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Films From Scotland

Set in the lonely and isolated Scottish countryside, [Can't Stop Breathing] portrays the challenges faced by a young girl who looks after her mother. --- D/S Amy Neil P Ravinda Basra WS Scottish Screen TD 35mm/col/ 2004/15mins ... Read more
A backcourt in Glasgow. A prank goes wrong and a boy is trapped in a discarded fridge. In the hours that follow the responsibility. For his life falls into the hands of Alice and Rudy who are homeless friendless and on the verge of chronic alcoholism. Disturbing drama distinguished by extraordinary ... Read more
A history of the game of golf, from its origins in the early Celtic legends until the present time. ... Read more
I Am Boy combines 2D and 3D animation, historic and live foolage to show the musical and cultural influences on a Siberian OJ, Misha Maltsev, before and after perestroika, ... Read more
Bill McFadyen is on a quest to be the bench press champion of the world. He's almost there, and he's only 73. ... --- D/P Finlay Pretsell, Adrian McDowall WS Scottish Documentary Institute (Edinburgh College of Art ECA) TD digibeta/2008 ... Read more
Disturbing elegiac meditation on one girl's childhood and adolescence set in and around a Glasgow housing estate. Downbeat beautifully observed and concerned with the epiphanies which arise from the minutiae of day to day life. ... (MM) ... Read more
Lorna is only 8 years old when her mother abruptly disappears without trace. The mystery of the disappearance leaves her with a fascination with the unexplained: spoon bending, spontaneous combustion, levitation and disappearing people. ... Read more
When I'm 21 is an inspired example of progressive and innovative documentary film making, a complex and poetic exploration of what it's like to be young and homeless on the streets of Glasgow. A palpable, internal tension seeps out of the narrative - interviews with forgotten fatally optimistic ... Read more
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