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A New Year (Sadie Benning, 1989)
Benning's dazzling first work began as a bedroom exper­iment with the PXL 2000. A pastiche of image and sound fast becomes a lucid commentary on adolescent isola­tion in a poor Milwaukee neig… Read more

A NIGHT IN HAVANA (John Holland, 1988)
... ... Jazz great Dizzy Gillespie has always had a musical love affair with Cuba, but it's been passion from afar. For three decades, political conditions prevented Gillespie from visiting Cuba, unt… Read more

When approached to direct the American contribution to the BFi's Century of Cinema project, Martin Scorsese (a natural choice given his remarkable film knowledge and passion) decided the only possibl… Read more

A Poem (Dina Giddio, 1991)
Set to a poem, this animation maps out the emotional impact of a failed relationship in the animator's life. (AA) ... Read more

A Psalm for Moshe (Robert Jacobson, 1984)
M ... oshe shy and sheltered Hasidic jew living in New York City suffers contusion and conflict when he is attracted to a non-orthodox young woman Delicate amusing and telling. ... Read more

A SAFE PLACE (Henry Jaglom, 1971)
A Safe Place is a highly experimental feature, directed by a new director, Henry Jaglom. In his film, Jaglom, who also wrote the script, attempts to give "an involved and non-linear study of time and… Read more

A Scary Tale (Shirley Clarke, Robert Hughes, 1960)
The film depicts the activities of a group of U.S. children on Hallowe'en. The traditional 'trick or treat' activities are directed towards raising funds for UNICEF. Throughout the film scenes of nee… Read more

A Smattering of Spots (John Hubley, 1956)
An amusing collection of fourteen animated T.V. "spots", made with imaginative use of design, drawings, musical scores and wit. The film includes five award-winning designs. Some people actually turn… Read more

A Smattering of Spots (John Hubley, 1956)
An amusing collection of fourteen animated TV 'spots', made with imaginative use of design, drawings, musical scores and wit. The film includes five award-winning designs. Some people actually turn o… Read more

A Spy in the House that Ruth Built (Vanalyne Green, 1989)
A female baseball fan examines her obsession with the game, along psycho-sexual lines. Vanalyne Green appropriates the all-male arena of pro baseball to create an hilarious visual essay about family,… Read more

A Storm of Strangers (Ben Maddow, 1969)
A documentary which, using authentic old photographs of arrivals at Ellis Island, life in the Lower East Side, the schools, workshops, factories, and tenements, brings to life a period and culture th… Read more

A Time Out of War (D. Sanders, 1954)
Drawn from a story by Robert Chambers &ndash: a pointed and deeply moving comment on the essential futility of war &ndash: this is a film of exceptional integrity and rare poetic grace. The American … Read more

A Walk in the Forest (Randall Hood, 1975)
A visual voyage into the serenity, simplicity and delicate balance of the forest, and a demonstration of the need for man to replace what he is taking from the earth. ... Read more

A WIFE AMONG WIVES (David MacDougall, Judith MacDougall, 1974)
This is the last film in David and Judith MacDougall's award-winning trilogy."Turkana Conversations". (The two earlier films were "The Wedding Camels" and "Lorang's Way"). It is an inquiry into how t… Read more

A WOMAN OF AFFAIRS (Clarence Brown, 1929)
When her marriage to Neville Montague (John Gilbert) is stopped by his strict father, impetuous, aristocratic Diana Merrick (Greta Garbo) throws her bonnet over a few more windmills and marries a cha… Read more

A WOMAN OF PARIS (Charles Chaplin, 1923)
A Woman of Paris, the first serious drama by Charlie Chaplin, has not been available for general audiences since the late 1920s. The film was made in 1923, written and directed by Chaplin, and quickl… Read more

A.J.'S DOGUMENTARY (A.J. Poulin, 1998)
"The more I see of men, the more I like my dog," said Frederick the Great. The trouble is, you can get to like your dog a little too much, and that's what A.J. Poulin's whimsical but fascinating dog-… Read more

Abigail (Matthew James Reilly, 2012)
Abigail is trying to leave town, but is constantly delayed by residents holding her accountable for the actions of her destructive mother. ... Second prize winner in the Cin√©fondation at Cannes this… Read more

ABSOLUTE WILSON (Katharina Otto-Bernstein, 2006)
Unconventional theatre director and playwright Robert Wilson is comprehensively profiled in this candid documentary from the practiced hand of director Katharina Otto. ... Best known for the avant ga… Read more

Abstract in Concrete (John Arronio, 1954)
The abstract patterns and rhythms of the neon signs of Times Square, New York, reflected on the wet pavements and roadway. ... Read more

Actions in Action (Halflifers, 1997)
Junk culture Laurel and Hardy team the Halflifers hit the screen running in this suburban Sci-Fi. Surviving in a perpetual state of fast forward, unleashing a never-end­ing babble of fast speak, … Read more

Advance to Go (Robert N. Harvey, Thomas Wagman, 1978)
The World Championship of Monopoly is held — appropriately — in Monte Carlo This film gives an account of the 1978 event. ... Read more

Adventures of * (John Hubley, 1957)
This animated film of a little boy and his father is a fable reminding us that we need not outgrow our childhood endowment of looking at the world with the "innocent eye" of spontaneous enjoyment. ... Read more

Adventures of Jimmy (James Broughton, 1951)
A picturesque account of the search of a particularly naive young man for his ideal mate &ndash: and his rather overwhelming success at the film's conclusion. Though told with tongue in cheek, it has… Read more

Afraid So (Jay Rosenblatt, 2006)
Underneath a lot of anxiety is one's worst fear. Afraid So is about that anxiety. It is based on a poem where each line forms a question with the implied being ""Afraid so."" Impending doom permeates… Read more

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