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4 (Ilya Khrzhanovsky, 2004)
From its explosive beginning, Ilya Khrzhanovsky's 4 will satisfy those with an eye for the imaginative and an ear for the industrial. This unique and enigmatic Tiger Award-winning debut is based on a… Read more

A HUMBLE LIFE (Alexander Sokurov, 1997)
"A Russian man regularly travels through the towns and villages of Japan. He observes and listens to the conversations of ordinary Japanese people, looks at the cities, reads about the history of the… Read more

A STOKER (Alexey Balabanov, 2010)
"A bracingly fast-paced, broad-brush allegorical satire of 1990s Russia as a near-lawless dystopia of greedy immorality." - Hollywood Reporter ... Once a Soviet war hero, 'The Major' now spends his d… Read more

ADAM'S RIB (Viatcheslav Krichtofovitch, 1990)
Adam's Rib is a jewel of a film whose charm sneaks up on you. Soon you find yourself wanting to spend hours and hours in the com­pany of the people that the director exposes with such delicate an… Read more

ALEXANDRA (Alexander Sokourov, 2006)
“Alexandra presents war for what it is: brutal, crushing, and ugly.” - Variety Filmmaker Alexander Sokurov (The Sun at MIFF 06, Russian Ark) casts an austere gaze over war-torn Chechnya with this… Read more

Blown in With the Wind (Andrei Osipov, 2000)
In winter the Arctic fishing settlement of Shoina is blanketed by polar night; in summer, endless windstorms cover the settlement in sand. This film is a metaphysical reflection about Russia: the rol… Read more

BURNT BY THE SUN (Nikita Mikhalkov, 1994)
... ... Ddicated to "all those who were burnt by the betraying sun of the revolution", this master­ful display of bravura filmmaking by director Niki­ta Mikhaikov (Close to Eden, Slave of Lov… Read more

CARGO 200 (Aleksey Balabanov, 2007)
"In its lawlessness and chaos, the Russia of 1984 was every bit as grotesque as anything dreamed up in the realms of modernist fiction." - Screen Daily ... Set on the eve of Perestroika, Cargo 200 re… Read more

CARRÉ BLANC (Jean Baptiste Leonetti, 2011)
“Jean-Baptiste Léonetti's mesmerizing first feature recalls the bitingly literate social commentary of Albert Camus, Aldous Huxley and Franz Kafka… with a little Terry Gilliam (circa Brazil… Read more

Checking Out (Carl Biorsmark, 1997)
The story of Marija, a poor post-Soviet pensioner struggling to adapt to the accelerated culture of the 90s. A deft blend of documentary and fiction - Marija is played by a real pensioner, Lidija Kov… Read more

CLOSE TO EDEN (Nikita Mikhalkov, 1991)
There are few signs of modern society on the vast, rolling steppes of China's inner Mongolia. The uninterrupted greens and yellows of the gently slopmg hills meet the endlessly blue horizon. Here dir… Read more

CLOUD HEAVEN (Nikolai Dostal, 1991)
... ... There are no food queues in Cloud Heaven; no demonstrations against a tyrannical despot, nor even the slightest hint of a 'people-power' coup. The Russia of Cloud Heaven is far more mundane a… Read more

Conditioned Reflexes (Moscow Popular Science Film Studio, )
Reviews some of the work of the Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov, whose experiments with conditioned reflexes paved the way to a better understanding of human and animal behaviour. Demonstrates diff… Read more

Contrabass (Anna Melikian, 2002)
A young man who is born to happiness is foiled when his over-zealous parents buy him a contrabass (double bass). Will he ever escape its oppressive influence and know happiness once again? From the d… Read more

DAY WATCH (Timur Bekmambetov, 2006)
“Why does the wind blow? To cover our tracks, so no-one knows we're still alive.” This second instalment in the epic, special-effects-congested, Russian trilogy sees writer-director Timur Bekmamb… Read more

DEAD DAUGHTERS (Pavel Ruminov, 2006)
"More arthouse than grindhouse... spiced with a mordant sense of humor." - Twitch ... Filmmaker Pavel Ruminov's first feature ushers in a new age in contemporary Russian horror films. His constantly … Read more

Diary of st petersburg - mozart.requiem (Alexander Sokurov, 2004)
Filmed in a single take, Alexander Sokurov's remarkable [Russian Ark] captured the imaginations of film-goers everywhere. This narrator of Russian culture and spirit takes us back to St Petersburg in… Read more

DOLCE (Alexander Sokurov, 1999)
Real life characters make up the cast of Dolce. They include celebrated Japanese author Toshio Shimao, who died in 1986, his widow and their daughter. The film serves as a framework to underline deep… Read more

ELENA (Andrey Zvyangintsev, 2011)
"A wise and impeccably controlled drama that finds Russian helmer Andrey Zvyagintsev in outstanding form." - Variety ... Elena dotes on her selfish, wealthy husband Vladimir and lives a lonely life s… Read more

EXODUS: BURNT BY THE SUN 2 (Nikita Mikhalkov, 2010)
A long-awaited sequel and the most expensive Russian film ever made. ... Burnt by the Sun claimed both the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and the Cannes Grand Prix in 1994. It took eight years t… Read more

EXPORTING RAYMOND (Phil Rosenthal, 2011)
An attempt to export the hit US TV show Everybody Loves Raymond to Russia makes for a front row seat to a comedic culture-clash. ... Everybody loves Raymond, but can the love extend to far Eastern Eu… Read more

FAUST (Alexander Sokurov, 2011)
“Good doesn't exist, but evil does.” ... Goethe's version of the Faust legend gets a dense and idiosyncratic reinterpretation at the hands of Russian master Aleksander Sokurov (Russian Ark) ... S… Read more

FIRST SQUAD: THE MOMENT OF TRUTH (Yoshiharu Ashino, Misha Shprits, Aljoscha Klimov, 2009)
As the forces of the Third Reich clash with the Red Army on the Eastern Front, a hidden war is waged between Nazi occultists and a Russian psychic. ... In 1942, as Nazi Germany marches on the Russian… Read more

Flesh of the Earth (Tatiana Vengerova, 1992)
A study of the natural beauty and rich textures of the Earth's surface seen from space. Accompanied by the music of Gennadiy Gladkov. ... Read more

Georgianzzz (Marina Fleurova, 1994)
A pastoral fantasy of a world which never existed, but remains an ideal in many people's hopes. ... Read more

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