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Rose Troche (Go Fish, MIFF 1994) has crafted an excel­lent comedy of manners and sex in the nervous 90s. Bedrooms and Hallways—which received the Audience Award at the London Film Festival&… Read more

BEFORE HINDSIGHT (Jonathan Lewis, 1977)
This documentary from the British Film Institute examines the newsreels of the 1930s, and the ways in which they handled the political events of the decade. The film consists of library footage from … Read more

Before I Die Forever (Harry Hook, 1986)
An old man returns from the grave on a final quest. ... Read more

BEGGING THE RING (Colin Gregg, 1978)
Set in a typically isolated rural community of North Cornwall in 1916 the film centres on a young Cornish wrestler, Jack Bryant. ... Jack celebrates his eighteenth birthday, a date of double signific… Read more

BEHIND THE MASK (Frank Martin, 1990)
Behind The Mask is a unique collaborative production commenced in London, shot in Belfast and completed here in Melbourne. The film initially started life as a project to be made for British televisi… Read more

BEHIND THE VEIL (Eve Arnold, 1969)
As the title suggests, Eve Arnold offers a rare glimpse into the world of the harem in Behind the Veil. We witness the rituals of a young Sheikha as she prepares for marriage into the ruling family o… Read more

BEING & DOING (Ken McMullen, 1984)
"In this collaboration between one of Britain's leading performance artists and a major independent film-maker, records of Performance Art have been extensively manipulated; the images slowed down, f… Read more

Being Bad (Laurence Coriat, )
A snapshot of the lives of three teenagers (encompassing past, present and future), this seductively dreamy film explores their longing for love, played out under Mediterranean skies. This poetic fil… Read more

BEKAS (Karzan Kader, 2012)
Two brothers. One donkey. On a mission to find Superman. ... In 1990, two Kurdish orphans catch a glimpse of a Superman film screening and set off to find the hero they believe has the power to fix a… Read more

Beneath the North Shore (Keith Duerden, 1977)
The film shows the loading of oil tankers in the middle of the North Sea in ail manner of weather conditions. ... Silver Award, Chicago. ... Read more

BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT (Peter Whitehead, 1967)
When Peter Brook's production of "US" for the Royal Shakespeare Company was presented at the Aldwych Theatre, London, in the winter of 1966-7, it aroused considerable controversy. By the use of shock… Read more

Benetton (, 1989)
A report from London, Italy and America on the international controversy stirred up by two new posters in the immensely successful multi-racial Benetton advertising campaign. Accused of being both to… Read more

Benjamin Franklin Wedekind (George Snow, Micha Borgese, 1988)
An 'automated biography'. Wedekind was the German precursor of Brecht and the Weimar theatre. Born in 1864, he was imprisoned in 1899 for insulting the Kaiser. George Snow is a respected computer ill… Read more

BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO (Peter Strickland, 2012)
“[Strickland is] a British director who is independent in the truest sense.” - The Guardian ... Director Peter Strickland (Katalin Varga, MIFF 09) lifts the curtain on cinematic sound production … Read more

Berth 24 (J. B. Holmes, 1950)
An army of men is needed for the "turn round" of the S.S. Bravo which plies with freight and passengers between Hull and Gothenburg. Each "turn round" is a test of professional skill and a race again… Read more

Bertha (Michael Sclater, 1970)
Bertha is an old traction engine which Sclater treats, not for its nostalgic interest as might be expected, but for the opportunities its complex mechanism offers the film-maker for "pure cinema." ... Read more

Better or Worse? (Jocelyn Cammack, 2000)
Better or Worse? explores the world of 8-year-old Rachel as she embarks upon a series of experiments attempting to make sense of her defective eyesight. Balancing her desire to appear normal with the… Read more

Between the Tides (R. Keene, 1958)
A fresh and imaginative study of animal and plant life on the shores of the west coast of Britain. ... Read more

Beverley Hills is Bournemouth With Sunshine (Marc Munden, 1988)
... ... The obsessive energy of a gambler provides the basis for some fascinating post-production treatment by the people who made this film. Talking head monologues become rap raves, as the gambler … Read more

This television documentary examines the work and theories of Peter Eisenman, Frank Gehry, Michael Graves, and Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, American architect ... int he vanguard of Post-Mo… Read more

BIBLIOTHÈQUE PASCAL (Szabolcs Hajdu, 2010)
“Spins a dark fairytale, riffing on various storytelling traditions from circus puppet shows to great literature.” - Screen International ... An original and outlandish trip into a surreal and ki… Read more

Big Bill - The Story of a Heron (Hugh Miles, 1976)
The life history of the grey heron, woven around the story of one bird, Big Bill, and his parents. It deals with most aspects of herons' lives, including the influences on breeding success and surviv… Read more

Big Daddy (Finola Geraghty, 1999)
When Marlon arrives at a juvenile prison, his rap rhymes elicit a strong and violent response from Gavin, a neurotic bully. The jealous Gavin conspires to silence him, leading to a battle of wills be… Read more

Big Fish (Zadoc Nava, 1996)
Big Fish is a journey into film maker Zadoc Nava's Mexican heritage through the life of his artist father Jose. Jose went to live in Britain after meeting Zadoc's mother on holiday in Mexico. We witn… Read more

Bigger is Better (Derek Phillips, 1974)
A country cottage is bought for development, where the buildings just grow and grow to produce, eventually, a monster society. ... Read more

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