Films By Adoor Gopalakrishnan

In his third feature writer/director Adoor Gopalakrishan has established a stylised study of paranoia. ... An indolent, selfish landowner expects his family to wait on him hand and foot. When he has to face a changing future, he is unable to cope and feels trapped like the rats his younger sister catches in a cage. ... Using only a minimum of dialogue, Gopalakrishnan builds a structure of closely ... Read more
Kaliyappan is an executioner in southern India, whose job provides adequate financial reward but is destroying his conscience. Presiding over the hanging of someone whom he is certain is innocent, Kaliyappan's guilt is quite literally killing him. Alienated from his family, he turns to drink to remove himself from reality. As another execution looms, he and his friends sit down for a traditional d... Read more
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