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AFRICA UNITED (M) (Debs Gardner-Paterson, 2010)
A story of joy, laughter, hope and generosity. And football. ... When Fabrice, a young Rwandan with dreams of being a football star, is given the chance to audition for the 2010 World Cup, he sets of… Read more

Winner of the Audience award and the Jury's Freedom of Expression prize at last year's Sundance Film Festival, Amandla! A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony is a soul-stirring documentary that uses excl… Read more

BEAUTY (Oliver Hermanus, 2011)
Winner of the Queer Palm award at Cannes. ... The first Afrikaans-language film to ever be screened at Cannes, Beauty tells the story of François, a middle-aged man whose well ordered existenc… Read more

BUNNY CHOW (John Barker, 2006)
An MTV mix of debauchery, drugs, rampant sex, true love and conquering the rock stages. Bunny Chow: A type of South African cuisine where the inside of a loaf of bread is scooped out and replaced wi… Read more

Fisherfolk of Kalk Bay (Errol Hinds, 1955)
A study of the fishing community living at Kalk Bay, near Cape Town. The ancestors of these simple, kindly people came from Manila, from Java, from the East and from the West, but they live united in… Read more

forgiveness (Ian Gabriel, 2004)
A jolting reminder of the ongoing problems caused by South Africa's apartheid past, [Forgiveness] follows a white man's quest for reconciliation, and the attempts of his victim's family to deal with … Read more

Friendly Touchdown (Italo Bernicchi, 1963)
A light-hearted report of the Wallaby Rugby team from Australia playing an international series in South Africa and seeing the country in terms of their individual interests. ... Read more

FUCK OFF POLICE CAR (Bryan Little, 2009)
“It's a band that changed South African music, and that's as big a legacy as you can get.” ... Putting together an Afrikaans punk band started out as a kind of joke for the members of Fuck Off Po… Read more

Iyeza (Kudzanai Chiurai, 2012)
A bold allegory on The Last Supper, Zimbabwean-born multimedia artist Kudzanai Chiurai's Iyeza is an absorbing, powerful piece of cinematic painting exploring the violence at the heart of what Chiura… Read more

Lake Wilderness (Sven Perrson, 1962)
The wild life on and around Lake St. Lucia, a game reserve in Natal. The magnificent photography shows unusual and interesting events such as the hatching of crocodile eggs. ... Read more

Lucky (Avie Luthra, 2005)
When an AIDS orphan moves from his Zulu village to Durban, he discovers abond of connection with the most unlikely of people. Screened at Edinburgh, Berlin, Clermont-Ferrand.---D/S/P Avie Luthra P Ju… Read more

Mapantsula was the first anti-apartheid feature film by, for and about black South Africans. Filmed inside Soweto, Mapantsula tells the story of Panic, a petty gangster who spends his days grafting … Read more

MAPANTSULA (Oliver Schmitz, 1988)
Theatre and stage director/writer Thomas Mogonane has gathered a cast of experienced black television and stage actors for Mapantsula and probably the films greatest strength lies in its ability to d… Read more

MY COUNTRY MY HAT (David Bensusan, 1982)
Piet has lost his clothes and hat in a robbery. One day he sees a black cyclist wearing his hat, and, chasing him, runs him down with his garbage truck. Meanwhile James, an urban black without passpo… Read more

Remnants of the Stone Age People (Louis Knobel, )
A factual record of the remnants of a primitive bushman tribe in the arid Kalahari Desert. The film shows their mode of living, customs, usages, and shooting of game. ... Read more

Rita Ndzanga - South African (Beata Lipman, 1984)
Rita is a black trade unionist .She talks about her life and the struggle for freedom in South Africa that has led to her frequent arrest. ... Read more

Sankambe (George Christacopoulous, 2006)
A delightful moral tale about the meaning of trust and friendship, Sankambe introduces us to the dynamic duo of the rabbit Sankambe and Muzhou the Jackal. ... --- ... D George Christacopoulous S Dowe… Read more

Saturday Parade (Errol Hinds, 1959)
A candid camera's coverage of the Cape Town Parade on a typical Saturday, from early morning until midnight. ... Read more

South African Mosaic (Basil Mailer, 1957)
Against the vista of modern South Africa this film tells of the four main races &ndash: their origin work, education, religion, welfare and recreation. ... Read more

Taste The World (Wendy Morris, )
Through references to Sarah Bartman - a South African Khoi woman displayed in 18th-century Europe as an example of 'primitive sexuality' - [Taste the World] explores the notion of the 'Third World' a… Read more

The Face of South Africa (Raymond Hancock, 1959)
By imaginative use of photographs, the film shows many facets of the peoples of South Africa. In youth, adolescence and age, they are shown to us at leisure and work; in joy, sorrow and excitement. ... Read more

The Fox Has Four Eyes (Jamie Uys, 1960)
This is the story of tribal witchcraft, ritual, murder,and the frenzied efforts of a bereaved father to avenge the killing of his daughter. This becomes his obsession, and his determination finally c… Read more

Those who lived through South Africa's shameful Apartheid years were painfully aware of the danger of keeping letters, diaries, home movies and mementos that in any way expressed disunity with the go… Read more

THE OUTCAST (Gray Hofmeyr, 1984)
Made for television, "The Outcast" is another variant of the (white) South African genre of passionate family conflict and ... test of masculine prowess played against a background of natural beauty.… Read more

The Storekeeper (Gavin Hood, 1998)
An elderly man owns an isolated general store in rural South Africa. After suffering a series of burglaries which culminate in the murder of a night-watchman the storekeeper finally takes the law int… Read more

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