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All Lit Up (John Halas, 1958)
Clever calypso verse makes up the accompaniment to yet another colourful and enlightening cartoon film by Halas and Batchelor. ... The story surveys, briefly and wittily, the use of fire for warmth a… Read more

All That Mighty Heart (R. K. Neilson Baxter, 1963)
London — the slow build-up to rush hour followed by the mid-morning lull, the hurly-burly of Saturday's sport and other pastimes, then the evening gaiety of the West End. Meanwhile, below the s… Read more

“[A] modern-day mash-up of throbbing tom-toms and Woodstocky multiscreen mayhem.” - Austin Chronicle ... This fast-paced bricolage celebrates the 10th anniversary of All Tomorrow's Parties, the c… Read more

Allegri String Quartet (Humphrey Burton, 1960)
Excellent script and photography and incisive editing create a picture of the daily life of one of Britain's leading quartets. The film shows the endless work and rehearsal which lie behind each perf… Read more

Altered Ego (Ange Palethorpe, 1994)
Behind the smile of a model lies a mind. But a cerebellum never got a centre-spread in Playboy. ... Read more

Amateur Night (Thalma Goldman, 1975)
It's amateur night with the girls each doing their thing on stage. Take it off, take it off, cry the boys from the rear. And the girls oblige. ... Read more

Amelia and the Angel (Ken Russell, 1957)
An internationally acclaimed amateur film about a little girl in search of a pair of angel's wings. ... Read more

Amore Baciami (Oliver Harrison, 1988)
A love story is reduced to its essential ingredients — words and voice. A delightful music clip which is minimalist but not avant-garde. - (FF ... Read more

Amy! (Laura Mulvey, Peter Wollen, 1980)
"Amy, wonderful Amy, how can you blame me for loving you?" ... When the newspaper editor in John Ford's The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance gave the immortal advice, "When the fact becomes legend, print… Read more

An Act of Faith (Robin Whitworth, 1962)
The film shows first the bombing of Coventry and the destruction of the old cathedral; we then follow the construction of the new cathedral, step by step, from the laying of the foundation stone in 1… Read more

An Artist Looks at Churches (John Taylor, 1960)
An artist's impression of the architecture and decoration of British churches through the ages. It is shown that the portrayal of the human face and figure has been a source of inspiration to those w… Read more

AN EDUCATION (M) (Lone Scherfig, 2008)
“Lone Scherfig's emotionally pulsing, culturally observant picture simply bursts with life.” - Variety ... In 1961, London is a city poised on the cusp of a counter-culture explosion. At 16 years… Read more

AN ENGLISHMAN ABROAD (John Schlesinger, 1983)
Dramatic reconstruction of a true incident when Australian actress Coral Browne (playing herself) was in Moscow with a production of "Hamlet". She was visited backstage by Guy Burgess, the upper-clas… Read more

AN ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK (Richard Laxton, 2008)
“You can't touch me now. I'm one of the stately homos of England.” - Quentin Crisp ... John Hurt returns to the incorrigible and always colourful life of writer, raconteur and gay icon Quentin Cr… Read more

AN IDEAL HUSBAND (Oliver Parker, 1999)
Based on the Oscar Wilde play, Oliver Parker's An Ideal Husband is a rare triumph—celebrating the wit of Wilde's theatrical voice whilst exploiting the medium of film to full effect. Rupert Eve… Read more

An Untitled Film (David Gladwell, 1964)
A strange and haunting slow-motion film in which a small boy watches in horror as a chicken is strangled. Fascinating for its photographic effects, imaginative soundtrack and its sinister mood of des… Read more

ANCHORESS (Chris Newby, 1993)
Challenging cinema is rare, unless it is intentionally confrontational (violent or sexual) or highly obscure (avant-garde). Chris Newby's directorial debut is invigorating because Anchoress operates … Read more

And life went on (Maryam Mohajer, 2007)
Tehran, Iran, 1985. The Iran/Iraq war. A moving portrayal of what happens inside a bomb shelter. Australian premiere.---D/S Maryam Mohajer P/WS Royal College of Art L Farsi w/English subtitles TD dig… Read more

And They Called Me Pussy Dynamite (J. Wilkes, J. Howarth, 1980)
The confessions of an ex-stripper. A hilarious deadpan description of the life of a girl who worked in the clubs of Soho. ... Read more

Angry Kid (Selected Highlights from Series I & II) (Darren Walsh, 2001)
Angry Kid is Aardman's new kid on the block. Dressed in regulation 70s parka, Angry Kid's constant pushing at boundaries and in-your-face bravado leads him into a series of embarrassing and potential… Read more

ANIMAL FARM (John Halas, Joy Batchelor, 1954)
This adaptation of George Orwell's famous political fable is the first major attempt to use the animated film as a means of telling a serious and adult story. As a considerable feat of animation &nda… Read more

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (Louis Dahl, 1956)
A cartoon history and development of lubricants from the time of the Egyptians - the first known engineers - to the present day. ... The theoreticians in this field included Leonardo da Vinci, but it… Read more

Animated Genesis (Joan Foldes, Peter Foldes, 1952)
An allegory of the creation of the world and man's enslavement by the machine, motivated by Greed, personified as an enormous and menacing spider. The spider is eventually overthrown by the intervent… Read more

Anna Spud (Edward Foster, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

... ... Anne Frank has been described as one of the "major icons of the twentieth century" with her diary the second most-read book of Western non-fiction after the bible. ... ... ... Jon Blair's fil… Read more

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