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A is for Autism (Tim Webb, 1992)
Using as its source the words, music and draw­ings of autistic people, this film explores the feeling of autism from the inside Constructed to reflect an idiosyncratic and obsessive world, it is … Read more

A Letter To Uncle Boonmee (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2009)
“Uncle… I have been here for a while. I would like to see a movie about your life. So I proposed a project about reincarnation.” ... --- ... D/S Apichatpong Weerasethakul P Simon Field, Kei… Read more

A Man From China (Zhang Zielen, 1989)
A Chinese artist comes to England after the massacre in Tiananmen Square full of hope for his new life in the West, but he finds it hard to come to terms with leaving China. Despite the efforts of hi… Read more

A Nice Arrangement (Gurinder Chadha, 1990)
Set in the North London home of an Indian family on the morning of their daughter's wedding, A Nice Arrangement explores with wit and a keen eye, the subtle complexities of a young woman's decision t… Read more

A PHOENIX TOO FREQUENT (George Roman, 1971)
This film version of Christopher Fry's verse drama was produced by the Stockton and District YMCA, to enable young professional artists and film technicians to work on an experimental project. ... Th… Read more

A Place for Gold (Basil Wright, 1960)
Commissioned by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, this documentary deals with aspects of their craft. Informative and elegant, the gold and silver bowls and cups and ornaments are handsomely phot… Read more

A Place in the Sun (Constantine Giannaris, 1994)
Athens has changed over the past few years. The neighbouring nations came to town when the curtain came down... Albanians, Romanians and others... but hey, that's life in the Balkans. Faraway neighbo… Read more

A PLACE OF RAGE (Pratibha Parmar, 1991)
... ... Part history lesson, part inspiration, part call to action, A Place Of Rage is an engaging portrait of Black activists Angela Davis and June Jordan. Focusing on the role of women in the revol… Read more

A Potter's World - Bernard Leach (John Read, 1961)
A film about the life and work of Bernard Leach, now in his seventies, who makes his own pottery in St. Ives, Cornwall. Leach, an artist-philosopher who is keenly aware of the deep relationship betwe… Read more

A Pride of Islands (Oscar Marzaroli, 1973)
A tourist promotion film centring on the Hebrides, Skye, Orkney and Shetland, showing not only the scenery, but the people who live there and the work they do. ... Read more

A PRIVATE ENTERPRISE (Peter K. Smith, 1974)
A young Indian engineer, Shiv, attempts to achieve his ambition, despite family pressures and the limitations of his job as a foundry worker in the Midlands. A strike at the Birmingham factory where … Read more

A ROOM FOR ROMEO BRASS (Shane Meadows, 1999)
Shane Meadows (Small Time & Where's the Money Ronnie, both MIFF 1997) once again proves himself one of Britain's most intriguing visual poets with this thoroughly engaging movie about English childho… Read more

A Sculptor's Landscape (John Read, 1958)
A film which shows the work of Henry Moore, from his drawings to his sculptures, with particular reference to his latest and most important work, the reclining figure for the UNESCO Headquarters in P… Read more

A Sense of Responsibility (Alan Ball, 1970)
A cartoon showing how an irresponsible action can set off a chain reaction of disasters. ... Read more

A Turnip Head's Guide to Alan Parker (Arthur Ellis, 1986)
The rise of Britain's most notorious cinema organist. ... Read more

Aanaatt (Max Hattler, 2008)
Shifting between three-dimensional objects and two-dimensional surfaces, the illusion of space is folded through the use of mirrors and sound. ... --- D/P/S Max Hattler WS Max Hattler L no dialogue T… Read more

Aardman Shorts (Darren Walsh, Various, 2003)
As well as new Wallace and Gromit works (see Animation Gallery), MIFF presents new installments of some Aardman favourites: Angry Kid and The Presentators. With trademark humour and characterisation,… Read more

Abductees (Paul Vester, 1995)
An animated documentary that purports to be a study of people kidnapped by space aliens. Their stories are tested in a process of hypno­therapy and regressive memory analysis.(RP) ... Read more

ABIGAIL'S PARTY (Mike Leigh, 1977)
The appalling Beverley (played by Alison Steadman, a Leigh regular) has arranged a small party amongst a few neighbours, which provides the perfect opportunity to display her vast array of cultural p… Read more

About Face (Chris James, 1978)
Facial transformations, human and animal, including Henry VIII, Mick Jagger, Groucho Marx, Oscar Wilde, Prince Phillip, Pablo Picasso Salvador Dali, Idi Amin, etc. ... Read more

ABOUT THE WHITE BUS (John Fletcher, 1968)
The White Bus was a 45-minute dramatic film directed by Lindsay Anderson and starring Shelagh Delaney. John Fletcher has been a friend and colleague of Anderson since they worked together in the "Fre… Read more

Absolute (Brian McGill, 1984)
The man is asking: “What happened to the promise of love's great adventure and fulfilment?” (the myth of love). The woman is asking: “Why did I sacrifice the purity of self for the compromise o… Read more

Absurd (John Maybury, 1990)
John Maybury, rock clip maestro and assistant to Derek Jarman, embellishes an aromatic New Wave lyric with a ribbon of suggestive icons linking minotaurs, supermarket punks and jock strapped angels. … Read more

ACCEPTABLE LEVELS (John Davies, 1983)
In the early 70's Reginald Maudling said of Northern Ireland that the best we could hope to achieve would be a return to ... 'acceptable levels' of violence; almost ten years later, these levels cont… Read more

Accidents Will Happen (Clive Morton, Annabel Jankel, 1979)
Animated interpretation of Elvis Costello's song "Accidents Will Happen" in which a series of accidents are analysed and portrayed in a series of symbols in a clinical, remote, High Tech framework. ... Read more

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