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INVOLUNTARY (Reuben Östlund, 2008)
“Unsettlingly insistent, smartly played and bleakly hilarious.” - Empire Online ... Reuben Östlund's Cannes hit Play featured at MIFF 11, and his earlier Involuntary similarly puts the dynamics … Read more

It's My Turn now (JÖrgen Hjerdt, 2005)
Stumbling to the ground with a basket of clean washing, a woman lies contemplatively in the autumn dirt. A gently playful comedy of an every-day heroine, patiently awaiting her just reward.---D/S Jö… Read more

JALLA! JALLA! (Josef Fares, 2000)
At 23, Josef Fares is one of the youngest talents to emerges from the the Swedish filmaking scene. Jalla! Jalla! is his debut film, is a charming comedy in which love, sex and cultural differences pl… Read more

Jet (Lauritz Falk, 1960)
Since the dawn of time, man has longed to fly. This film, using the symbolic language of ballet, shows the history of aviation with particular em¬phasis on the principles and construction of jet … Read more

JOE HILL (Bo Widerberg, 1971)
The film depicts his early days in Nev York, then traces his long trek to California, riding the freight trains, penniless and despised for his poverty Later, he becomes involved with the Industrial … Read more

Journey With Father (Vilgot Sjöman, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

Karin's Face (Ingmar Bergman, 1985)
The director's photographic tribute to his dead mother. ... Read more

KIDZ IN DA HOOD (Ylva Gustavsson, Catti Edfeldt, 2006)
Nabbed all the top honours at Sweden's prestigious Guldbagge Awards this year. Peppered with spontaneous musical moments, Kidz in da Hood is an uplifting drama that centres around nine year-old, Afr… Read more

Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys (Jens Assur, 2012)
Former war photographer Jens Assur brings us a story of a young teacher in China whose life is unravelled by national politics. ... Screens as part of the Swedish Shorts package. ... D/P Jens Assur W… Read more

KISSED BY WINTER (Sara Johnsen, 2005)
[Kissed by Winter] is the piercing debut feature of Sara Johnsen, its story turning on loss, repression and redemption. ... A doctor in Stockholm, Victoria's life is thrown into disarray by the death… Read more

KLARA LUST (Kjell Grede, 1972)
Helge, Iike Kjell Grede's other heroes in Hugo and Josefin and Harry Munter, is a young man in love with life. He lives with his mother, a boarder named Pussy, and her young son. He is outgoing and g… Read more

Kochuu: Japanese Architecture, Influence and Origin (Kochuu: Japanska Former) SwedenA beautifully shot documentary that unfolds with Zen-like calm, offering a sublime and informative study of modern … Read more

KOPS (Josef Fares, 2002)
What do you do when you are a cop In a small town whose crime rate drops so low the authorities are threatening to shut the station down? Of course you'd bribe the local drunk to steal from the groce… Read more

Las Palmas (Johannes Nyholm, 2011)
A resort populated and staffed by marionettes endures one very disruptive baby, in this new film from MIFF regular Johannes Nyholm. ... D/P/S Johannes Nyholm WS Swedish Film Institute L no dialogue T… Read more

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Tomas Alfredson, 2008)
“One of the strangest, stickiest, and (yes) sweetest horror movies I've seen in 10 years.” - CinematicalLiving alone with his mother in a wintry and miserable Stockholm suburb, shy and lonely 12-… Read more

LINES FROM THE HEART (Christina Olofson, 1996)
Lines from the Heart treats its audience to an hour in the company of the great Swedish actresses Bibi Andersson, Harriet Andersson and Gunnel Lindblom. Gathering at the late director Mai Zetterling'… Read more

LINUS (Vilgot Sjöman, 1979)
Vilgot Sjöman's reputation still rests mostly on his two films which outrageously mixed sex and politics, / am Curious (Blue) and / am Curious (Yellow). He has, however, made 13 films in all and man… Read more

LOVE 65 (Bo Widerberg, 1965)
The action of the film takes place during two summers and a winter. Keve is a film director whose relationship with his wife is deteriorating, and for a while he finds peace in the arms of another's … Read more

Lucky People Center was originally an illegal Swedish nightclub in the late 1980s. The collective involved moved into film and music production, and eventually live performance. As a culmination of t… Read more

MELANCHOLIA (Lars von Trier, 2011)
"A mesmerizing, visually gorgeous and often-moving alloy of family drama." - Telegraph ... From Danish agitator Lars von Trier (Antichrist, MIFF 2009) comes a compelling family drama, set against the… Read more

MEN CAN’T BE RAPED (Jörn Donner, )
Eva Randers is a divorced librarian with a teenage son. She is approaching her fortieth birthday and to celebrate she asks a female colleague to come to dinner with her. At the restaurant the women o… Read more

METROPIA (Tarik Saleh, 2009)
You can't stop your thoughts. ... It's 2024 and an oil-starved Europe has connected its train systems via a massive underground subway network. Whenever Roger, a call-centre worker from Stockholm, st… Read more

Miss Remarkable & Her Career (Joanna Rubin Dranger, 2010)
A humorous animated film about inner demons, crushing parental expectations and a career meltdown. It's tough to be a modern woman. ... D/S Joanna Rubin Dranger P Lisbet Gabrielsson, Jeremy Purcell, … Read more

MY NAME IS ALBERT AYLER (Kasper Colin, 2005)
" extraordinary portrait of an extraordinary musician." - SIGHT & SOUND (UK) ... " of the most starkly beautiful and moving documentaries ever made about a jazz musician." - JAZZ TIMES (US… Read more

Never an Absolution (Cameron B Alyasia, )
European refugee camps are home to many former child soldiers, of which there are an estimated 300,000 worldwide. But the system has little insight into the profound burden of their horrifying past a… Read more

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