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SO CLOSE TO LIFE (Ingmar Bergman, 1958)
Although different from most of Bergman's films, the recurring theme of death in life is still present in So Close To Life — in mood it is probably closer to Wild Strawberries than most of his … Read more

SOAP, A (Pernille Fischer Christensen, )
A Soap cleaned up at this year's Berlin Film Festival where it won a Silver Bear Award, Best Debut Film and was nominated for a Golden Bear Award. ... Charlotte could have it all but she doesn't want… Read more

Something Happened (Roy Andersson, 1987)
This should be seen as a fragment of a larger, uncompleted project meant to contribute to the AIDS debate. Begun in'86 and called off in '87, the National Board of Health and Welfare of Sweden, havin… Read more

Co-winner of the Jury prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival (sharing the prize with Blackboards, also showing at MIFF), Songs From the Second Floor is an alarmingly funny and bold film. ... 'Song… Read more

Souvenirs From Sweden (Henning Carlsen, 1960)
An ingenious introduction to modern Sweden — its landscape and inhabitants — as seen by the well- known Danish director, Henning Carlsen. ... Read more

Spring Comes to Sweden (Gosta Werner, 1952)
A lyrical portrayal of how Spring comes to Sweden. The story is told by a series of impressions and without words. ... Read more

SUBTERRANEAN SECRETS (Clas Lindberg, 1991)
... ... Ten-year-old Nisse suffers a serious asthma attack that puts him into the hospital in the middle of summer. There, he meets Lelle, 12, a 'troublesome' patient and the hospital's enfant terrib… Read more

Summer Interlude (Arne Sucksdorff, 1950)
The lives of the inhabitants of a Swedish seaboard village that becomes a resort in summer are contrasted with those of visitors. The atmosphere of a little fishing village is beautifully caught, the… Read more

Swedish Cinema Classics (Gardar Sahlberg, 1958)
After several short sequences from early films, we learn how Charles Magnusson in 1912 engaged Victor Sjostrom, and thereby laid the foundations of the great Swedish silent cinema period. Extracts fr… Read more

Swedish Peasant Paintings (Olle Hellbom, 1958)
A film about the so-called "gourd" paintings which were done by the itinerant peasant artists who flourished in the Dalecarlia district of Sweden in the 18th Century. The scenes usually have a religi… Read more

Showcasing distinctive voices in Swedish short film, this program puts forward the adventurous, the esoteric and the experimental, as well as recent festival favourites by Swedish directors. ... Astr… Read more

Tale of Little Puppetboy, The- DRAW ME A STORY (Johannes Nyholm, 2008)
Puppetboy has a hot date - he's bought chips and everything. How far will he get with Ulla? ... --- D/P/S Johannes Nyholm WS Joclo L Swedish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008 ... Read more

THE ANGEL (Margreth Olin, 2009)
A compassionate account of drug dependence, adapted from the true story of a young mother's descent into heroin addiction. ... A young mother-to-be finds her world crumbling around her. Witnessing he… Read more

The Artist (Jonas Grimas, 1987)
A delightfully delicious "smorgasbord" of sound effects which explodes on the palate The artist arrives in the country to give a performance. At the airport he meets a customs officer, who goes to se… Read more

Many of the best Swedish films are identified with the work of Stiller and Sjostrom. The novels of Selma Lagerlof provide nearly all the material for their best films, including Thy Soul Shall Bear W… Read more

THE BLACK POWER MIXTAPE 1967-1975 (Goran Olsson, 2011)
A fascinating, musically driven nine-year journey through a period of major social upheaval in the US. ... A treasure trove of archived film reels, rescued from the vaults of Swedish television, form… Read more

THE FREETHINKER (Nordens Biskops Arno, 1994)
... ... After Crushing Edvard Munch, one ot the finest cinematic portraits of an artist ever made, Peter Watkins began work on another film about a tormented Scandinavian artist, the brilliant and tr… Read more

THE GENIUS AND THE BOYS (Bosse Lindquist, 2009)
'How could such a brilliant man be so deluded?' - Independent ... The youngest person ever to graduate from Harvard Medical School, D. Carleton Gajdusek was a brilliant mind who won the Nobel Prize i… Read more

THE GRASS IS SINGING (Michael Raeburn, 1981)
" 'Mary Turner, wife of Richard Turner, a farmer at Ngesi, was found murdered on the front verandah of their homestead yesterday morning. The houseboy who has been arrested, has confessed to the crim… Read more

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet (, 2012)
An invisible bicycle helmet is a symbol for the impossible. If you can swing it everything is possible. ... Design students Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin live in Malmö, Sweden, where everybody uses b… Read more

THE JOURNEY (Peter Watkins, 1986)
I don't think we can ever say that we are informed rather that we are formed. ... Interviewee in The Journey ... Peter Watkins new film The Journey, the highlight of the International Forum at this y… Read more

THE MAGIC FLUTE (Ingmar Bergman, 1974)
Bergman's interpretation of Mozart's The Magic Flute spins a tale as ethereal and timeless as Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. Tamino (Josef Kostlinger) is a knight of pure spirit, enticed by t… Read more

THE MAN ON THE ROOF (Bo Widerberg, 1976)
Swedish director Bo Widerberg filmed this police thriller from a novel, 'The Abominable Man', following his film for children, Stubby An earlier film version of a Sjoewall-Wahloo novel, 'The Laughing… Read more

THE MAN ON THE ROOF (Bo Widerberg, 1976)
A stark, slow-burning predecessor to the current wave of Swedish crime cinema. ... Inspired by William Friedkin's Oscar-winning The French Connection, The Man on the Roof adapts Maj Sjöwall and Per … Read more

THE MILL AND THE CROSS (Lech Majewski, 2010)
An extraordinary film project that takes us inside the story of a remarkable painting. ... Flemish painter Pieter Brueghel's 1564 masterpiece The Procession to Calvary is an immense work of art that … Read more

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