Films By Alain Guiraudie

"A topsy-turvy recasting of gender roles, an essay on the volatile nature of human sexuality, and an impressively sustained exercise in dream logic." – Los Angeles Times ... In a remote district of rural France, a travelling filmmaker begins a sexual liaison with a shepherdess. They have a baby together, but she soon flees without warning. Left to care for the child on his own, the filmmaker embar... Read more
"While its graphic scenes of gay sex are what will grab headlines, what was most impressive to us was the film's unique mood: Guiraudie creates an ambiance of eerie atmospherics that is at once crisp and observant, and oddly dreamlike, or nightmarish. " - Indiewire ... In a picturesque lakeside spot in southern France, men sunbathe and hunt for anonymous sexual encounters in the nearby forest. Han... Read more
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