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The Little Western (Witold Giersz, 1961)
A satirical cartoon on a Western which depicts the adventure of a cowboy and two bandits who attempt to steal his gold. ... Read more

The Machine (D. Szczechura, 1962)
A satirical account of the construction of a giant machine. ... Read more

The Magician (Tadeusz Makarczynski, 1962)
This is a parable about the seduction and subjugation of young minds for military ends. ... Grand Prix, Bergamo Festival. ... Read more

The Metamorphosis (Józef Cwiertnia, 1977)
An animated satire on the sybaritic life of modern society A man dreams about circumnavigating the world in a sailing boat, but as he plans for more and more comforts, time slips by. ... Read more

THE MILL AND THE CROSS (Lech Majewski, 2010)
An extraordinary film project that takes us inside the story of a remarkable painting. ... Flemish painter Pieter Brueghel's 1564 masterpiece The Procession to Calvary is an immense work of art that … Read more

The Monument (Tomasz Lengren, Marian Terlecki, 1981)
A woman whose son was killed in December 1970 in Gdansk relates how the news reached her and how her son's funeral took place. ... Read more

The Pavement (Zdzislaw Kudla, 1972)
Using the pavement as a symbol, this animated film sounds a warning against creeping industrialisation destroying the natural world around us. ... Diploma of Merit, Montreal Film Festival. Grand Prix… Read more

The Rat Catcher (Andrzej Czarnecki, 1986)
Winner of prizes at the Kracow and Mannheim Festivals, this film is a study of the only man in Poland entrusted with the task of eliminating rats from large factories. To achieve his goal the rat cat… Read more

The Remu Cemetery (Edward Etler, 1962)
Without commentary, the film explores an old Jewish cemetary in Poland. Award: Silver Sail, Locarno Festival. ... Read more

The Return (Jerzy Kucia, 1972)
A lonely passenger Snivels by train. ... Through the window of the dark ... compartment, he sees the landscape ... rushing by. He recollects the limes ... of his childhood: a little provincial ... to… Read more

The Robber's Dirge (Kazimierz Urbánskí, )
Some elements of an original, modern graphic art form are translated in sophisticated symbols. ... Read more

The Rope (Teresa Badzian, 1971)
A rope-obsessed man has collected an enormous quantity of rope. It has become a living nightmare, tormenting the hero day and night. His friend, who has so far only been observing the hero's dreadful… Read more

THE SPIRAL (Krysztof Zanussi, 1978)
Tomasz arrives at a ski resort, locks his car, and throws the keys down a ravine. He tries to make contact With the guests, but his boorish behaviour, his strange hysterical, insulting manner repuise… Read more

The Stamp (Edward Sturlis, 1970)
A man brings an application to an office. But the application is only valid if it is stamped, and there is no room left on the document... ... Read more

The Story of a Port (J. Kalina, 1955)
A history of the Port of Gdansk (Danzig), Poland's Gateway to the Baltic Sea. ... Read more

The Targes (Yoanna Czerwinska, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Two of Them (Piotr Spakowicz, 1975)
A young girl's love is menaced by war. ... Read more

THE WEDDING (Andrzej Wajda, 1972)
Andrzej Wajda, who earlier made Ashes and Diamonds, has turned for his latest film to a Polish play by Stanislaw Wyspianski. The Wedding reconstructs a marriage which in fact took place in 1900 at th… Read more

The Wings (Leonard Pulchny, 1966)
An anecdote of a man who has to abandon his dreams because he has attained his ambition. ... Golden Conch, San Sebastian Festival. ... Read more

The Work of Master Stwosz (S. Mozdzenski, 1953)
One of the world's masterpieces is the famous mediaeval altar of Krakow's Church of St. Mary, completed by the sculptor Stwosz in 1489. During World War 2, the Nazis shipped the altar to Nuremberg. I… Read more

THE YEAR OF THE QUIET SUN (Krzysztof Zanussi, 1984)
A film of gentle emotions and autumnal colours, set during the post World War II reconstruction of Poland. Two women, mother and daughter, leave from the east and arrive in the home town they have be… Read more

THE YOUNG MAGICIAN (Waldemar Dzicki, 1986)
The Young Magician is the fourth feature film in Rock Demar's ongoing series of family films. A truly international production, this multi-award winning film is a delightful story about youthful disc… Read more

TIME TO DIE (Dorota Kedzierzawska, 2007)
“Time to die? Are you crazy?” ... Starring the inimitable 91-year-old Danuta Szaflarska, Time To Die is a comical rendering of the everyday routines of an elderly woman as she winds down the days… Read more

Tomorrow it will be Fine (A. Wawrzyniak, 1953)
A popular explanation of the way in which weather charts for northern Europe are compiled. Meteorological apparatus is shown in use and its purpose is described. ... Read more

TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER (Dorota K dzierzawska, 2010)
Acclaimed Polish writer-director Dorota Kędzierzawska (Time to Die, MIFF 2008) presents a quiet, humble film about the indignities of childhood and the persistence of hope. ... Petya, Vasya and Lyap… Read more

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