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A Hollywood veteran as subject for a documentary veteran makes for a superb film. This warm, intimate but unobtrusive, account of Gregory Peck's personal and professional life is a triumph of portrai… Read more

A Crime to Fit the Punishment (Stephen Mack, Barbara Moss, 1982)
In 1954 a talented group of Hollywood blacklistees, among them director Herbert Biberman of the Hollywood Ten, Oscar-winning script-writer Michael Wilson and composer Sol Kaplan, made a feature drama… Read more

A Day In The Life of Nathanial Hörnblowér (Nathanial Hörnblowér, 2006)
Adam Yauch's mockumentary of a normal day in the life of his Swiss alter ego. Stars David Cross as Hörnblowér and Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rck) and Yauch as themselves. ... Screens with Gunnin' For That #… Read more

A Day With Timmy Page (David Hoffman, 1967)
An 11-year-old film maker is seen at work with his associates, explaining his techniques and ideas- casting, influences, and so on. We are treated to short excerpts from the 20 ten-minute film he has… Read more

A Dedication to Lee Choon-Sop (Laurie McDonald, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

A DIRTY SHAME (John Waters, 2004)
Sylvia Stickles (Tracey Ullman) is your average prudish suburban mother, until one day she suffers a wallop on the head. With this, she transmutes into a raunchy erotomaniac. It was tow-truck driver … Read more

A Film For My Son (Ida K. P. Ruzsits, 1984)
A Hungarian emigree who has lived in many countries. including Australia, made this personal experimental documentary incorporating Hungarian folksongs a lullaby she used to sing to her children, and… Read more

A Frog He Would A Wooing Go (Tami Sloan-Tsark, 1990)
A delightful children's animation illustrating the traditional poem, "A Frog he would a wooing go, whether his mother would let him or no..." ... Read more

A GIRL IN EVERY PORT (Howard Hawks, 1928)
A wonderfully improbable little comedy-drama which of all Hawks' silent Elms has sustained more than marginal interest. ... It switches midway from a genial, hyperbolic comedy to muted drama; an exhi… Read more

A Good Example: Brecht Before the House Un-American Activities Committee (Bertrand Sauzier, 1979)
House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947 Nineteen Hollywood personalities were subpoenaed. These included Brecht, a foreigner about to return to Germany. The first ten witnesses refused to test… Read more

A Goon Song (Carl Bell, 1966)
An abstract visualization of goon songs. ... Golden Pelican Award, Mamaia; First Prize, Wellesley; Prize, Harvard. ... Read more

A HEALTHY BABY GIRL (Judith Helfand, 1996)
25 year old Judith Helfand is crewing on a doc­umentary about the cancerous effects of DES (a drug supposed to prevent miscarriages which was widely prescribed in the 1960s) when she discovers th… Read more

A House Divided (Craven Films, 1960)
One of a series of films on scenes from American history, this is a compilation of extracts from feature films and other sources, tracing the origins of the American Civil War, Lincoln's presidency, … Read more

Brendan Behan's life can be divided into 3 parts his youthful years in an English jail for his activities on hehalf of the I.R.A., his writing, drawn largely from his experiences as a prisoner, and h… Read more

A is for Atom (Gerald Nevius, 1952)
The film uses animation to explain what an atom is, how energy is released from certain kinds of atoms, and the peacetime uses of atomic energy and the by-products of nuclear fission. ... Read more

A Jury of Her Peers (Sally Heckel, 1980)
A farm woman in 1905 rural America is accused of murdering her husband and arrested Two women, her neighbors, discover evidence that will incriminate her. They must decide whether or not to reveal it. Read more

A LADY NAMED BAYBIE (Martha Sandlin, 1980)
A Lady Named Baybie portrays the day-to-day lives of the Rev. Baybie Hoover, an ordained minister, and her long-time friend, Virginia Brown. Both are blind women who refuse to conform to the rigid ru… Read more

A Letter (Henry Hirst, 1943)
Synopsis not available Read more

A Letter From Columbia (James Blue, 1963)
A brief account of a village in Columbia, which builds its own houses by community effort. The frank com­mentary is given by James Blue, whose first feature film The Olive Trees Of Justice was sc… Read more

A LETTER WITHOUT WORDS (Lisa Lewenz, 1998)
"A remarkable example of finding home movies in the attic that open a window on an entire world, A Letter Without Words provides a glimpse of Germany between the wars that is privileged in more than … Read more

A Light Waltz (George Rosenberg, 1978)
The manufacture of lights set to the music of Strauss. ... Read more

A Masterpiece of Spanish Painting (Harry Atwood, 1962)
A stylistic and iconographic explanation of the twenty-six panels of the Hispano-Flemish retablo of Ciudad Rodrigo by Fernando Gallego. Blue Ribbon Award, American Film Festival. ... Read more

A Measure of Color (James Trotter, 1983)
A film about a photographer who is questioning both his artistic choice of subject matter and his environment. ... Read more

A Moment in Love (Shirley Clarke, 1957)
A boy and a girl in love. A rare, striking fusion of movie imagery and choreography exemplified in a dreamlike pas dc deux. ... Read more

A Name For Her Desire (Jacob J. Berger, 1986)
A Name For Her Desire is the story of a woman with men's eyes upon her. Francesca. the central character, is the object of attempted male seduction - the object of male desire. The male fiction is cr… Read more

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