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17 Years to Earth (Perry Lin, 1997)
17 Years to Earth takes us on a journey through a young girl's diary. She writes about a perfect life full of love and happiness. Unfortunately, none of it is true. Director Perry Lin handles this st… Read more

17th Century Art Treasures of the Vienna Collection (Joe Schaeffer, William P. Riethof, 1950)
Famous paintings in the Hapsburg Collection are shown, including works of Teniers, Veronese, Rubens, Vermeer, Velasquez, Rembrandt and Tintoretto. The film shows detailed close-ups of many paintings. ... Read more

17th Century Painting in Holland (Hans Sibbellee, 1954)
The work of Dutch painters illustrates life in Holland during the 17th century. ... Read more

18,000 Dead in Gordon Head (Clive Holden, 2002)
Fact: The average American youth has experienced 18,000 television murders by the age of 16. Using a relentless draining array of repeating imagery as backdrop, Holden recounts, in macho beat mode, h… Read more

1812 (Sándor Reisenbüchler, 1973)
The composition by Tchaikovsky commemorates the war fought against Napoleon. The film attempts, with the possibilities provided by the animated genre, to unite the period synthesis of the works of To… Read more

19 (Christopher Hills-Wright, 2002)
An observation of the media frenzy surrounding the events that took place in America on September 11, 2001. This short but provocative film may simply perpetuate the myths of mainstream media but per… Read more

1922 (Nikos Kondouros, 1978)
1922 was made by Nikos Kondouros and, after screening at the 1978 Thessaloniki Festival, it was banned. It has now been released following the change of government in Greece. ... 1922 is the most emo… Read more

1972 (Stephan Kayser, 1972)
Dedicated to the victims of the Black September murders, this film is a thoughtful impression of the Olympic Games 1972. ... Read more

1981 (Ricardo Trogi, 2009)
What are a few lies between friends? ... The 80s were all about Rubik's cubes, Michael Jackson, cassette Walkmans, calculator watches and seven-cent popsicles. But for 11-year-old Ricardo Trogi, star… Read more

1:1 (Annette K. Olesen, 2005)
Annette Olesen's compelling denunciation of ethnic hate begins with a description of the perfect building estate then throws to a present-day, outer-Copenhagen housing project; a place far removed fr… Read more

2 AUTUMNS 3 WINTERS (Sébastien Betbeder, 2013)
Three friends and two catastrophes collide in this playful, stylish outing from one of the vanguard of fresh new Gallic filmmaking. ... Best friends Arman and Benjamin are thirty-something, single an… Read more

2 Figures Against (Alain Le Razer, 1994)
Somewhere on earth in a corner darkened by war two figures struggle to survive. Before all, duties are met. But the pull of life and the mag­netism of bodies sweep the two characters into a dance… Read more

2 SECONDS (Manon Briand, 1998)
2 Seconds scooped the prize pool at this year's Montreal World Film Festival. Manon Briand's debut collected Best Director, Best First Feature and Best Canadian Film as judged by both the critics and… Read more

20 DATES (Myles Berkowitz, 1998)
A docudrama so real you'll wish it was fiction! Myles Berkowitz is recently separated and has rejection slips piling up beside his daft screenplays. Ever the go-getter, Myles decides to combine his m… Read more

2001: A Football Odyssey (Michael Nicholson, 1981)
A satirical look at where Australian Rules football is going in the year 2001. ... Read more

2084 (CFDT Groupe Audiovisuel, Chris Marker, 1984)
In ten minutes on Antenne 2 (Paris) on the 29th March 1984 the CFDT (French Democratic Labourer's Confederation) tried to ... imagine where it had come from and where it was heading. ... On the occas… Read more

20:30:40 (Sylvia Chang, 2004)
20: 30: 40 Hong Kong/ChinaSex and the City Taipei-style. Nominated for the Golden Bear at this year's Berlin Film Festival, this irresistible film from Sylvia Chang is a fun and entertaining romantic… Read more

21-87 (Arthur Lipsett, 1963)
21-87 is another astringent view of life, disturbed and disturbing, by Arthur Lipsctt. His concern with alienation of the individual in this age was first shown in Very Nice, Very Nice, screened at a… Read more

21:12 PIANO BAR (Mary Jiminez, 1981)
21:12 Piano Bar is one of the most dazzling debut features to be seen in a long time. Dark, moody and menacing it is as innovative for the film noir genre as The Passenger was for Road Movies, and is… Read more

223 (Dirk de Bruyn, 1985)
Part of the direct-on-film series a series of films made by working directly on the film surface without a camera. Scratching bleaching, drawing with felt pens, and letraset, are some of the techniqu… Read more

224 (Dirk de Bruyn, 1987)
An abstract film containing a meditation of photographs from the filmmakers past ... Read more

23 Skidoo (Julian Biggs, 1964)
A familiar city without a living soul — everyone has skidaddled, as the title quaintly suggests. Only when the film ends do we understand what has happened. ... Read more

24 CITY (Zhang Ke Jia, 2008)
"Mr. Jia is working at the border where fiction and nonfiction meet, which is where this fantastically surreal country itself seems to exist." - New York Times ... For six decades Factory 420 in Sich… Read more

24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE (Michael Winterbottom, 2002)
In Official Competition at Cannes this year, the latest film from Michael Winterbottom (The Claim, MIFF 2001) is an energised, chemical-fuelled trip through the birth and heyday of the dynamic Manche… Read more

25 FIREMAN'S STREET (István Szabó, )
"The next two films are free of lead actors and are about constellations within the group. In 25 Fireman's Street, the house is the star; in Budapest Tales, the trolley car. 25 Fireman's Street tells… Read more

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