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The Motorman (Rostam Perrson, 2006)
A family business with a difference - a father and son make a modest living in the back streets of an Iranian city. In stark contrast to the suburbs of Melbourne this film portrays the need to recycl… Read more

THE MOZART BROTHERS (Suzanne Osten, 1998)
Wedged somewhere between Italo Calvino's /f on a Winter Night a Traveller and Woody Allen's The Purple Rose ol Cairo, Osten's Mozart Brothers plays with, and stretches to true comic effect, questions… Read more

THE PISTOL (Jiri Tirl, 1973)
This film is about the education of Viktor B. Viktor was born in 1949; his father a handyman, and his mother a general worker. His first five years were spent with his grandmother in Baar. His period… Read more

THE SCORE (Christer Dahl, 1978)
The Score is based on an autobiography written by an ex-convict, describing his prison experiences. ... A group of youths, high on drugs, steal a car and try to hold up a bank with a toy pistol. Thei… Read more

The Summer Camp (Birgitta Jansson, 1981)
The everyday life of old and handicapped people in a summer camp in the north of Sweden. The soundtrack is documentary recordings from an existing institution and the persons are portrayed in clay fi… Read more

The Tracks of My Tears 2 (Axel Petersén, 2011)
Saddam Hussein's red Ferrari Testarossa is ghost riding through the desert in Alex Petersén's dreamily experimental The Tracks of My Tears 2. ... Screens as part of the Swedish Shorts package. ... D… Read more

THE UNKNOWN (Michael Hjorth, 2000)
Echoing films like Evil Dead, The Blair Witch Project and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, this Swedish chiller promises to have you thinking twice about a camping holiday. Five researchers are dispat… Read more

The Unliving (Hugo Lilja, 2010)
A violent and darkly funny thriller set thirty years after a zombie epidemic, where the undead are being tamed and used as cheap labour. ... D/S Hugo Lilja P Bonnie Skoog Feeney WS Swedish Film Insti… Read more

THE VOICE OF BERGMAN (Gunnar Bergdahl, 1997)
"An inspiring documentary, The Voice of Bergman offers a rare and fascinating opportunity to hear 79 year old Swedish master Ingmar Bergman speak for almost an hour and a half about what the cinema m… Read more

THE WHITE WALL (Stig Björkman, 1975)
Monika, who is a divorced housewife, wakes early one morning, at about five-thirty. Next to her in the bed is a stranger, a man she met the day before. He has lied to her about his name, his job, his… Read more

THREE SUNS (Richard Holbert, 2004)
Three Suns (Tre Solar) SwedenSweden in the 1300s and plague stalks the land. The Crusades are in full swing and many of the healthy men are across the sea engaged in ferocious battles. Ships arrive e… Read more

To Kill A Child (Gosta Werner, 1953)
Made as part of a road safety campaign this film, with its concern for responsibility for the death of a child on the road, and the slow build-up of this theme, is hauntingly effective. ... Read more

Undress Me (Victor Lindgren, 2013)
Han and Mikaela meet at a bar and go back to her place. On the way Mikaela tells him more about herself, arousing his curiosity. ... D Victor Lindgren P Therese Högberg S Jana Bringlöv Eksp… Read more

Untold (Staffan Lam, 2006)
In this exquisitely shot work filmmaker and cinematographer, Steffan Lamm revisits his personal archive of unused footage. Throughout the six ‘episodes' he gently discovers a union and in doing so … Read more

Vatten (Niclas Larsson, 2012)
Clara enjoys swimming by herself in the local pool after dark. One night she discovers a secret in this haunting story of young love. ... D/S Niclas Larsson P Erik Torell, Kristina Wibom WS Camp Davi… Read more

VIDEOCRACY (Erik Gandini, 2009)
An exile's view of the decline of Italy's national culture and the man who put the ‘boob' on the tube. ... This riveting illustration of 21st century media Fascism begins in the 1970s with a TV qui… Read more

Vilgot Sjöman (Karsten Wedel, 1974)
A film portrait of Vilgot Sjoman, made during the shooting of his film, A Handful of Love, in 1973. ... Sjoman talks about himself, his films (several of which are illustrated by excerpts), and film … Read more

Waltz with Karin (Ola Lindahl , 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

WEIGHT OF ELEPHANTS, The (Daniel Joseph Borgman, 2013)
"Captures the tribulations and perspectives of a difficult age when kids start to act tough while still being vulnerable inside." - Screen Daily ... In a nameless, down-market town somewhere in New Z… Read more

WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS (Lars-Eric Kjellgren, 1950)
Arguably one of the best Swedish films of the late 40s/early 50s, Lars-Eric Kjellgren's While the City Sleeps is a forgotten gem written by Kjellgren and Ingmar Bergman. ... Layabout Jompa is being p… Read more

Wind From The West (Arne Sucksdorff, 1942)
A blend of fact and fantasy, set in the land of the Lapps in northernmost Sweden. In a schoolhouse young Nils sits dreamily longing that lie might go with the older Lapps on their yearly migration to… Read more

YOU, THE LIVING (Roy Andersson, 2007)
“You, the Living is about the human being, about her greatness and her miserableness, her joy and sorrow, her self-confidence and anxiety. A being at whom we want to laugh and also cry for. It is s… Read more

YOUNG FREUD IN GAZA (Peå Holmquist & Suzanne Khardalian, 2008)
“We need a million psychologists in Gaza." - Ayed ... With medical bag in hand, Ayed takes on the onerous task of attending patients in the Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza. His job is unremi… Read more

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