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Why Don't You Dance (, )
A resonant portrait of a woman who suffers the loss of her husband during the Second World War, and remains with the loss to the present day. ... Read more

Even though broodingly handsome Wilbur is almost irresistible to women, and in fact universally adored, he attempts suicide on such a regular basis that the members of his therapy group vote him out … Read more

WILD BILL (Dexter Fletcher, 2011)
“Why can't all British crime dramas be so well written and acted, and have a splash of comedy as confident as this?” - The Guardian ... Released from jail, "Wild" Bill Hayward returns home to a S… Read more

WILD BLUE YONDER, THE (Werner Herzog, 2005)
“Astronauts lost in space, the secret Roswell object re-examined, an alien who tells us all about his home planet - the Wild Blue Yonder - where the atmosphere is composed of liquid helium and the … Read more

WILD FLOWERS (Robert Smith, 1989)
An older woman is preparing the body of a younger woman for burial. For a moment she stares bitterly at the corpse, then slaps it violently across the face. ... The reason for this outburst? All is r… Read more

Wild Highlands (Ian Ferguson, 1961)
Ardnamurchan. a mountainous peninsula on the coast of Argyll, is the location of some outstanding colour photography. The film includes unusual shots of the sea loch, wild birds and the highlands. ... Read more

WILD TARGET (Jonathan Lynn, 2010)
A black comedy that proves surviving your friends can sometimes be as hard as surviving your enemies. ... When professional hit-man Victor (Bill Nighy) has a change of heart, he ends up saving kooky … Read more

Wild Wings (Patrick Carey, John Taylor, 1965)
With many fascinating shots of rare species of wildfowl, this colour film documents the twin duties - observation and protection - of the Wildfowl Trust in Gloucestershire. ... First Prize, Vancouver… Read more

Wildlife (Kate de Pury, 1999)
A short film about love, Wildlife is a journey into dream territory, mixing Celtic mythology, Shanghai pop, and modern mysticism. Drama and dance combine in this poignant story about a young man who … Read more

William Booth (Hugh Baddeley, 1954)
A film of exceptional interest made from photographs, engravings, early newsreels, and posters. It discloses none of his beliefs but testifies to his stature as a leader. ... Read more

WIN (Claire Mussell, 1976)
The second part of a trilogy by Claire ... Mussell about her own family, is a portrait of her mother, Win, a woman of 57, who has been blind since her twenties. ... In spite of her handicap, Win trie… Read more

Wind in the Wires (John Edwards, 1972)
An investigation of the most important decade in the history of flight, skilfully recreating the endeavours of the pioneers in their fragile craft during the years between 1909 and 1919. ... Read more

FRIDAY 11 AUGUST, 9PM - SOLD OUT ... The Wind that Shakes the Barley was winner of the Palme d'Or at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Both an ardent observer of reality and a deeply committed politi… Read more

Wind Vane (Chris Welsby, 1972)
Synopsis not available Read more

Windmill II (Chris Welsby, 1973)
Synopsis not available Read more

Window Box (Roger Hammond, 1971)
Synopsis not available Read more

Windowframe (Roger Hewins, 1976)
Synopsis not available Read more

Wings and Things (R O Lehman, 1972)
A free documentary on the building and flying of model aircraft. ... Read more

Wings of Death (Nichola Bruce, Mike Coulson, 1985)
The 'wings of death' pursue a young addict - trying to escape from a violent murder. He takes refuge in a decaying hotel - inhabited by creatures from his imagination - victims of their own gross for… Read more

Winter Moths (J. V. Durden, 1951)
One of "Plant Pests and Diseases" Series. Deals with Winter Moths, which are particularly harmful in the fruit-growing areas of Britain, France, Holland, and Denmark. ... Read more

Winter Poem (Rok Predin, 2011)
A mischievous spirit torments a soldier lost in the woods, in this visual poem filled with mythology, folklore and magic. ... D/S Rok Predin P Richard Barnett WS Trunk Animation L no dialogue TD digi… Read more

WISCONSIN DEATH TRIP (James Marsh, 1999)
In the last decade of the 1800s the town of Black Falls, Wisconsin, suffered some very, very bad times. As if a curse had been invoked against the inhabitants of this idyllic rural community, murder,… Read more

WISH YOU WERE HERE (David Leland, 1987)
Shot on the southern coast of England, David Leland's drama, Wish You Were Here is about a teenage girl of the 1950s unfashionably fascinated by sex. Played by newcomer Emily Lloyd, the character of … Read more

Witches (Dominic Clemence, 1991)
Sarah's father has disappeared; her mother, too, is lost to the adult world, fighting a private battle against the agony of rejection. But jeal­ousy, cruelty and pain are also the stuff of fairy … Read more

WITH GILBERT & GEORGE (Julian Cole, 2007)
“Each of our pictures is a kind of visual love letter from us to the viewer, and it's the space between the viewer and the picture which makes art.” - George ProuschJulian Cole's latest film char… Read more

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