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Films From Yugoslavia

A poor architect a cat and a parrot live as a harmonious family in a small apartment in a funny city on a strange planet. One day their life is disturbed and through a strange set of circumstances the cat becomes the key character of the entire planet. Another parable for our time from Zagreb. ... Read more
An animated film about the train journey between two stations: the first and the last. ... Read more
People will never be destroyed, not even when faced with insoluble problems — thanks to man. ... Read more
The final world is neighbourly boorishness. Two neighbours are getting along fine, until one buys a small piccolo and aggravates the other by repeating the bird's tune in the middle of the night. Vukotic's first film as an independent artist, and a great success internationally. ... Read more
Vukotic's best film, mixing live action with animation. ... Read more
In the big cities, many working parents leave their small children at home alone This documentary shows the effects of their abandonment on the little people. ... Read more
The possibility of peace in Bosnia is viewed with irony in Srdjan Dragojevic's Pretty Village, Pretty Flame, which focuses on a group of Serb soldiers before, during and after their military service. The film encompasses a variety of moods through the use of lengthy flashbacks. with satire emerging ... Read more
Elektreia, Miklos Jancso's reconstruction of the Greek drama, was shown at last year's Melbourne festival in a retrospective season of his films. His latest film has been shot in Yugoslavia, not, as most of his feature films were, in Hungary. This time, he has written the script himself. ... The ... Read more
Man has less and less space to live in and less and less food. Where will this lead? ... Read more
Starting out from the music of Eric Satie, the film creates a whole world. ... Read more
The film is based on the music of Eric Satie. The animator conjures up the fauna of the megalopolis (its bars, hotels, markets) and of the countryside — all accompanied by the satirical and lyrical music of Satie. ... Read more
Andrzej Wajda, famed Polish director of the trilogy, A Generation, Kanal and Ashes and Diamonds, was engaged by Avala Films of Belgrade to adapt for the screen the story "Lady Macbeth of Mtensk" by the Russian nineteenth-century writer, Leskov. Wajda tells, with great simplicity and considerable ... Read more
An incident during a German punitive expedition against the Serbs during the winter of 1941. ... Read more
A documentary about Yugoslav workers departing to take up jobs in Germany. After medical check-up and farewells, they set off in a special transport. Individual members of the group tell their stories and give their reasons for seeking work in a foreign country. But the train leaving for Germany is ... Read more
Shot entirely in live-action with animation painted on the film: an experiment stemming from the live-action sequences in the earlier Play. A tired washed-out individual is publicly menaced by a red glob that keeps erupting within him... ... Read more
Spoofs eroticism in the eye of the beholder. ... Read more
Man, McLuhan says somewhere or other, becomes the reproductive organ of the technological world. So what, in such a world, becomes of his reproductive organ? This Love Affair (one of several alternative titles to the film) is that of people who try to live ordinary lives against the background of ... Read more
A parable on the harnessing of technological forces in the modern age . . . charts the thin line between promise and doom. ... Read more
An animated cartoon about Tarzan leaping. ... Read more
Who is the wizard whom the cat tries to beat at tennis? ... Read more
In the early days of the Communist ... takeover of Yugoslavia, a dedicated ... youth who believes in the new world ... and its methods, makes his way to ... a village to hand out UNRRA ... parcels to the villagers. But he and ... his fellow workers are ambushed by ... guerrillas and their leader is ... Read more
A little man tries every trick in the book to reach an apple on the tree. ... Read more
Disturbing, macabre, beautifully designed cartoon, concerning a cat that changes into a voracious, naked woman. ... Read more
Everything a cat and a cigar could get up to. ... Read more
A man conquers a high peak, and what is his reward? ... Read more
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