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8 x 8 (Hans Richter, 1957)
It all starts around a maple tree in Connecti¬cut, moved to a Paris studio &ndash: to a rooftop in Zurich, to a palazzo in Venice &ndash: to a villa in the South of France &ndash: to a swimming p… Read more

(Federico Fellini, 1962)
Tired and unsure, a famous film director, about to start a new picture, goes to a spa near Rome, hoping that rest will restore his perspective. Joined by his co-workers who hound him with suggestions… Read more

80,000 SHOTS (Manfred Walther, 2002)
A captivating documentary and the result of thousands of hours of painstaking time lapse photography. With superstar architect Renzo Piano at the helm, Berlin's Potsdamer Platz between 1990 and 2001 … Read more

81 (Stephen Burke, 1996)
A French television crew arrives in Belfast in 1981 to cover the hunger strike of Bobby Sands. The television crew focus on two working class families (one Protestant family and the other Catholic), … Read more

881 (Royston Tan, 2007)
"If ABBA could sing Hokkien, they might have auditioned for Royston Tan's 881." - Hollywood Reporter ... Set within the Singaporean song culture of getai - a series of exuberant concerts dominating t… Read more

8849m (Go Young-min, 2001)
After his climbing partner dies, a tenacious mountaineer finally reaches the summit. But who is going to take his photo to prove it? Shot entirely on location at high altitude, 8849m is funny, ironic… Read more

9 Romantic Days (& Nights) (Morrie Warshawski, 1982)
Synopsis not available Read more

9 SQUARE METRES FOR TWO (Joseph Cesarini, Jimmy Glasberg, 2005)
“There are lots of theories about how to reduce crime but showing 9 Square Meters for Two to youngsters might be a good place to start.” - Variety ... The result of a remarkable experiment, 9 Squ… Read more

9 STAR HOTEL (Ido Haar, 2006)
An intriguing glimpse of a shadow world of illegal Palestinian workers living in the margins of the Israeli occupied territories. A chance sighting of a line of men dashing across the highway spurre… Read more

9 Steps to Survival (Chest Sucking Wound, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

9 Years Behind The Wheel (Edward Jones, 1986)
A cabby who wants to make movies! The result is an astonishing collage of miniature portraits of his customers, fellow cabbies and family. A quirky, often hilarious portrait of Califomian life remini… Read more

90% Yield Before Breakage (Teresa Blake, Margie Medlin, Daniel Witton, 1997)
A dance film with a different angle. Snappy editing, witty and pointed sound design, athletic performances and dramatic lighting enhance this inventive and joyous celebration of power and delicacy, g… Read more

90º SOUTH (Herbert Ponting, 1933)
“90º South” is a documentary film record of Scott Antarctic Expedition of 1911. Herbert Ponting, an Englishman, was the official photographer attached to the exploration party. ... He developed … Read more

911 Rio (F.K. Flumen, 2005)
Like some sample to take back life from disaster. ... --- ... D/S F.K Flumen P Marians Agular L no dialogue TD Video/col/2005/3mins ... Read more

99 THE OCCUPY WALL STREET COLLABORATIVE FILM (Aaron Aites,Audrey Ewell,Lucian Read,Nina Krstic, 2013)
"Possesses energy, passion … cataloguing the financial crimes, police misconduct, economic disparity and constitutional crises of the past several years makes for an emotional experience."&nbs… Read more

99 Clerkenwell Road (Sophie Michael, 2010)
The remaining features of an empty shop are choreographed to make a kaleidoscopic light film. Depth and scale constantly shift, and the camera mixes colours blindly as exposures multiply. ... Not in … Read more

A (Jan Lenica, 1964)
A bitter, pessimistic cartoon, showing man's utter helplessness in the face of forces stronger than himself. A man's home is invaded by the letter A'. Guile, flattery, magic, brute strenglh fail to r… Read more

A 19-YEAR-OLD'S PLAN (Mitsuo Yanagimachi, 1979)
It is most unusual for a Japanese director to be "discovered" from his first feature film. In general it seems that a director attracts attention only after several films, and henceforth sends the ar… Read more

A Beach Near Belfast (Henri-Francois Imbert, 1996)
Ghostly images flicker through the projector. An unidentified family amuse themselves on a beach. This home movie accidently left in the super 8 camera given to the filmmaker by his girlfriend on ret… Read more

A BEAUTIFUL NEW WORLD (Shi Runjiu, 1998)
Bao Gun is a simple country boy whose dreams come true. He wins a contest in his small town, the prize being a deluxe apartment in a sumptuous, new Shanghai high-rise. Armed only with a single suitca… Read more

We won't be announcing the TBC slot at Forum Theatre, 9.15pm on Sunday night - but here are some clues to help you figure it out. Direct from 2006 Cannes Film Festival Competition. Much loved Europea… Read more

A Bell for Ursli (Ulrich Kündig, 1964)
In the Canton of Grisons in Switzerland, in an age-old Spring rite, the village boys chase away winter with bells, rattles and cracking whips. ... First Prize for the Best Youth Film, Bruxelles Touri… Read more

A Berlin Lost (Richard Kostenaletz, 1985)
In this subtle visual history, the Jewish cemetery at Weissensee (now in East Berlin) and its evocative gravestones become an archeological window into a Berlin that no longer exists On the soundtrac… Read more

A BETTER TOMORROW (John Woo, 1986)
From the director of last year's Festival hit The Killer comes this earlier work, an ultraviolent, hyperkinetic gangster melodrama which virtually began a whole new stylistic trend in the loyal-to-th… Read more

A Big Country: Nariel Creek (Ken Dyer, 1971)
A small group of old people in the quiet Nariel Valley of Victoria, strive to keep alive the folk music and dances of their youth. ... Read more

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