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Films From Poland

KANAL (Andrzej Wajda, 1956)
On the first of August 1944 the city of Warsaw rose against the Nazi occupiers. Through long incredible weeks the) continued the struggle until they were defeated and the city was destroyed by the Na… Read more

KARAMAZOVS, THE (Petr Zelenka, 2008)
“The play's the thing - but certainly not everything.” - Variety ... The Karamazovs is a performance experiment by Czech director Petr Zelenka, whose claims that he wants to do the impossible: to… Read more

KATYN (Andrzej Wajda, 2007)
A monument to one of the darkest secrets of the Soviet era. ... For filmmaker Andrzej Wajda, painful events from his own past have been resurrected in Katyn. The film dramatises one of the last major… Read more

Labyrinth (Jan Lenica, 1962)
Diverse animation techniques cieate in this film a cruel and absurd world from which escape is impossible — anyone caught up in this Kafka-like nightmare can only persist, undeterred. ... Read more

Ladies and Gentlemen (Witold Giersz, 1965)
A short tale about the rivalry of two men fighting to win the love of the same woman. ... Read more

LAND OF PROMISE (Andrzej Wajda, 1975)
Andrzej Wajda's The Wedding was shown at the Melbourne Festival two years ago, and this new film continues his earlier exploration of the Polish character during the difficult times of the country's … Read more

LARKS ON A STRING (Jiri Menzel, 1969)
A FULL 21 YEARS after it was made, Jiri Menzel's Larks on a String is finally off the shelf. Menzel's film, a courageous, bittersweet comedy of considerable charm and invention, is now being seen pub… Read more

LAST DAY OF SUMMER (Tadensz Konwicki, 1958)
Out of waves breaking on a beach comes a woman from a swim. It is a desolate, empty seashore, backed by sand-dunes and reed-tufts. From the sky an echelon of jet-planes zooms down and away, followed … Read more

LE DÉPART (Jerzy Skolimowski , 1967)
In The Departure, Jerzy Skolimowski made his first film outside Poland. It was shot in Brussels with a French-speaking cast, and this time, the subtle, moody personality of Jean-Pierre Leaud embodies… Read more

Learning About the World (Andrej Warchal, 1984)
Doll water egg mama — these are words a deal mute and blind child has to learn with great effort This documentary uses the hands of the teacher as the central motif in exploring the greatness a… Read more

LENIN IN POLAND (Sergei Yutkevich, 1966)
Yutkevitch takes up his hero's life starting with his arrest and working in flashback to his first impressions of Poland and the signs of the clouds of World War One. There are no words except Lenin'… Read more

Life is Beautiful (Tadeusz Makarczynski, 1958)
The title is ironic, for the film conveys a philosophical impression of man's protest against the dangers which surround him &ndash: particularly the danger of atomic extinction. ... There is no comm… Read more

Lump of Sugar (Jacek Beawut, 1987)
The hypocracy of the horse racing elite and the hardened gambler is highlighted in this work. ... Images of admiring crowds and gentle handlers are countered by the demise of the horse. ... Read more

Mama, Look (Grant Thorburn, 2000)
The debris of abandoned buildings creates an ominous playground for a young Polish girl as she negotiates a world of isolation, poverty and neglect Mama. Look was made in Poland by British director G… Read more

Mammals (Roman Polanski, 1962)
The film says a few words about human failings by distorting or situations until, at the peak of absurdity, we reach a moment of insight. ... Read more

Mammals (Roman Polanski, 1962)
This film is an attempt to speak some bitter words of truth about human beings. One might call it a philosophical grotesque or a pantomimic etude. ... Read more

MAN OF MARBLE (Andrzej Wajda, 1977)
It is 1976, Agnieszka, a student of the Polish Film Academy, preparing to make her first TV documentary, chooses for its subject the famous bricklaying shockworker of the Fifties, Birkut. He was a fa… Read more

Maska (Quay Brothers, 2010)
Created limb by limb and programmed to kill, a deadly automaton questions her maker. New stop-motion animation from the award-winning Quay Brothers. ... --- ... D/S Quay Brothers P Zbigniew Zmudzki, … Read more

On the borders of Poland and Czechoslovakia stand the great Tatra Mountains. Here live the Men of the Blue Cross, the mountain rescue teams. Their headquarters are in Zakopane, capital of the Tatras.… Read more

Men on the Road (Kasimierz Karabasz, 1961)
This documentary film, gaining by understatement, is a study of a modest travelling circus - the life without the glamour. The photography is thoroughly telling and the film has a hauntingly grey, ra… Read more

Mercy (Eliza Subotowicz, 2012)
A young, broke mother visits a church with her daughter to seek help from the parish priest. But her unexpected visit sparks conflict over an unresolved past. ... D/S Eliza Subotowicz P Ewa Jastrz?bs… Read more

Mimosa (P. Szpakowicz, 1973)
A legend about the origin of mimosa, A young husband has gone to faraway countries in search of a fortune which would make his family wealthy and comfortable. When he returns home, rich but very ill,… Read more

Molanna (Aleksandra Jaskulska, 1959)
A biological film depicting the life of a larva known as Molanna Augustata. The insect inhabits the bottom of the lake where it has an instinct for building dwellings in the sand. ... Read more

Mouse and Cat (W. Nehrebecki, 1959)
A most enterprising and amusing cartoon full of twists and legerdemain. Polish mouse I.Q.- 120, ... American mouse I.Q.-80! ... Read more

Mr. Rzepka and His Shadow (W. Wajzer, 1956)
A puppet film which tells in lively fashion how the hero falls out with his shadow. ... Read more

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