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100 NY NY (Kyle Kibbe, 1990)
Synopsis not available Read more

100 Watts 120 Volts (Carson Davidson, 1977)
A beautifully complex machine makes beautifully simple light bulbs to the ambition don't mix. Cast with unknown players, the film was a big critical success in its day. ... Read more

100 Years of the Telephone (Saul Bass, 1976)
A whimsical three-minute animated history of the telephone, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the invention of the telephone. ... Read more

100% WOOL (Tony Mahood, 1986)
The urbane and almost mournful life of a Melbourne busker, Monty, is invaded by his country-cousin Ida. As she learns the rules of the often capricious lifestyle of Monty and his friends, she comes t… Read more

1001 Suburban Nights (Spiro Economopoulos, 1992)
A suburban encounter and a mutual need for companionship lead to a re-telling of the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights. Eerily distant images force words back into the prominence they once held in the day… Read more

101 REYKJAVIK (Baltasar Kormákur, 2000)
Hlynur considers waking up in time to masturbate to aerobic workouts on early morning TV a major achievement. A 20-something slacker with zero ambition, he has moved from child support to the dole an… Read more

101 Things You Wish She Hadn’t Said (Andy Humphries, 2000)
Saffron invites her new boyfriend to live with her— and her de facto. In this Birmingham love triangle, messages are mixed and no one ever reacts in quite the way they're meant to. Strong perfo… Read more

11 FLOWERS (Wang Xiaoshuai, 2011)
“An absorbing coming-of-age drama… takes its place among Wang Xiaoshuai's finest films.” - Variety ... The harsh realities of the Chinese Cultural Revolution enter 11-year-old Wang Han's l… Read more

111th Street (Arnold Federbush, 1962)
Documentary treatment of juvenile delinquency in New York City, showing the experiences and contributions of a juvenile-board officer in that city in dealing with a particular street gang. ... Read more

11:25 THE DAY MISHIMA CHOSE HIS OWN FATE (Koji Wakamatsu, 2012)
A radical biopic on the life and death of a Japanese icon from veteran provocateur Koji Wakamatsu. ... On 25 November 1970 one of Japan's most celebrated writers, Yukio Mishima, committed ritual suic… Read more

12 Explosionen (Johann Lurf, 2008)
This perceptual training film disciplines the eye to catch a single frame, an explosion of light, a moment of gesture and timing. ... --- D/P/S Johann Lurf WS SixPackFilm L No dialogue TD digibeta/20… Read more

12 LOTUS (Royston Tan, 2008)
“The switch for kitschy visuals and florid melodrama is flicked to 11.” - Variety ... Flamboyant filmmaker Royston Tan follows on from the bubblegum musical fun of 881 (MIFF 08) to once again del… Read more

12 STOREYS (Eric Khoo, 1997)
A moving and thought provoking second film by Meepok Man director Eric Khoo, 12 Storeys is a look at a day in the life of three households in a Housing and Development Board estate of cramped three-r… Read more

12 VIEWS OF KENSAL HOUSE (Peter Wyeth, 1984)
12 Views of Kensal House is a documentary portrait of a working class housing estate built in 1936 as a model of enlightened planning, and which now stands as an archetypal example of inner city deca… Read more

12,000 Men (Martin Duckworth, 1978)
The history of coal mining is a story of back-breaking labor, dangerous working conditions, meagre salaries. and occasionally violent labor strife Coal deposits can mean job opportunities and economi… Read more

12:08 EAST OF BUCHAREST (Corneliu Porumboiu, 2006)
“It's a movie that seems simple, yet its subtle and brilliant complexity is not to be denied.” - San Francisco Chronicle ... With its title referring to the exact time dictator Nicolae Ceausescu … Read more

13 (Gert Embrechts, 1998)
Magdalena believes she has been called by God to have 13 daughters all bom on the same day. News of these miracle births spreads each year, but just as Magalena's work is almost done, God seems to ch… Read more

13 ASSASSINS (Takashi Miike, 2011)
"[Director] Takashi Miike is in top, slashtastic form." - Variety ... Kinetic Japanese director Takashi Miike (Audition, MIFF 2000, Sukiyaki Western Django, MIFF 2007) returns with an homage to his l… Read more

13 TZAMETI (Gela Babluani, 2005)
Winner of the Venice Film Festival Gold Lion award. ... “Shot like the grunge version of a ‘50s noir thriller from France (or Soviet Georgia), the black-and-white 13 (Tzameti) turns into a shocke… Read more

1300cc (Eoin Clarke, 2000)
A beautifully twisted moralistic tale evolves during a drug induced ride through the English countryside with a burly biker. ... Read more

14 AMERICANS: DIRECTIONS OF THE 1970s (Michael Blackwood, 1980)
The terminology and critical nomenclature that will label American Art of the 1970's is still being devised and debated. The implication is that, unlike the 1950s and 1960's, when a basic style and s… Read more

14 Episodes (Murad Mazaev, )
The direct and fragmentary narratives of dead, wounded and fleeing civilians and soldiers powerfully conveys the reality of the Russian Chechen conflict in [14 Episodes]. ... --- ... D/P Murad Mazaev… Read more

1428 (Du Haibin, 2009)
A first-hand account of the Great Sichuan Earthquake that shows the human face of a massive tragedy. ... The statistics are mind-boggling: 70,000 dead, 375,000 casualties. In 1428 filmmaker Du Haibin… Read more

15 (Royston Tan, 2004)
Singapore'Growing up in the world's most oppressive nanny state can be bad for your mental health, and 15 tells it like it is. 26-year-old Royston Tan's social satire has given local censors their bi… Read more

15’ Metromania (Bart van den Bempt, 2001)
A visually clever and witty comedy about a young mans tentative first steps into adulthood Bernd Meys' first day as a security officer with the Underground Tram Network is complicated by the old gang… Read more

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