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25 FIREMAN'S STREET (István Szabó, 1973)
25 Fireman's Street tells the tale of a house being demolished and as the house crumbles, a century of Hungarian history unfolds. Szabo sketched his original concept for this intricate film: "One nig… Read more

25 Ways to Quit Smoking (Bill Plympton, )
Black comic "instructional guide", with 25 step-by-step examples of how each method works. ... Read more

25, FIREMAN’S STREET (István Szabó, )
This film, by Hungarian director Istvan Szabo, won the major prize at the 1974 Locarno festival. As the title might indicate, the film deals with the inhabitants of an apartment building in Budapest.… Read more

27A (Esben Storm, 1974)
Winner of the 1974 AFI Best Film award, 27A is an electrifying film experience, led by a remarkable performance from Robert McDarra. This Australian classic, which has never before screened at MIFF, … Read more

28 (Greg Sax, 1997)
A kind of alternative Eden where nature can be cultivated and an encounter can take your breath away, the romanticised paradise at the centre of 28 contrasts with the urban interior loft apartment se… Read more

28 UP (Michael Apted, 1984)
In 1963 Granada Television commissioned Michael Apted and Paul Almond to produce 7 UP — a 40 minute documentary based on interviews with 14 seven-year-old children from diverse class and region… Read more

296 Smith Street (John Evagora, )
Ahmed's pawnshop deals with addicts, thieves, poor old ladies and attackers, it's just another day at 296 Smith Street. ... D/S John Evagora P Jorge Tsadilias WS Victorian College of the Arts TD digi… Read more

2:37 (, 2005)
A contemporary, ensemble drama telling the complex tale of six high school students whose lives are interwoven with situations that so many of today's youth are faced with. The story takes place duri… Read more

2:41 Upfield (Callum Cooper, )
In an environment that exists only in its immediacy, a man stumbles over familiarity in the darkness. Local filmmaker Callum Cooper's first animation was awarded the Best Script, Best Animation and M… Read more

2D or not 2D (Paul Driessen, 2004)
2D or Not 2DNetherlands/Canada When Paul Driessen unleashes his legendary imagination, things are never as they seem to be. 2D or Not 2D is a love story that illustrates the human capacity to spin fi… Read more

3 DAYS TO FOREVER (Riri Riza, 2006)
"Holds up Indonesia like a jewel to the light, examining it for its beauty and flaws, and its mostly non-judgemental eye recalls the less paranoid moments of Easy Rider and its snapshots of 60s Ameri… Read more

3 ROOMS OF MELANCHOLIA, THE (Pirjo Honkasalo, 2004)
A prizewinner at Venice, IDFA (Amsterdam) and Thessaloniki film festivals, this stunning documentary reveals how the Chechen War has affected children on both sides of the conflict. Room 1, set in a … Read more

3 WOMEN (Manijeh Hekmat, 2008)
3 women, 3 generations, 3 journeys. ... Forty-something single mother Minoo is a product of the Islamic Revolution, a generation of women repressed by changes in law under the new Islamic Republic. H… Read more

3-IRON (Kim Ki-Duk, 2004)
The mesmerising 3-Iron, which won him the Best Director Award at the Venice Film Festival, again proves Kim Ki-duk deserves his reputation as one of the world's leading outsider filmmakers. Exemplify… Read more

32A (Marian Quinn, 2007)
"Taking the inevitable step to womanhood is a universal female experience... It's an age when seemingly trivial events have a huge importance." - filmmaker Marian Quinn ... The debut feature from act… Read more

33 POSTCARDS (M) (Pauline Chan, 2011)
An inter-continental journey with a little girl lost and an adult looking to be found. ... For Mei Mei (Zhu Lin), escaping her orphan upbringing and becoming part of a real family is a dream that has… Read more

33 Years After (Karl H. Walloch, Harold Meinke, 1978)
Documentary on the trade with national-socialist products (books, records, medals and decorations) in West Germany in 1978. ... Read more

35 SHOTS OF RUM (Claire Denis, 2008)
“Smoother than the finest liquor, reminds viewers how rarely movies capture the easygoing love embodied in a functional family, with all its support and tenderness.” - Variety ... Claire Denis (B… Read more

35 Summers (Mark Titmarsh, 1988)
With a certain cynicism and lack of modesty I offer to you the story of the wanderer and his shadow. Not a Diary Film since the events depicted are filled with symbolism, error, vagueness and lies. R… Read more

391 Amen (Surviving The Coming Hard Times) (Nick Cope, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

3X3D (Edgar Pêra, Jean-Luc Godard,Peter Greenaway, 2013)
"One of 2013's most thrillingly virtuoso filmmaking achievements." – Hollywood Reporter ... The closing night film of the 2013 Cannes Critics' Week is actually three films in one: a tripty… Read more

4 (Ilya Khrzhanovsky, 2004)
From its explosive beginning, Ilya Khrzhanovsky's 4 will satisfy those with an eye for the imaginative and an ear for the industrial. This unique and enigmatic Tiger Award-winning debut is based on a… Read more

4 (Tim Slade, 2007)
In four corners of the globe - in each of the four seasons - four outstanding violinists undergo an extraordinary journey through their homelands. The resonant and much-loved music of Vivaldi's The … Read more

4 ELEMENTS (Jiska Rickels, 2006)
“Four places on earth where fellowship and trust are of existential importance.” - filmmaker Jiska Rickels Following up her award-winning documentary short Days Under, Jiska Rickels completes a … Read more

4 Km (Juan-Antonio Gamero, 1981)
A young man jogs before going to work. One day, during the 4 km jog, his monotonous life astonishingly changes and curious things start happening. ... Read more

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