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Another World (George Saxon, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Anton and Minty (Alnoor Dewshi, 1995)
"Have you ever thought you knew someone, really knew someone. Then one day you realise. He's mad!' ... Anton and Minty is a remarkable comedy about a couple of mad South Londoners that stamps Alnoor … Read more

Antonio's Breakfast (Daniel Mulloy, 2005)
Winner of this years BAFTA AWARD for best short fiction film, a gripping, unsettling and powerful film. Unable to dress, eat, move or breath on his own Antonia's father depends on him for everything.… Read more

Any Man's Kingdom (Tony Thompson, 1956)
The variety of the heartwarming Northumbrian atmosphere. ... Read more

Any Special Peculiarities (Graham Dean, 1983)
A humorous commentary on the Bntish passport category "Distinguishing Marks", previously known as "Any Special Peculiarities".By dissolving photographs and paintings of himself, Dean ... illustrates … Read more

April Diary (Rodrigo Vazquez, 1998)
April Diary is a poetic chronicle of a descent to the horrors behind the Falklands war. A highly subjective and personal search for the fragments of an ongoing war in Argentina. ... Read more

Aquarius - Peter Hall (Derek Bailey, 1970)
A profile of the English theatre, film and opera director, based on a week in his fortieth year. We see him with his family, and at the places where his work takes him: the Lyric Theatre for the rehe… Read more

Arcade (Tony Sinden, 1970)
An "underground" type film which exalts and satirises the contemporary fascination with violence. Although Brighton is its location, Arcade is somewhat American in feeling, exploiting American movies… Read more

Arcadia (Paul Bamborough, 1988)
In Arcadia, you trust no one. The world is under siege, and for Gavin's mum, even breakfast would be a trap. When Gavin says he's going out, his parents suspect the worst. ... Read more

Architecture and Romance (Julia Percy, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Are We Still Married? (The Brothers Quay, 1991)
Synopsis not available Read more

ARMSTRONGS - THE MOVIE, THE (Fergus O'Brien, 2006)
“It's as if the producers went looking for a real-life David Brent [The Office] and found one with an evil sister.” - The Independent Husband and wife team John and Ann Armstrong run U-Fit, Cove… Read more

Arrive (Ed Holdsworth, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

As the Nightingale Waits for Summer (Georges Pessis, 1960)
An account of the settlement of 400 white Russians on farms in Brazil. Apart from the fascinating nature of the undertaking it describes, the film gains much by its sympathetic evocation of the Russi… Read more

AS THE SUN BEGINS TO SET (Julie Moggan, 2005)
An elegantly composed and humorously observed look at life onboard the Queen Elizabeth II. ... Over tea and cakes on the sun deck, elderly guests of this floating senior citizen's club reflect on the… Read more

ASCENDANCY (Edward Bennett, 1982)
In his first narrative feature, Edward ... Bennett weaves a complicated pattern of ... political and personal elements. ... Belfast 1920. A young woman, ... Connie, member of the Protestant ruling ..… Read more

Astronauts (Matthew Walker, 2005)
No matter where your office, there's always an idiot. Two astronauts discover that, in space, no one can hear you scream.---D/S Matthew Walker P Caroline Parsons L English TD 35mm/col/2005/8mins ... Read more

At Dawning (Martin Jones, 2002)
She thinks if she can steal away in the darkness, before the man in the bed wakes, it never happened. The man in the tree strongly disagrees. Golden Bear winner at Berlin. ... Read more

At The Academy (Guy Sherwin, 1974)
Synopsis not available Read more

Atoms at Work (Diana Pine, 1952)
Underlines the progress being made at Harwell Atom Research Establishment in the peaceful uses of atomic power. Shows the preparation of radio-active isotopes and various examples of their use in res… Read more

Aubrey and the Beanstalk (Derek Philips, 1980)
Aubrey is an inventor with his own approach to inventing, and in this film his peculiar logic leads him to some odd but thought-provoking conclusions. A beanstalk grows in Aubrey's garden. He climbs … Read more

Aurum - The Element AU (Ken Fairbairn, 1970)
Aurum — The Element AU is a study of gold, tracing the role of gold and its place in various civilisations throughout the ages, from ancient Egypt onwards. Its importance as a virtually indestr… Read more

Autobahn (John Halas, Roger Mainwood, 1979)
The experience of a car journey in the form of abstract imagery. An attempt to blend animation, movement, colour and sound in order to emphasise the musical highlights of Kraftwerk's famous compositi… Read more

Autogeddon (John Hay, 1991)
Have you ever been caught in peak-hour traffic and wondered why you are sitting in a glorified tin can? Ever wondered whether a UFO might conclude that cars are the dominant species on Earth? Then th… Read more

Automania 2000 (John Halas, 1963)
A sardonic caitoon which elaboiates upon the wonders and advantages of automation. The height of civilisation is finally reached with the invention of the car which can reproduce itself. ... Read more

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