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Asian cinema specialist Tony Raynes described Resurrection of the Little Match Girl as 2002's best martial arts fantasy from South Korea—his runner up was last year's MIFF smash Volcano High. G… Read more

RETURN (Mahamet Saleh Haroun, Nacer Khemir, Idrissa Ouedraogo, 2008)
The 2008 Jeonju Digital Project continues to showcase innovative work of established filmmakers working in the digital format. This year the project brings us three shorts from the dark continent.Exp… Read more

ROAD MOVIE (Kim In-sik, 2002)
Dae-shik, a once celebrated mountaineer, is the leader of a ramshackle group of homeless people. One morning he discovers, sprawled on the pavement, Suk-Won, an ex-financier who has been kicked out b… Read more

Safe (Moon Byoung-gon, 2013)
A student working at a currency exchange booth in an illegal gambling house discovers there is such a thing as being too safe. Winner of the 2013 Short Film Palme d'Or. ... D/P Moon Byoung-gon S K… Read more

SAMARITAN GIRL (Kim Ki-duk, 2004)
Samaritan Girl (Samaria) South KoreaWinner of the Silver Bear for Best Director at this year's Berlin Film Festival, Kim Ki-duk's 10th feature combines the darker-edged themes of his earlier films (B… Read more

SAMYONG (Sang-ok Shin, 1965)
The story of Samyong, the poor, mute farmer, at the mercy of Kwangsik, the spoilt son of a rich family, is set at the beginning of the century. Conditions prevailing at that time in rural Korea releg… Read more

SAVE THE GREEN PLANET! (Jang Jun-hwan, 2003)
Playfully crossing almost all genres, including thriller comedy, horror and action, this dynamic debut film from Korean hot-shot, Jang Jun-hwan, recalls the deliriously creative work of Jeunet and Ca… Read more

SECRET TEARS (Park Ki-Hyung, 2000)
Early one rainy morning, insurance agent Ku-Ho having had too much to drink, runs over Mijo and in desperation, takes her home. He is stunned to learn the young girl has no apparent injuries resultin… Read more

Sense of Space for Urban People (JOON KIM, 2007)
"I live on the 23rd floor of my apartment...." ... D/S Reka Gacs WS Royal College of Art TD DigiBeta/2007/6mins ... Read more

Seven Chocolate (Park Dong-hee, 2001)
John is the provider and guardian of his younger brother Gabriel, who is mentally challenged. Partly shown through the eyes of Gabriel and his digital camera, Seven Chocolate presents the drastic eve… Read more

SEVEN SWORDS (Tsui Hark, 2005)
Hong Kong's grand master of the martial arts film/definer of the wuxia genre, Tsui Hark, returns to prestige filmmaking with Seven Swords. Gritty and epic in every conceivable way, this film pays obv… Read more

Siam. Hard Romance (Kim Jeong-gu, 2001)
A man and woman are joined together at the back as brother and sister, they must share the one body and accept their fate. They care for each other but love drives them apart. ... Read more

SILMIDO (Kang Woo-suk, 2004)
Silmido South KoreaA box-office phenomenon in its home country, Silmido is a mega-budget, political action thriller based on the true story of one of the most controversial incidents in recent Korean… Read more

Smoke-Flavoured Life (Eunjung Ryou, )
Younghee, a seven-year-old girl, smokes out of curiosity. Her mother smokes herself into composure. When Younghee's father suddenly leaves the family, she and her mother share something special that … Read more

Sorrow of Superman, The (from KAFA collection 2004) (Jeong In-Ok, )
Jeung In-Ok, from the Korean Academy of Film Arts, superbly animates the story of an unpopular Superman. Crouched over on a rooftop washing his red underpants, he waits for a sign of adoration from t… Read more

SORUM (Yoon Jong-chan, 2001)
Taking the supernatural genre in an unexpected direction, this intellectual thriller is a chilling tale about a group of people confined by bad karma, revenge and transference of sin and guilt. Movin… Read more

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter' and Spring (Bom, Yeoreum, Gaeul, Gyeowool, Geurigo Bom) South Korea'spring, Summer, Fall, Winter' and Spring is an exquisitely simple movie. The film's lyrical plainness… Read more

spying cam (Whang Cheol mean, 2004)
Winner of the Fipresci Award at this year's Rotterdam Film Festival, [Spying Cam] once again demonstrates the incredible dynamism of contemporary independent Korean cinema. A DV feature that consists… Read more

SWORD IN THE MOON (Kim Eui-suk, 2004)
Sword in the Moon (Cheongpung Myeongweol) South KoreaA pedal-to-the-metal South Korean martial arts spectacular, Sword in the Moon injected a high dose of visceral entertainment in the Un Certain Reg… Read more

“Investigates the lonely recesses of a lucid, wounded mind and renders the astonishing portrait of a sombre heroine whose heart is as pure - and as cold - as snow.” - Toronto International Film F… Read more

SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE (Park Chan-wook, 2002)
Ryu is a hearing-impared factory worker who spends his spare time with his younger sister and offbeat girlfriend. When his sister becomes dangerously ill, Ryu decides to offer her one of his kidneys,… Read more

TAKE CARE OF MY CAT (Jeong Jae-Eun, 2001)
A charming and heartfelt look at the secret lives of young women in a rapidly changing South Korea. Good looking Hae-joo dreams of becoming a successful career woman; talented outsider Ji-young yearn… Read more

TALE OF TWO SISTERS, A (Kim Jee-woon, 2004)
A Tale of Two Sisters (Janghwa, Hongryon) South KoreaBased on a Korean folk tale about an evil stepmother and her two daughters, this South Korean box-office smash is from acclaimed director Kim Jee-… Read more

TEARS (Im Sang-soo, 2000)
Tears is a sad, funny and sexually forthright look at a group of lour underage teens in Seoul's underbelly. This second feature by Sang Soo Im doesn't fall prey to the excesses of the subject matter,… Read more

A deliriously inventive, over the top and challenging film from youthful Korean cinema mavericks, Indiestory (see also Looking for Bruce Lee and shorts in this year's programme). ... "Of all the gob-… Read more

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