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Films From Poland

SILENCE (Kazimierz Kutz, 1963)
The silence is that kept by an old priest. The film is set in a small Polish town suffering ibe immediate pri­vations of the aftermath of the war. A rebellious young teenager taunts and abuses th… Read more

SKINNY AND THE OTHERS (Henryk Kluba, 1966)
A few years back, Poland led the Eastern European countries in forthright themes in films, but has, of late, mainly concentrated on large scale epics. This film marks a return to smaller themes, conc… Read more

Stadium (St. Jedryka, 1959)
A curious essay about the romantic musings of a young girl sitting alone in a vast empty arena waiting for her beloved. A new experimental film from Poland. ... Read more

Staircase (Stefan Schabenbeck, 1968)
Whatever became of Sisyphus? Perhaps this little film may suggest an answer through its allegorical account of a little man mounting a vast, monumental staircase. ... Read more

Steel (J. Lomnicki, 1959)
A documentary description of a steel factory at Nowa Huta near Crakow, made on the tenth anniversary of its foundation. ... Read more

Steering My Own Destiny (Katarzyna Latallo, 1971)
Modern man is being inundated by an ever-growing flood of information, which threatens to engulf him. ... Read more

Steps (Zbigniew Rybczynskii, 1987)
A group of American tourists visit a Russian-like Disneyland wherein they physically interact with the famous Odessa Steps sequence from Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin. The scenes of tourists were … Read more

STORY OF SIN (Walerian Borowczyk, 1975)
This ornate period melodrama, set in Poland at the turn of the century, is based on a novel by Stefan Zeromski, author of 'Ashes'. A teenage girl, strictly brought up, confesses her sins and is warne… Read more

Stranger (Malgosia Szumowska, 2004)
The beautiful 22-year-old Eva is stuck in a go-nowhere job and the lout to whom she has become pregnant has left her. With few options open, she chooses to terminate the pregnancy. On her way to the … Read more

Such is My Karma (Grzegorz Pacek, 2001)
Director Pacek gives a group of pre-adolescents a quick lesson in filmmaking, then hands over the camera. The group's ensuing rampage and street savvy antics are captured with compelling naturalism y… Read more

SWEET RUSH (Andrzej Wajda, 2008)
“A small gemstone that glistens in the memory long after the lights come up.” - Hollywood Reporter ... The story of a middle-aged woman finding sexual reawakening with a young man after losing he… Read more

Tango (Zbigniew Rybczynski, )
Synopsis not available Read more

THE BALANCE (Krzysztof Zanussi, 1974)
Krzysztof Zanussi's film explores an area of contemporary family and sexual life that has been opened up by Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage. Marta is forty, married with a son, and quietly unhappy w… Read more

THE BIG ANIMAL (Jerzy Stuhr, 2000)
Can somebody love a camel? This question, posed in a script written by a young Krzysztof Kieslowski, compelled renowned Polish actor/director Jerzy Stuhr to make a fable exploring just that. Abandone… Read more

THE BIG RACE (Jerzy Domaredski, 1981)
Shot in 1981, The Big Race was understandably shelved during martial law, being an extremely frank criticism of Communism in Poland in the early 50s. As scripted by Feliks Falk, it's a relentless and… Read more

The Cage (Olaf Olszewski, 1986)
A rat gnawing at the bars of a cage, frantically trying to cut through .. a pointed look at liberty (and its illusions). ... Read more

THE CONTRACT (Krzysztof Zanussi, 1980)
Zanussi's latest film is a departure for him in two ways. Firstly, it is a comedy, a lighter and more sprightly film that the intense dramas of conscience for which he is best known (Camouflage, Illu… Read more

THE DAYS OF MATTHEW (Witold Leszczynski, 1968)
In a lonely part of the forest lives Matthew, cared for by Olga, his sister. He is a grown man, but as helpless as a child, alienated and alone. He takes work in an endeavour to make contact with oth… Read more

THE DECALOGUE (Krzsystof Kieslowski, 1989)
One of the most ambitious, monumental and remarkable achievements of filmmaking of the past decade is The Decalogue, Kryzstof Kieslowski's adaption of the Ten Commandments. The project arrives with n… Read more

The Dragon of Cracow (Z. Wasilewski, 1948)
Based on an ancient legend, this film is the ... story of a great dragon who preyed upon the ... people of Cracow. The king offered the hand ... of his daughter to anyone who could slay the ... drago… Read more

The Family of Man (Wladyslaw Slesicki, 1966)
Inspired by the famous exhibition of photographs, "The Family of Man", the camera records the life of a peasant family during a working day. ... Read more

The Flower (Zdzislaw Kudla, 1973)
A black animated allegory about gratitude. ... Read more

The Gravediggers (Bartek Cierlica, 2008)
The atrocities of the Bosnian war live on in the hearts and minds of those who survived, and those that took part. ... --- ... D Bartek Cierlica P Jacek Wosiewicz S Bartek Cierlica, Mojca Tir L Serbi… Read more

The Happy Tree (Jósef Gebski, 1971)
In the style of popular woodcuts, this cartoon tells the story of Prot and Cyry!, and their wicked and quarrelsome wives. ... Read more

The Jump (Daniel Szczechura, 1978)
A black joke about a day that starts as any other. . . ... Read more

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