constructed but deeply moving documentary. Renowned filmmaker Andrzej Wajda has chronicled the political and so… Read more

Ice Hockey (Bogdan Dziworski, 1977)
Shot during the last Ice Hockey World Championships held in Poland, the film demonstrates the technique of the game. ... Read more

ILLUMINATION (Krzysztof Zanussi, 1973)
Illumination won the grand prize at the Locarno festival last year, and its director. Krzysztof Zanussi, is considered by many critics to be the most original film maker working in Polish cinema. He … Read more

Imagine (Zbigniew Rybczynski, 1987)
Using John Lennon's song 'Imagine', Zbig Rybczynsla has created a magical and poetic comment on human life. People move from room to room, maturing with time as they pass through doorways. Imagine wa… Read more

IN THE NAME OF (Malgorzata Szumowska, 2013)
"Actor Andrzej Chyra delivers a full-bodied portrait of a devout country priest struggling with his sexuality." – Hollywood Reporter ... Set in a one-horse rural community, In the Name Of.… Read more

In the Shadow (Jerzy Kucia, 1977)
An intimate portrait, made up of fragmentary episodes superimposed on a girl swinging rhythmically on a seesaw. ... Read more

INNOCENT SORCERERS (Andrzej Wajda, 1960)
From his fine trilogy on the subject of war and its aftermath, Andrzej Wajda turns to the gentler subject of young intellectuals in Warsaw. The innocent sorcerers of the film's title are a young doct… Read more

INTERROGATION (Richard Bugajski, 1982)
WITH THE UPHEAVALS in the former Eastern bloc countries, there has emerged a large body of films that until recently were banned from exhibition Interrogation, like Jin Menzel's Larks On A String (sc… Read more

Invasion (Stefan Schabenbeck, 1970)
A philosophical tale about the influence of technology on human psychology. Technical progress may in future become a serious danger for the biological development of mankind. ... Main Prize. Oberhau… Read more

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