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... ... Few recent Films have divided audiences and excited debate like Vive L'Amour, winner of the Golden Lion at Venice last year. Despite the romantic title, the film is about lack of love and fulfilment in the overworked 1980s. But what sends its supporters out of the cinema on a high is its ... Read more
The most expensive Taiwanese film ever made, Warriors of the Rainbow tells the legendary true story of a ruthless aboriginal rebellion against invading Japanese forces. ... The Japanese Imperial Army has swept all before it. But on the island of Taiwan, 300 warriors from a tiny tribe called the ... Read more
“Spectacular... authentic feeling actioner recounting an aborigine rebellion in 1930s Taiwan.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Continuing the resplendently mythic visage of part 1, this conclusion to Warriors of the Rainbow blends tropes from Westerns, war movies and samurai films into a wildly ... Read more
Celebrated auteur Tsai Ming-liang returns to MIFF with his daring [The Wayward Cloud], which won the Fipresci and Silver Bear at Berlin, 2005. Loneliness and disconnection are at the heart of the film, underscored by the radically pared back dialogue. Here, Tsai picks up the threads of his [What ... Read more
The latest from Tsai Ming-liang - a dynamo on the Taiwanese film scene - is a poignant, frequently amusing and whimsical, journey through the human conditions of memory and yearning, filtered through an illuminating, at times cinematically referenced, humour. Hsiao-Kang sells watches on the streets ... Read more
"Charming, hilarious, touching and unashamedly frank." - Twitch ... The elastic boundaries of family, identity and sexual fulfilment furnish the intertwined tales of Arvin Chen's (Au Revoir Taipei, MIFF 2010) sophomore effort, as midlife malaise begets a coming of age. ... After nine dedicated and ... Read more
Tragedy tears a close-knit group of high-school friends apart, forcing them to forge individual paths. ... For the Taiwan chapter of the Winds of September trilogy, director Tom Shu-Yu Lin brings us a coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of the Taiwan baseball game-fixing scandal of 1996 ... Read more
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