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Act of God (Peter Greenaway, 1980)
An investigation of lightning as an arbitrary intervention in people's lives with devastating consequences. ... Read more

ACT OF KILLING, The (Anonymous,Christine Cynn,Joshua Oppenheimer, 2012)
"Powerful, surreal and frightening … unprecedented in the history of cinema." – Werner Herzog ... In this bizarre and unsettling film, Joshua Oppenheimer presents a chilling picture… Read more

Act V (J. J. Miller, 1981)
An animated version of the complete fifth act of Shakespeare's Hamlet ... Read more

Adam (Peter Lord, 1991)
The world is a ball and the first human being is called Adam He's standing there now and looks as if he might fall down, so the creator plants him a little more firmly m the ground He has to learn al… Read more

Adam (Peter Lord, 1991)
The world is a ball and the first human being is called Adam. His first experiences are mostly rather painful and he has to learn all the rules. For instance, 1: if you throw clay around you'll get c… Read more

Adjustment (Ian Mackinnon, 2006)
An obssesive visual diarist documents the disintegration of his relationship and gives the innocent flicker book a hitherto unexplored cutting edge. Screened at Annecy. ... D/S/P Ian Mackinnon TD 35m… Read more

Ads in the ‘90s (, )
Has the 'greed is good' world of the eighties been replaced by a new spirit of cooperation? How is advertising, the most selfish and successful of eighties industries coping? We look at the new "cari… Read more

ADULT FUN (James Scott, 1972)
Adult Fun is a British thriller about industrial espionage that develops into an altogether different kind of film. It is directed by James Scott, who uses a semi-documentary approach, relying on a h… Read more

Adventures of John and John, The (William Bishop-Stephens, 2006)
From the respected post graduate course at London's Royal College of Art. Two friends (as it happens named John) pass a rainy day playing games and perfecting their latest invention. Screened at Rott… Read more

AE FOND KISS (Ken Loach, 2004)
Ae Fond Kiss UK/Spain/Germany/ItalyMaster of contemporary social-realism cinema Ken Loach makes a return to MIFF with the final film in his acclaimed Glasgow trilogy, which includes My Name is Joe (M… Read more

AFRICA UNITED (M) (Debs Gardner-Paterson, 2010)
A story of joy, laughter, hope and generosity. And football. ... When Fabrice, a young Rwandan with dreams of being a football star, is given the chance to audition for the 2010 World Cup, he sets of… Read more

African Heritage (Robert Kingston Davies, 1956)
In this anthropological study, we see the East African building his boats in the way that it has been done for centuries. Traditional methods of pottery making, basket weaving and the fashioning of h… Read more

After Beardsley (Christopher James, 1981)
How would Aubrey Beardsley have viewed our world? In this film, contemporary or near contemporary figures like Lenny Bruce and John Lennon help demonstrate a hypothetical Beardsley picture of the 198… Read more

After the Flood (Bettina Lerner, 1994)
The Mississippi is one of the most rigorously controlled and engineered rivers in the world, yet in the summer of 1993 it suffered the worst flooding in its history. Fundamental questions are now bei… Read more

Age of Invention (David Lochner, 1975)
During Britain's Industrial Revolution, British inventors were unsurpassed in the fertility of their ideas and significance of their discoveries. ... Age of Invention shows examples of industrial rem… Read more

Ah Pook Is Here (Philip Hunt, 1994)
A fascinating mixture of puppetry and computer animation techniques, based on a text by William S. Burroughs, with the music of John Cale. ... Read more

Between 1990 and 1991, Aileen Carol Wuornos, a 35-year-old prostitute, killed seven men. The FBI termed her "America's first female serial killer". ... British documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield u… Read more

Air Parade (Bill Mason, 1951)
A brief history of the progress and development of British aviation, leading up to the commanding position occupied by Britain today in the field of the gas turbine. ... Read more

Airport and A Note From Above (Derek Phillips, 1970)
Two tiny films: one about a bomb scare on a plane, the other about some mysterious instructions from the clouds... ... Read more

Ajada (Dick Jewell, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Akbar’s Cheetah (Iain Gardner, 1999)
Spring had sprung and every species is mating except the caged cheetahs of Akbar, Emperor of Hindustran. When frustration spills over, stay out of reach of the big cats. ... Read more

Alex and her Arse Truck (Sean Conway, 2007)
The story of Baby Shoes and his passion for his girl Alex, the nymphomaniac who steals his zelophile heart. An irreverent and stylish romp through transgressive love. Australian premiere.---D/S Sean … Read more

ALICE: A FIGHT FOR LIFE (John Willis, 1982)
The most comprehensive investigation ... of the perils of asbestos ever made in a ... television programme caused national ... reverberations which continue months ... after transmission. The Health … Read more

All Brings Night (David Taylor, 1981)
Whitey wants to be Charlie Parker, but lives in Hammersmith, can't play the saxophone and is white. ... Read more

All is Full of Love (Chris Cunningham, 1999)
The music clip for Bjork's All is Full of Love features a pair of white robots embracing in a way that is compellingly human. Like many of Chris Cunningham's music clips, this one has created controv… Read more

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