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Films From Senegal

Baw-naan is an incantatory ceremony practised by the Lebu during the winter season. When the rains are slow in coming, or when they are rare, the Lebu organise a ceremony destined to make God laugh and so to obtain ram For a whole day men and women in make-up and travesty sing and tell funny stones ... Read more
Most of Ousmane Sembene's public statements have been advocating the pressing need to challenge the current French control over African film distribution, and to explore the cultural heritage of his country. ... In Emitai, he has made a him which is set at the end of the Second World War, but whose ... Read more
Begging on the streets of Dakar, Ousmane, an optimistic and ever-resourceful orphan, decides that perhaps the thing to do would be to write a letter to Santa - perhaps even in Arabic. ... Read more
Selve has eight children. While her husband is looking for work, she has to cope with all the problems on her own. She wishes for a better future for their children. ... Read more
"I am an African man who decided to go down in history." ... Baye Laye is the captain of a fishing pirogue who reluctantly accepts a job leading a boat of refugees to Europe. Overseeing this group of 30 men who don't all speak the same language - some of whom have never seen the sea - proves as ... Read more
Xala means impotence in Senegalese. The story of the film, which centres on the impotence of a newly married man, also touches on some major social issues, and symbolises the cultural, economic and political impotence of African nations. ... A rich businessman, El Hadji Abdou Kader Beye, has just ... Read more
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