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A Big Hand for Everyone (Michael Pearce, 1971)
The average man, in ignorance and confusion, has an optimistic view of his future. The expert, wrapped in his knowledge and expertise, is pessimistic. It is this disparity of belief that the politica… Read more

A BIGGER SPLASH (Jack Hazan, 1974)
A Bigger Splash is a feature film without professional actors. Rather, real people appear as themselves, and their relationships with each other are more or less as in reality. The film was made over… Read more

A Bird Built of Newspaper (Julien Pappé, 1962)
When a little boy is in love with a little girl, what better present could he make than a bird out of newspaper? But a cat interrupts the festivities and the bird takes flight... ... Read more

A BIT OF SCARLET (Andrea Weiss, 1996)
A Bit of Scarlet is an imaginatively constructed, painstakingly assembled and highly amus­ing montage of gay-themed cliches and stereo­types from 60-odd years of British cinema. Director Andr… Read more

A Bit of Tiff With the Lord (Peter Duncan, 1994)
A young priest returns from Rome to attend his mother's funeral. His father has been bothered by the angels and finds his son's inability to explain things frustrating: "You left me and your mother t… Read more

A Block (Hieronim Neumann, 1982)
Likes bees in a hive, people live in apartment houses. The ingenious shooting plan of the film removes walls at will and allows us to observe the lives of the inhabitants. ... Read more

A key work of post-war Japanese cinema, A Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji broke with conventions of the samurai film through its strong critique of warrior 'ethics'. Witty and generally light-hearted (alt… Read more

A BLOW TO THE HEART (Gianni Amelio, 1982)
The background of this drama about a ... father-and-son relationship is today's ... terrorism in Italy. It is a highly dramatic ... tale giving psychological insight into its ... characters and a pol… Read more

A BOMB WAS STOLEN (Ion Popescu Gopo, 1961)
This is an engaging burlesque on the struggle for atomic power, and includes a number of penetrating and amusing side-swipes at the customs of the West. Set in an unidentified country, it tells of a … Read more

A Border Crossing (Rebecca Taggart, Chris Emmanouilides, 1989)
The odyssey of an incidental tourist on the way to becoming another accidental tourist. Concisely and freshly combines elements of the road movie, the home movie, the newsreel and the travelogue. ... Read more

A BORROWED LIFE (Wu Nien-jen, 1994)
... ... Too often, children only understand their par­ents when it's all too late. First time director Wu Nien-jen was long established as Taiwan's top screenwriter before being moved to make thi… Read more

A BOY CALLED THIRD BASE (Yoichi Higashi, 1978)
Yoichi Higashi is a new name from Japan and his first feature to reach the West is a strong drama that signals him as a director to watch. ... Third Base is made from a script by Shuji Terayama, the … Read more

A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME (Errol Morris, 1991)
... ... From Errol Morris, the director of the daz­zling The Thin Blue Line, comes this won­drous and wonder-filled joumey into the life and work of Professor Stephen Hawking, the world-famou… Read more

A BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY (Edward Yang, 1991)
... ... Edward Yang's long-awaited fourth feature is an independent production on an epic scale, a picture of Taiwan in 1960/61 as reflect­ed in the story of a teenage boy who kills a schoolgirl.… Read more

A Broken Horse (Michael Cahill, 1990)
One Halloween night, Jank Rottweiller asks his old friend Fred to drive him to his father's house in the country. As miles pass, Jank leaves all reason behind him, dragging Fred along. By the time th… Read more

A CANTERBURY TALE (Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 1944)
A CANTERBURY TALE a 1944 black and white production by Powell and Pressburger. was the first of their productions to be restored by the British National Film Archive The American release version of t… Read more

A Carder (Kantilal Rathod, 1968)
Pinjara is a carder in a Bombay cotton factory producing and renovating mattresses. Carding is a skill centuries old, but it can now be done by machine. Pinjara's livelihood is threatened and, in con… Read more

A Cat Born In An Oven (Peter Giles, Fran Dyson, 1986)
Scratching the surface. ... Read more

A CHAIN OF ISLANDS (Kei Kumai, 1965)
An American soldier is found drowned in Tokyo Bay. A year later, while the authorities are still investigating, the U.S. Army suddenly declares the case closed. There have been several other deaths w… Read more

A Chairy Tale (Norman McLaren, 1957)
Made without commentary or dialogue, this film is a simple ballet of a youth and a kitchen chair. The ensuing struggle, first for mastery and then for understanding forms the action of the film. The … Read more

A Chairy Tale (Norman McLaren, 1957)
McLaren used pixillation techniques in this comedic duel between a young boy and a kitchen chair. ... Read more

A Child's Voice (Kieran Hickey, 1978)
A ghost story set in the days when radio was the centre of home entertainment. Three nights a week, in suspenseful instalments, Ainsley Rupert Macreadie writes and broadcasts his own stories to rapt … Read more

A CHINESE GHOST STORY 2 (Ching Siu-Tung, 1990)
The second chapter of A Chinese Ghost Story has all the same ingredients as the first: high style, low comedy, explosive special effects, rap renditions of classical Taoist poetry and so on. But the … Read more

A Christmas Box (Chris Lydall, 1994)
The spirit of commercialism pervades this Christmas Eve. In a busy bottle-shop, the tireless sales assistant quietly serves alcoholic solace to the cheerless customers. The menial work and her unfrie… Read more

A Christmas Carol (Richard Williams, 1971)
A film adaptation of the tale by Charles Dickens. ... Read more

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